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Now Quiz 5 is turning point


This case is quiz 4’s mothers’ case


Female 58yrs


Came with Chief complaint Hypertension since more than 15yrs

Feels giddy

With thin layer of sweat on whole body



Thin layer of sweat




I asked her how it started, but she said I really don’t remember

It’s only that I started feeling giddy and sweating profusely I checked almost after few months


I asked her any tension or change in any situation during that phase of time

She replied absolutely NO TENSION

Even my daughter in law is very sweet

I have only one son and one daughter, both love me a lot

My husband is caring

I always had good life and happy with my situation



Thirst: 8glasses/day

Urine: Profuse (on Antihypertensive)

Stool: normal

Thermals: Ambi to Hot

Slight Motion sickness

Can’t sit in giant wheel or swing, feels giddy


O/E BP 160/98

HS S1S2 Normal

While checking her BP, she started eructating

To confirm my observation I started taking her BP on left hand, she again started eructating


I asked her about the eructations, she told me she is very sensitive to pressure

With slight pressure anywhere on body she starts eructating

The eructations goes on for sometime


Follow-up aft 1 week

By her daughter

She feels comfortable now

Her BP is 130/92


Follow up aft 2 weeks


Her daughter met me after a year, she told me she is better

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Dr Sajjad,
It is a complex world.Drug energy transmission by hair,selection of homeopathic remedies by pendulum, etc, are some of the applications, many of us reject immediately.I am also one among them, who vehemently objects to such methods and never feel comfortable. At the same time,Drug energy transmission cases had been shown and claimed excellent results. Similarly now one doctor claims selection of remedy by pendulum.All these requires in depth study.
Dear Friends. There are a couple of rules regarding these threads.
  1. Do not go off topic. Therefore a conversation about other modes of healing is inappropriate here.
  2. We do not post a remedy selection without the thought process behind the exclamation of "I say this remedy."
Many thanks for understanding and adhering to the rules.
At this homoeopathic community there are so many experts and some of like founder homoeopaths due to their wast study. After looking these symptoms submitted by the loving Dr sadhana as her Quiz-5, I am writing here very afraidly to my seniors that the remedy is BRYONIA.
So now I am requesting to Dr Sadhana that kindly guid us her selection for this case.
Dr Gillani
Dear Dr Syed. We are not fear producing here. How did you select bryonia from among all the possible answers? Your thought processes are more important than your answer. Life is in the living, not always the final product. This I learned in art school.
Dear Dr Sadhana

Symptom Evaluation.

1. Hypertension - confirmed.- less important as it is a clinical symptom.
2. Recurrent attacks of Giddiness with profuse, cold perspiration. - confirmed.
3. 'No tension' - confirmed - less value as there is chance of assumptive interpretation
4. Thermal modality - Ambi-Hot. less value because of lack of confirmation.
5. Slight motion sickness. - less value . No confirmation. Motion sickness may be nausea,
vomiting, vertigo, giddiness, fatigue(Sopite) etc.
6. Giddiness in giantwheels and swing. - less value - lack of confirmation : aggravating factor
can be height, motion, rocking, upward motion, or downward motion.
7. Belching, pressing on any part of the body. - Confirmed - But, it is just a reference rubric.
Not available in repertory. The only available one is 'pressing on painful parts' or 'on
stomach'. Here there is no mention of any pain and so that rubric cannot be considered.

Rubrics :

1. Blood, Hypertension - confirmed - clinical
2. Vertigo, Chronic - confirmed - characteristic
3. Perspiration, cold, vertigo in - confirmed
4. Mind, Cheerful feelings, happy or Mind, Optimistic - Chance of error, assumptive
interpretation - common symptom
5. Environment, cold, heat and cold agg - Not confirmed
6. Vertigo, rocking from - Not confirmed
7. Vertigo, high places - Not confirmed
8. Vertigo, motion from - Confirmed - characteristic
9. Vertigo, riding - Not confirmed
10.Stomach, belching, pressing on body, any part of - Confirmed - reference

Dr Sadhana, I have a few questions.

