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This is a case of a lady who came to my clinic around 4years back.


She came to me in very simple but decent attire

She told me she is from Mauritius and came just few months before in India.

She asked me if i could help her getting rid of dreams. She said now u r my only resort, i need ur help.

As we started with her case taking, her history really shocked me.

Originally from Mumbai (India) itself, she got married to a very rich bussiness man from Mauritius.

The marriage proposal came through a relative.

As soon as she reached there, she found though her husband is not at all rich.

He owns a Garment factory but has more loan.

She was about to come out of that shock, she found out he is alcoholic n has lost a lot in gambling.

After few days he started beating her for no or trival reason.

She never informed her parents about it.

She started going to the factory and soon was able to repay some part of loan

But due to husband's gambling habit she could never pay the loan completly.

No child.. My husband has problem due to smoking n drinking

Gyn told her Land is fertile but the seeds aren't

Though I dont feel much bad about it now

One day when she was not in the factory someone murdered her husband brutually.

It was a biggest mistery in Mauritius.

Soon the murderers were arrested.

To repay loans she sold the factory and came back to India.

Here she met one of her classmate who was unmarried.

Soon they got married.

Now the real trouble started, she started getting dreams that both her husbands are standing and she cant decide where to go...

This deliema was reflecting in their life too.

She was not comfortable with her new husband though he was very caring n supportive.

I asked her what she do now, she told me she is a artist and is completing a assignment of paintings for a very reputed 5star hotel.

Getting disturbed with slightest noise.

Mumbai's hustle bustle is not tolerable

Wants silence, pin-drop silence

Her thermals Chilly

Thirst - Thirsty

As i was thinking about usual remedies

But i was not getting convienced..

So i was asking her something and i noticed though she has gone through so much of pain in her life, she is very calm.

She narrated her history very much in detail and that too with SMILE

Her Smile led to me to the remedy...

She speaks very polietly n decently...


Next day itself she came.

I wondered its aggravation

She came with her usual sweet smile...

"Oh Dr!! I saw different dream last night

My 1st husband came n said he is sorry for all the trouble he gave her

and now he is leaving her. Be happy!"

Doctor aft so many yrs i got calm sleep, today i didnt even felt that there is noise around.

I feel more comfortable, that too within 24hrs..

thank you very much, my stool were also proper today

Now this time let us discuss the remedy

Put your thoughts and then i will tell the name of the remedy..

I know all will answer correctly...

but i would like to know the reasoning too..


Get Set GO!!!


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I think that she feels wronged, betrayed (dishonest proposal, violent behavior, financial situation, alcoholism etc)
Her recent dream seems to be pointing towards faith being an issue in the marriage (??)
A/F disappointed love.
Delusion: wife is faithless.
She displays tranquility (calmness), smile and fine, fluent language.
Sensitivity to (slightest) noise
She is chilly and thirsty.
Hyos. Seems to cover this symptom picture.
Though my image (my prejudice) of Hyos is making me feel doubtful.
She is not delirious. Suspicion and jealousy are not obvious in the narrative.
Tastefulness in patient’s dressing and aptitude for art does not go well with that image.
Elegance, tastefulness, ability for art, sensitivity to least noise, a/f being abused in marriage, del: being tormented (?? What is her feeling expression of being in that marriage? what is her feeling in the dream?) makes china a good candidate for consideration.
But, china smile is not all that big!
Dear Dr. Manoj,
I don't think this case is of either China or Hyosyamus.

A China constitution is that of a nervous, hopeless, irritable, sensitive & introverted lady whereas this lady is exactly opposite.
China patient feels frustrated, angry & hindered all the time and develops a contemptuous attitude towards everyone whereas this lady is sweet, polite, gentle & mild.
The main feeling of China is " I am weak and so people attack, trouble & torture me", a feeling of being persecuted & because of this persecuted feeling she keeps on fantasising & theorising & this is what she sees in dreams as well, whereas in this case all these dreams are because of her suppressed emotions which enter deep into unconscious level.

Regarding Hyosyamus:
Hyosyamus is pretty close in terms here Ailments from disappointed love are there as well but she feels that she will be destructed by her emotions. Shuts them off.
- EMOTIONS become BLOCKED, immovable (Aur, Ph-ac, Sep). DETACHED.
- Quarrelsome. Cursing. Abusive. Fighting.
- This lady is quite extrovert, she shared/discussed her story with Dr. Sadhana at one go whereas a Hyos is an introvert.

