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Hello Friends,
I know the interval between quiz is increasing but I know you are with me.
This is a recent case.
There is a epidemic of Malaria in our town since few months.

F / 20years, Married since 2 years

C/C Fever since 2months
Diagnosed as F.Malaria
Undergone Anti Malarial treatment but the fever was off and on (Low grade)
Relapsing Malaria
Chill & High fever at night usually @ 2:30am

< Looking down
< 5-5:30pm
Comes just for 5-10mins

Appetite:- Low
No specific craving
Aversion: Fish, Chicken
Stool:- Unsatisfactory, Hard, Dry
Mouth:- Dry
Thirst: Less
No sweat

Thermals: Hot, Wants Fan
G1 A0 P1 L1
Delivered a baby boy, age 3months
The fever was so high that babys’ mouth would scald after breast feed
So the baby was put on bottle fed

Lost around 5kg
Appearance Slim lady
O/E Abdomen very hot and tender
Remember when the body is cold and abdomen is hot that is a serious condition to tackle
Dengue –ve
Typhoid –ve
MP +ve
Leucopenia 4300

One dose was Prescribed
Advised to maintain temperature Chart.

Fever shot up to 104 F that night
Next day onwards fever started declining
Appetite improved
Within 4 days she felt better
Now no bouts of fever

Guess the remedy…
 Lets start a NEW DAY!!

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Hello Saddie ~ so happy you are back visiting and presenting a new quiz.
wlecome back.
The theme of this case is dryness. Bryonia. My approach is;
My answer is One step ahead to Dr. Sajjad, bcz. I am Philospher.
Dear Nilmadhab. I also did repertorization and came up with Carb veg this morning. However, when it is so obvious an answer I begin to question myself with Saddie's quiz. LOL. Because she comes up with unusual answers. I shall post my rubrics soon.
"Because she comes up with unusual answers."

Yes,she always.
Dear Homoeopaths, It is a great & very intresting Quiz. Not easy to reach the similimum after reperterization. To analyse the case, knowledge of M.M., clinicle experience is necessory. remedy may be--- C.V., N.M.,sulph., sabad, bry., opium, staph., ars.,--------
Lachesis seems to be the remedy.
Dear Sarang and members ~ You all know we don't just give an answer without further explanation. I'm getting ready to post my rubrics, which are similar to what has already been posted.

Leukopenia (also known as leukocytopenia, or leucopenia, from Greek λευκό-white and πενία-deficiency) is a decrease in the number of white blood cells (leukocytes) found in the blood, which places individuals at increased risk of infection.

We know Phosphorus is very much connected to the blood and carbo-veg is an oxygenator.

Saddie Quiz 6AB

This quiz has stumped me. Picking up on so many approaches.
Theme of dryness, heat, no sweat with fever at 2:30AM, malaria, nursing baby, body heat with chills at certain hour and headache for 5-10 minutes at specific hour. Gary's China and Pulsatilla appear as recuperative to loss of fluids, while pulsatilla also wants air with little thirst. Everyone has had good input. Waiting now for Saddie to explain how she actually 'saw' this patient and emotional/mind during fever and chills.

Also, underlined the hot abdomen - is there infection, swelling or something going on here?
Im not too clear as to the understanding of the symptoms. I would like to see them written out a little more defined.

Given what I see as written, Nux Vom and Puls come into play.

However, as she just had a baby, and now the recurring fever I would look at China.

My two cents on this quiz:

In my view this is no longer a case of “Malaria”, because:

1. P. Falciparum was diagnosed 2 months back and was treated for this. This parasite causes acute and severe malaria as compared to other species of plasmodium which tends to chronic infections with remission and relapse. Diagnosis was of P. falciparum according to the case.
2. Patient do not have classic cyclical sudden cold and shiver followed by fever and sweat, at least this information was not given… the patient now according to the case has fever coming everyday at 2.30 am. No more tertian periodicity. In fact patient has "no sweat" at all.
3. Patients abdomen is tender, but no details as to hepato-splenomegaly was given.
4. She may have had the classic picture 2 weeks after getting infected, but not any more.

Patient do have “Malarial Cachexia” (loss of weight) as a remnant of malaria she suffered.

Kent repertory under “Fever, night, with anxiety and sweat, 2 am” on page 1280 denotes 3 remedies they are Ars, Borax and Taxus baccata.

Even though I agree with Dr.Sajjad about the theme of the case as dry and if I may add “Burning”, Bryonia is an indicated remedy. In my view dryness and headaches are "concomittants" rather than main symptom. they are simply associated symptoms or satellite symptoms of "Fever". I am targeting 2.30am fever ;)

But I will go with Arsenic on this due to
a. Malarial cachexia : Boericke MM
b. the all-prevailing debility, exhaustion, and restlessness, with nightly aggravation, are most important : Boericke MM (debility and nightly aggravation is what I am taking into account)
c. Abdomen.--Gnawing, burning pains like coals of fire; relieved by heat. Liver and spleen enlarged and painful. Ascites and anasarca. Abdomen swollen and painful. Boericke MM
d. Fever.--High temperature. Periodicity marked with adynamia. Septic fevers. Intermittent. Paroxysms incomplete, with marked exhaustion. Hay-fever. Cold sweats. worse after midnight. Great restlessness. Great heat about 3 am. (Boericke says 3 am and Kent says 2 am)
Dear Friends,
What a response!!! :)

Many has come to right conclusion

This time my prescription is BRYONIA

The patients' MP was positive
But the presentation was not of classical Malaria.

I considered DRYNESS, Constipation, Hot, Thirstlessness for prescription

:) Hmmm Soon will post a new quiz!!
But all of u stay connected!!!


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