1. Can you tell us the points which made you consider this case as Ambi-Hot ?
2. Can you eloborate the term giddiness, in words of the patient in this case ?
3. Was the eructations loud ?
4. Which symptom of motion sickness was present in this case.
5. Did you try to confirm the factor which caused giddiness in giant wheel and swing ?

Most of the symptoms here are from the same sphere. Other rubrics are vague or are just
reference rubrics. Repertorisation might not give us a confirmatory result.

Rubrics for repertorisation proper :

Because of lack of confirmed rubrics from different spheres, we are forced to take more rubrics
from the same sphere for repertorisation proper.

1. Vertigo, Chronic
2. Vertigo, perspiration with
3. Vertigo, motion from
4. Blood, Hypertension

Repertorial Result :

Calc : 1232 - 8/4
Phos : 3221 - 8/4
Verat: 1123 - 7/4
Ign : 2121 - 6/4
Nat-m: 1113 - 6/4
Nux-v: 2112 - 6/4
Sulph: 1122 - 6/4
Tab : 2111 - 5/4
Sep : 1111 - 4/4

Such a long list of competing medicines indicates that the rubric selection was wrong. But there
was no choice because of lack of sufficient confirmed symptoms from different regions.

Remaining symptoms:

1. Perspiration, cold, vertigo with Ign, Verat
2. Stomach, belching, pressure on body parts from

There is no chance for a confirmatory result from repertorisation of the available rubrics.

Next choice is a prescription on Peculiar symptoms.

1. Stomach, belching, pressure on body parts from

A rubric some what near to this one (pressure on painful parts) contains the medicine Borax.

Other rubrics in this case which contains Borax are

1. Vertigo, chronic
2. Vertigo, motion from
3. vertigo, rocking

If Borax was the prescription it can be considered as a 'Lucky Hit'

Dear Saji ~ You are really putting in a lot of thought and effort to "ACE" this quiz. It is so helpful ot everyone to follow your thought pattern. Isn't it amazing you "hit" upon Borax, which was Navneet's conclusion.
Dear Debby

Yes ...I had gone through the comments before making my note.

The suggestion of Borax in this case was first made by Dr.Rasal

Rubrics by Dr.Rasal

1. Stomach, Eructations, Pressing on painful parts, when (In the case there is no mention of
2. Stomach, Nausea, Riding in a carriage ( The symptom mentioned is motion sickness. It can be nausea, vomiting, giddiness, vertigo, fatigue etc )
3. Vertigo, Descending, On ( Giddiness in Giantwheels and swing. May be motion, high places, ascending, descending etc )
4. Vertigo, Ascending, On ( Giddiness in Giantwheels and swing. May be motion, ascending,
descending etc )

Rubrics by Dr.Navneet

1. Eructations by pressure ( Borax is for eructations from pressure on painful parts )
2. Fear of downward motion ( No mention of Fear in this case )

The most striking symptom in this case is that peculiar eructation and for the same reason the remedy with a somewhat similar rubric - Borax - is the one which strikes first in our mind. If the symptoms are considered exactly, then Borax is found out of the field.

Even then there are symptoms in this case which are covered by Borax.

That's why i said about a 'Lucky Hit'

If borax is lucky hit then it is unfair.We need precision and accuracy in homeopathic treatment.
Dear Dr Sajjad

Sadhana hasn't revealed her prescription. Eventhough i too have the same opinion on precision, i think it is inapt to discuss further on Borax and my 'lucky hit'. We can think of the other possible prescriptions.

Slight pressure agg............China.
Sweating profuse...........China
Sensitive to pressure....China
Vertigo with sweating.....China
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for ur support all way

I will reply everyone's query regarding the selection

The remedy selected was ASAFOETIDA 200, Single dose
Its a observation told by one of my teacher Dr.Parinaz H that Asaf eructates on slight pressure
Its Hysterical eructations


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