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This is a case of a lady who came to my clinic around 4years back.


She came to me in very simple but decent attire

She told me she is from Mauritius and came just few months before in India.

She asked me if i could help her getting rid of dreams. She said now u r my only resort, i need ur help.

As we started with her case taking, her history really shocked me.

Originally from Mumbai (India) itself, she got married to a very rich bussiness man from Mauritius.

The marriage proposal came through a relative.

As soon as she reached there, she found though her husband is not at all rich.

He owns a Garment factory but has more loan.

She was about to come out of that shock, she found out he is alcoholic n has lost a lot in gambling.

After few days he started beating her for no or trival reason.

She never informed her parents about it.

She started going to the factory and soon was able to repay some part of loan

But due to husband's gambling habit she could never pay the loan completly.

No child.. My husband has problem due to smoking n drinking

Gyn told her Land is fertile but the seeds aren't

Though I dont feel much bad about it now

One day when she was not in the factory someone murdered her husband brutually.

It was a biggest mistery in Mauritius.

Soon the murderers were arrested.

To repay loans she sold the factory and came back to India.

Here she met one of her classmate who was unmarried.

Soon they got married.

Now the real trouble started, she started getting dreams that both her husbands are standing and she cant decide where to go...

This deliema was reflecting in their life too.

She was not comfortable with her new husband though he was very caring n supportive.

I asked her what she do now, she told me she is a artist and is completing a assignment of paintings for a very reputed 5star hotel.

Getting disturbed with slightest noise.

Mumbai's hustle bustle is not tolerable

Wants silence, pin-drop silence

Her thermals Chilly

Thirst - Thirsty

As i was thinking about usual remedies

But i was not getting convienced..

So i was asking her something and i noticed though she has gone through so much of pain in her life, she is very calm.

She narrated her history very much in detail and that too with SMILE

Her Smile led to me to the remedy...

She speaks very polietly n decently...


Next day itself she came.

I wondered its aggravation

She came with her usual sweet smile...

"Oh Dr!! I saw different dream last night

My 1st husband came n said he is sorry for all the trouble he gave her

and now he is leaving her. Be happy!"

Doctor aft so many yrs i got calm sleep, today i didnt even felt that there is noise around.

I feel more comfortable, that too within 24hrs..

thank you very much, my stool were also proper today

Now this time let us discuss the remedy

Put your thoughts and then i will tell the name of the remedy..

I know all will answer correctly...

but i would like to know the reasoning too..


Get Set GO!!!


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Sadhana - still many unanswered questions. We await the final reply. LOL
Sadhana - We are still waiting and I am sitting here with a "huge smile" on my face. This thread is so hysterical (ignatia) because I feel as if this is the game "20-QUESTIONS". Like, is it bigger than a bread-box? Is it silver colored? Is it malleable? Does it like consolation? This has been so much fun. I hope you have another case for us. ROFL
The remedy given was ALUMINA 200 Single dose

Will give complete explanation aft 2 days
Going out of town (Family outing) :)

Meanwhile u guys keep posting!!
Thank you very much for your wonderful support!!
After i completed my case taking
Nat-mur, Ign, Carcinosin were my choice
But somewhere i was not getting convinced

My observation that this lady is smiling through out
It was sweet smile, no pain
Even while telling her most horrible experiences, sadness, grief it was same...
Nat-mur wil sulk about the past
While Ignatia wil try to control the grief, sighing
Her dressing was decent but not artisic as Carcinosin wil be. Artistic detailing.
Carcinosin wil have accesories which go with their attire, even shoes.

Here i can pervice her grief through her narrated story but not her expression

Rubric considered:-
Smiling , everything, for *Alumina is only remedy

If we consider Indian ladies in 50's now (middle class), in their childhood n young age Aluminium utensils were used for most of cooking as well serving
Nat-mur, Puls, Ign, Staph are common remedies
When these remedies fails Alumina stands best (ofcourse it needs complete presentation)

My observation for Alumina are
Being METAL , they are very strong, fight back situations
But they lack the superiority of higher metals
They are not leaders
But they will not tolerate injustice

Pointers from Phatak which i considered
Since it affects cerebro-spinal axis there is Disturbance in Co-ordination
In mental sphere the consciousness of realaity and judgement is disturbed

So Alumina has both rubrics (Complete Rep)
Smiling , everything, for
Smiling , never

I confirmed Alumina by following symptoms
Soft stool passed with difficulty
Craving Potato (i have seen Indian Alumina females have craving for potato)
Anxious Dreams
Ill effects of disappointments
dear Sadhana !
thank you so much for this lesson.

a good lesson indeed, especially for me, being psychologist too - here I go, like the rest of us, INTERPRETATING her experience as grief and prescribing on that.
but this lady is not so much in grief as in lack of reaction -
(which is difficult to grasp in paper-case - so you have en advantage ;-))

i will remember that one !
Dr. Sadhna
Really it was a tricky case , still i want if you can elaborate it further .Which repertory did you consulted for this case . In Schroyens F Synthesis treasure edition 10.5 , Alumina is indicated as never smiles where as in our case the lady was all time smiling ? As u said that Alumina cant tolerate injustice but again in Schroyens F synthesis treasure edition 10.5 Alumina was not there in 53 medicine listed for the same symptom ? Whereas Dr. Clarke writes the following about Alumina Mind .
Humor morose, sad, with despair of cure.
- Involuntary tears.
- Anguish and anxiety as if one were threatened with some fatal accident, or had committed some crime.
- Time passes too slowly; intolerable ennui; an hour seems half a day.
- Seeing blood on a knife she has horrid ideas of killing herself, though she abhors the idea.
- Apprehensions.
- Disposition to be frightened.
- Air sorrowful and morose.
- Ill-humor, with unfitness for labor.
- Disposition to be angry.
- Obstinate, and contradictory humor.
- Taking everything in bad part.
- Humor changeable; at one time bold, at another timid.
- Weakness of memory.
- Distraction, inadvertence, and incapability of following up an idea.
- Absence of ideas.
- Blunders in speaking.
- Great vivacity of apprehension, alternately with inadvertence, and deprivation of sight and hearing.
- Sensation, as if self-consciousness were outside the body.....
I hope you will surely Clear my confusion and will suggest me the repertory , Waiting eagerly for your reply .
Dr. Vikas Verma
Dear Dr.Vikas,
I use Complete Repertory
These are 2 rubrics
Smiling ,
everything, for

I usually take one or 2 symptoms and then filter it with thermals n thirst
As per Dr.Prafull Vijaykar's Teaching
I was with him for 4yrs
Dr Sadhana,a mind boggling case; I did not take part on this one directly but followed it throughout.One has to be very insightful in selecting the rubrics before any analysis is done.
It also shows that how different repertories react to similar rubrics when the case is repertorized.

Dr Gary,s presentation from TPB to also arrive at ALUMINA, shows that TPB if used intelligently can deliver results though its the oldest comparing the new repertories such as,Complete,Synthesis,and few others.Incidentally RADAR 10.5 has in it the repertories mentioned including Allens TPB. The TPB which Dr Gary uses in BoneRep is the new researched version adhering to the original German version by Bonninghausen.

So keep posting new cases Dr Sadhana and tickle our brains to keep it oiled;;
The only difficulty is the understanding of rubrics.
Hello Dr.Sajjad
I would like to know which rubrics were difficult to understand
Regards, Dr.Sadhana
Dear Sadhana - this is SUCH a fantastic case and many queries and discussion with opportunity to learn. Everyone will remember Alumina now, thanks to you. ♥*♪♫ ★


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