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Hello Friends,
I know the interval between quiz is increasing but I know you are with me.
This is a recent case.
There is a epidemic of Malaria in our town since few months.

F / 20years, Married since 2 years

C/C Fever since 2months
Diagnosed as F.Malaria
Undergone Anti Malarial treatment but the fever was off and on (Low grade)
Relapsing Malaria
Chill & High fever at night usually @ 2:30am

< Looking down
< 5-5:30pm
Comes just for 5-10mins

Appetite:- Low
No specific craving
Aversion: Fish, Chicken
Stool:- Unsatisfactory, Hard, Dry
Mouth:- Dry
Thirst: Less
No sweat

Thermals: Hot, Wants Fan
G1 A0 P1 L1
Delivered a baby boy, age 3months
The fever was so high that babys’ mouth would scald after breast feed
So the baby was put on bottle fed

Lost around 5kg
Appearance Slim lady
O/E Abdomen very hot and tender
Remember when the body is cold and abdomen is hot that is a serious condition to tackle
Dengue –ve
Typhoid –ve
MP +ve
Leucopenia 4300

One dose was Prescribed
Advised to maintain temperature Chart.

Fever shot up to 104 F that night
Next day onwards fever started declining
Appetite improved
Within 4 days she felt better
Now no bouts of fever

Guess the remedy…
 Lets start a NEW DAY!!

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Typical woman!
I try and think like you and then you start thinking normally.!! Lololol... I dismissed Bryonia because it was obvious and then you threw a curve ball.!

Love you Mumbai Princess. LOLOLOL
Super Quiz. Now someone please review the rubrics I put in to computer and explain why Bryonia did not turn up?
Very interesting quiz.And it was Bryonia which took care of the fever.Other Doctors also tried to select the medicine, with their understanding of the same case, they landed with the medicines like :Puls, Carbo veg, Nux, Ars etc.Now my question is that in case the same patient would have gone to these doctors, and got Rx, as per their selected remedy and not Bryonia, were there any chances of recovery or it has to be Bryonia only!
Dear Nilmadhab

Every practitioner who has treated patients over a period of time, has experienced the phenomena of watching colleagues give prescriptions that we disagree with and yet achieve a positive result.


My tentative conclusion is this. The law of similars works every time. In stating the preceding I qualify it with the statement is that drugs do not cure, only the body cures.

The homeopathic pharmocopeia that we have is an application of therapeutics based on a comprehension of a substances ability to cause symptoms, and therefor be matched in a diseased state. Many substances have a similar field of action.

Given the nature of disease states, mild, acute, chronic, life threatening etc, it would seem that the organism need a specific similar, at a specific time, in a specific order to enable the disordered economy to be set on the right track and for the "immune" system or whatever it is, to work properly.

In the case of a mild acute, the application of a substance, be it homoeopathic preparation in potency or indeed a physical similar, will aid the body to recovery. It only has to be SIMILAR in effect. A slightly more specific and debilitating acute will require a less broad spectrum similar, one that targets the "process" of disease closely in the exhibited manner of expression. This expression is the clue to what is required to be the SIMILAR. As disease pathology gets deeper and more specific and dangerous, the necessity of a closer match becomes more apparent. This involves finding a medicine that has the similar build up to the presenting disease state OR.. a medicine that has a characteristic that fits the expressed symptoms before us. Only in this way will the organism have the extra help to get back on track if its needs are reinforced.

Like I said, its only my unproved theory.

1/. the law of similars is exactly that. the application of it is exactly that. Bryonia is the similar. The potencies are the various levels of it.

2/.This involves finding a medicine that has the similar build up to the presenting disease state This is not in contradiction of anything Hahnemann said. A patient may have had a lifetime of acute disease states. Then one day a full blown Chronic appears. You would investigate the presenting chronic with its prodromal conditions and perhaps see with the benefit of 20/20 vision (hindsight) the pattern of a "disease" state that brought us to this condition today. It will perhaps help to confirm and give more confidence in the prescription you are making because of the life components in the past. It also may help you to see if the patient has two disease states, one hereditary, and one presenting and aid you to NOT mix up your prescription based on symptoms of two states thinking it is one.
ANY fever can be cured by noting the state of occurrence of chill heat persp etc in the CORRECT order... this is crucial. Boenninghausen TPB has an amazing listing of these states. I have NEVER failed in fever doing it this way.

For example in a chronic case presenting. we see a marked deviation from health. We examine how it started, the development of its progress. In the chronic state, the remedy we choose may follow the development of the symptoms. Sometimes though, in a broader sense, we can see the patient over years presenting acute symptoms, that are dealt with by the SAME or similar required medicines now for the deeper pathology.

What was in the acute was a one sided picture of a developing disease and now it has manifested in a chronic condition.

Example, a patient with various acutes usually requires pulsatilla. Develops a chronic condition and Puls is indicated.. works for a while then stops. We re take the case and see Sepia. Sepia cures both the chronic AND the susceptibility to the recurring acutes. So we see the "history" of the the patient through the remedies.


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