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Part 1 of an experimental protocol using Radium Bromatum at a seminar in Germany 1996

Parts 1 and 2 are the reports of those in the sensitive group who experienced symptoms before taking the remedy

Part 3 is the report of the group who took the remedy

Part 4 is the report of the group who just imagined what it might be like

RADIUM BROMATUM PROVING 1996 Part 1 of an experimental protocol using Radium Bromatum at a seminar in Germany 1996. Parts 1 and 2 are the reports of those in the sensitive group who experienced to most dramatic effects.
All participants at the seminar were divided into 3 groups. No one except myself and 2 organizing colleagues had any idea of the substance to be tested.

The 1st or sensitive group was composed of people who felt they had already experienced symptoms before arrival at the venue and never actually took the remedy

Group 2 are those who volunteered to take the single dose of Radium Brom 30c

Group 3 are those who did not want to take the substance and were given an article on Plutonium to read and imagine what it would be like.

The groups were instructed not to communicate with the members of the other groups around these issues.

The videos shown here are the final summary given by members of each group on the final day as documentation. How long was this entire experiment?

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Very interesting videos of proving of Radium brom. The proving had appears very interesting themes of actinides.

  • Isolation/Heaviness
  • Refusal/denial
  • No limits/Intruded upon
  • Concentration camp

For me the proving is very helping me to study the remedy. I Had cured case with this remedy and I learn some more then what I know about the remedy.

Thank you very much for your sharing.


My published article...

Exact story of radium brom

I am enjoying your radium brom case.

Thank you Dr. A very comprehensive paper on Radium brom.

I have three cases ( all from around the same time period as the videos ) which all had one particular feature in common - this feature had to do with being betrayed in their job - not in their personal relationships but in the workplace. Betrayed in that they were undermined, cheated, and eventually forced to leave their  responsible positions.

Also they were all unusual in their level of intelligence and had a great affinity for nature.

I am so glad the proving presentation was interesting to you. I have a whole presentation of cases, these proving video and more which I used to use in seminars. I decided to stop using this material as many of the participants experienced ' proving ' symptoms and the atmosphere in the room was so heavy and uncomfortable.

best wishes to you in your practice



Many thanks for your valuable quick response.....


As I mentioned in my article "Betrayed, undermined and cheated" is the expression of Brometum rather then Radium element, but as a whole radium-brom express the same expression with very pressurized way, because it is actinide and had very much particles to hold on in the nucleus. So it had Radiation.


Please send me your cases if you can, I want to learn more about radium brom...

Wishing you wealthy health. 


Greetings Dr.

Most likely I do not have the cases typed up as for many years I have only taught from video and have no secretary or anything like that but I will look. Maybe it was published somewhere .

Interestingly I have taken the center of Bromatum as closer to shame than betrayed which in my mind relates more to Iodum ( stabbed in the back ) It is most likely that ( as with other groupings ) the halogens share all their features together and it depends on the center of gravity ( the area of maximum intensity ) which determines whether it is chlorine or bromine or iodine. I believe also that it is not only the bromine which modifies the radium but that the radium would have an effect on the bromine and thus shift its center of gravity a little. Of course this is just some speculation but we can always have some fun with our minds as long as we do not take ourselves too seriously.

I am about to leave for some teaching in Finland so it may take me a little while to search thru my records but I will get back to you by e mail

best to you


Thank you very much sir...


Dear Dr. Shore, I'm interested in  your proving of black butterfly that you held ​​in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2-3 years ago. Did you finished it? Thanks.


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