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If one desires to appreciate nature as an artist, this is one example where it is awe inspiring. Its worth viewing. This website features the beauty of tree bark by photographer Cedric Pollet in 36 images of the rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) tree from the Myrtaceae family with the peeling bark revealing a multitude of colors, hues and shades. Many appear like earthy toned camouflage on soldiers clothing, others have deeper, richer colors. The mottled trunks and branches come in many patterns and change as the tree grows season to season.

Fairchild Botanical Garden in Coral Gabels, FL is a great place to visit if you want to see a rainbow tree and take some photographs. Some say they are messy, dangerous, and burn easily. They can also be found in the San Francisco Bay Area. Like walnut trees, nothing will grow in the soil underneath their branches. These trees are plentiful in Hawaii and Australia.

Photographers and artists in Hawaii love the Rainbow Tree for the brilliant colors.

The Fairchild Botanical Garden in Florida has some specimens. 

Since this tree bark continues to shed many people find it a messy plant. It can be used as a garden mulch. Melaleuca and Eucalyptus mulch are the most environmentally friendly as they do not use forested trees to produce their mulch. Leafy mulch will decompose faster than woody mulch. Any mulch will be beneficial to your plantings. Do not be afraid of mulch from tree trimmers. Worries of "weed seed" being delivered to your yard by deliveries of mulch are often exaggerated. Invasive seeds hidden in a mulch pile can be easily destroyed by composting the mulch before applying or by simply picking the weeds as they appear. It is possible to bring in citrus canker in tree trimmed mulch and citrus owners should be wary of mulch from an unknown source.

Homeopathy also has a use for eucalyptus in colds and influenza.
The familiar homeopathic remedy comes from Eucalyptus globulus (blue gum tree) and the mother tincture is prepared by ethanolic extraction of the fresh or dried silvery blue-green colored leaves. Everyone recognizes the fragrance and the form of the leaves in flower arrangements. Used as an essential oil, eucalyptus has a refreshing feeling due to the aromatic oil eucalypti aetheroleum containing the main active constituent terpene, which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Along with camphor, it may antidote other remedies being taken.

  • Used as a topical application for joint and muscular pain, eucalyptus, along with capsicum, camphor, rosemary and lavender have been used as ointments, liniments or plasters for their strong vasodialating action on the circulation of the skin. They provide an intense, persistent feeling of warmth into the tissues for the therapeutic effect of joint and muscular pain relief. Natural Remedies: Their Origins and Uses by Finn Sandberg, Desmond Corrigan

Nature's Way Health Foods on Eucalyptus Oil | Not only useful for cold and influenza, eucalyptus has been used to treat asthma and fever. A monograph of eucalyptus describes the many uses including as a lozenge, a spice for food, used an an inhalant, to aid smoking cessation, for ulcers, worms and much more. In addition, there are warnings about the dangers in taking the essential oil in too high a strength.


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Debby thank you for editing,which has given this feature a new dimension. Will try to go to Fairchild Botanical garden; 


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