No doubt the main feeling of Hyos is that of being suddenly let down, disappointed, betrayed and deserted by the person on whom one is completely dependent as in this case but neither she is calm nor she is polite as in this case. Hyos will try to get rid of that threatning situation by hook or crook.....

Do correct me if I am wrong, this is just my knowledge.

Thanks & Regards.
Dear Dr Navneet,

I thank you for being frank and exploratory in giving your feedback. This is the true value of engaging in a creative discussion.

My purpose in responding was to set the ball in motion. I am not presuming to have found the remedy.

Dear, I feel that no one image can say all about a remedy. Each remedy has many more possibilities. I consider the popular drug images more as memory pegs. One thing that I would like to see is that the patient's symptoms must fit with the remedy and not the other way round. Hyos/china has many many more symptoms. But we can not hope to find them all in a given case. Not even the important keynotes! Yes, the important symptoms of the patient must be matched.

I see the value in your deducing staph. But only naming the remedy is not the end game. It is wonderful to learn from each other's approach of seeing a case. The question marks in my response are representative of my doubts.

Dear Dr. Manoj,
Thanks for taking it positively and I agree with you that there should not be any fixed image of any single remedy, we should not be biased in understanding a constituiton. But here in this case the whole picture looks like a Staph to me & this is the reason why I wrote this. Now its Dr. Sadhana's turn to pull the curtain out of it...
Hi Dr. Sadhana,
An interesting case indeed.

In such a case my prescription would have been:

- Suppression of emotions, anger, grief.
- History of abuse, incest.
- GENTLE, SWEET, POLITE and MILD persons. Sensitive to rudeness. Unable to fight her own rights.
- Very considerate of others.
- SELFLESS. Never egotistical, harsh or proud.

Correct me if I am wrong.
Dr. Sadhna
Nice and tricky case indeed , what i perceived from the case is this :
Ailments from suppressed emotions
Ailments from cares and worries (caring about her husband & his health , worries about her parents that they may not know about her state of life & business and debts ).
Felt As if she was deceived .
Ailments from undue domination .
Grief silent with Indignation .
Ailments from honor wounded .
Ailments from Shame.
Well dressed .
Sacrificing nature.
Ailments after being abused in marriage .
In my opinion i would suggest Staphysagria and very close to it Aurum met also shares few of the symptoms . You may differ from my suggestions but certainly it was fun trying to solve the case .
my prescription on your case is ANACARDIUM ORIENTALIS. detail i will post u later..
This type of comment is really not appropriate without full explanation. We do not give 'prescriptions' here.
dear Dr. Vikas!
I was thinking of STAPH too, but discarted it, as I would expect more complaints from a STAPH. and then mostly STAPHs are hot, not cold.
i see this lady reacting very brave and responsible, and I see the STAPH more occupied with their own sufferings.
your hint of AUR i see much more. taking care of bussiness, reacting responsible, nightmare about how to make the right decision.
AUR I really consider too - but as you see in my direct contribution to the case: i finally landed on NAT-M
thank you for the challange:

a very brave lady: she went to a lot of emotional suffering, even fear, and still acted responsibel and took care of money matters.
"sounds" like a mineral to me, and with her aristic sensitivity I tend to NAT-M more than to AUR.
both are states of long-term suffering, acting responsible, taking care of honor and money,
I think, there is an aspect of fear, or shock, that holds her in indecision: each time she wants to open emotionally, the former story comes up - in her dreams she cant decide. "Sounds" like an old shock-problem to me. Being too much rooted in the past is another argument for NAT-M.
hi debby sorry for my previous comment,let continue further in case i give u my understanding.

dear dr.sadhna u give a very interesting case.
when i going through case my consideration on more Nat mur,staphysagria,ignatia, and less on aurum,cal.sil.
but i perceive more peculiar about it presenting mental state, in spite of lot of suffering she narrating her complain with smile no any external grief,fear on his face.means her reaction comfortably on unaccommodate environment.but problems start when after marriage to her classmate,some unresolved issue comes through dreams about her old alcoholic husband.on other side her classmate very caring,loving she could not comfort she started INDECISIVENESS which is very characteristic.
she could not deciding what is right for her.she possessed two person one is her old demon like alcoholic,gambler husband and second her loving caring angle like classmate(2nd husband).

she could not separate its past and accept future,she could not decide by its contradictory impulses.its main unresolved issue come through dream is her "INDECISIVENESS ABOUT DEMON OR ANGEL"
IN Anacardium -


also bad effects of mental excitement,consequences of fright and mortification its analogs to HYOSCYMUS.

In AURUM not such degree of indecisiveness present and also NAT.M,STAPHY,IGNATIA very close to situation.


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