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What shall we do if a mad dog bites one patient during the course of homeopathic treatment. Please share your clinical experience if any one has.
It happed in my practice life to a 26 years unmarried lady, daughter of a medicine specialist(MD), English lecturerer in her profession was under my treatment for endometriosis. Father of the patient asked for homeopathic help when she was suffering form "epitaxsis of posterior nasopharynx" for more than 10 days which resisted to treatment of conventional medicine. When I saw the patient blood was getting clotted & gradually elongating down towards pharynx causing irritation with vomiting.

Then I took the case in details(Sorry to describe now). She has history of surgical removal of left ovarian cyst few years ago with diagnosis of endometriosis. One younger sister is also suffering from endometriosis. Lachesis was decided to administer. Took 3 doses 6 hourly & got recovery with in 48 hours. Then after 3 weeks she got bitten by a mad dog. we confimed the dog was mad because it had bitten several person of the locality in one day. The dog died when kept under custody. At that time her MD-father asked me what to do? My answer was Lyssin. He wanted to see evidence or statistic of rabies treatment in homeopathy which I failed. Then her MD - father administered antirabies vaccine, which followed by heavy & long continued bleeding during her monthly period.
Therefore I ask HOMEOPATHIC WORLD COMMUNITY to share their clinical experience if any.

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Dear Sir,
Requesting you that please don't try to fall in contraversy ....
We all are here to treat patient as a whole according to principals.
There is no need to fall in criticisum as Rabies is dreadfull and killer.
If you or me can try homoeopathy in Rabbies and patient die as sure to happen.
Blame will be on Homoeopathy and not on you and Me.
So please don't even think of Homoeopathy in Dread full Rabies.
Anti Rabies vaccine will do his work...
Thanks for participating in this forum. I would like to lear more from you.
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your strong faith on homeopathy. But faith and experience differs. we have to learn from experience. After Hering, Kent and many more stalwart in Homeopathy: we would like to learn clinical experiences who has/have dare to treat rabies case without the help of anti-rabies vaccination or conventional medicine during this century.
I am excited to learn more from you.
Dear Dr Prafulla ~ Is this a real case? Is it not true that to help with homeopathy as emergency medicine we need more than the mere NAME of a disease? We need to know what happened to the individual who was bitten? Perhaps being that the person was under constitutional homeopathic care his/her immune system was strong enough to ward off any effects? How do we know the dog had rabies? Was it tested? Perhaps the individual only had a fright? These are all hypothetical questions. I believe we need to work from more tangible information.

If you have further information to add, you may click EDIT DISCUSSION and extrapolate with details.
Dear Madam Bruck,
Thanks as you could guess my inner problem, which forced me to edit/describe it in short. Actually I did an elaborate search in the internet to learn successful treatment or prevention of RABIES in Homeopathy during 21st century.

I am astonished none has courage to work in this field. I think it is the need of the day if we have to avoid conventional vaccination. What our homeopath will do if their family member got bitten by mad dog? Please don't take it hypothetical. Does we have courage to depend on homeopathy?


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