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Can unpasteurised milk of an rabid cow cause Rabies?

 What medicines in homoeopathy can  be thought for this, few of them are : Belladonna, Lyssin, Cantharis, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium,Phosphorus...

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Dear Vikas,

“.....Transmission by milk is rare. Anecdotal reports exist of rabies transmission by ingestion of milk from rabid animals (e.g., from a rabid sheep to a nursing lamb). In these reports, the more conventional routes (e.g., bite or mucous membrane exposure) could not be completely excluded. Transmission of rabies virus in unpasteurized milk is theoretically possible. The risk could be defined better if samples of milk and mammary tissue were collected from rabid livestock and assayed for the presence, viability and infectivity of rabies virus. Regardless of the amount of viable rabies virus that may be shed in cows' milk, the theoretical risk for transmission of rabies from this route can be eliminated if all dairy products are pasteurized before consumption. However, because rabies virus is inactivated by temperatures below those used for cooking and pasteurization, eating cooked meat or drinking pasteurized milk from a rabid animal is not an indication for ‘Post-Exposure Prophylaxis’ (PEP)......”

Source- RABIES

Regarding drugs for Rabies in general-

BELL (Boenn., Clarke, Knerr, Lilienthal, Lippe, Phatak, Raue)
CANTH (Clarke, Farrington, Hering, Knerr, Lilianthel, Lippe, Phatak)
CURARE ( Kent, Lilienthal)
HYOS (Boenn., Jahr, Lilienthal, Lippe, Phatak)
LACH (Clarke, Kent, Lilianthel, Lippe)
LYSSIN (Knerr, Lilienthal, Lippe, Phatak, Schmidt)
STRAM (Allen, Boenn., Clarke, Farrington, Hahnemann, Hering, Jahr)
TANACETUM VULGARE ( Allen, Clarke, Lilienthal)
TEREBINTH ( Clarke, Kent)
XANTHIUM SPINOSUM (Boericke, Hart, Lilienthal)

Source- Complete Dynamics

Thanks Dr. Arindam for this information.


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