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Now Quiz 5 is turning point


This case is quiz 4’s mothers’ case


Female 58yrs


Came with Chief complaint Hypertension since more than 15yrs

Feels giddy

With thin layer of sweat on whole body



Thin layer of sweat




I asked her how it started, but she said I really don’t remember

It’s only that I started feeling giddy and sweating profusely I checked almost after few months


I asked her any tension or change in any situation during that phase of time

She replied absolutely NO TENSION

Even my daughter in law is very sweet

I have only one son and one daughter, both love me a lot

My husband is caring

I always had good life and happy with my situation



Thirst: 8glasses/day

Urine: Profuse (on Antihypertensive)

Stool: normal

Thermals: Ambi to Hot

Slight Motion sickness

Can’t sit in giant wheel or swing, feels giddy


O/E BP 160/98

HS S1S2 Normal

While checking her BP, she started eructating

To confirm my observation I started taking her BP on left hand, she again started eructating


I asked her about the eructations, she told me she is very sensitive to pressure

With slight pressure anywhere on body she starts eructating

The eructations goes on for sometime


Follow-up aft 1 week

By her daughter

She feels comfortable now

Her BP is 130/92


Follow up aft 2 weeks


Her daughter met me after a year, she told me she is better

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Thanks."Eructaion on slight pressure anywhere in the body" Please quote reference to any repertory and Materia Medica.It is for information only.
Dear Sadhana,

That's really an unexpected answer.

Another Quiz is over and at the conclusion there is a question - What we all learned from this case ?

Don't prescribe on the basis of Totality of symptoms
Don't prescribe on the basis of Materia Medica Reference
Don't prescribe on the basis of Repertorisation


Eructation on pressure, Hypertension, Chronic vertigo, Vertigo on motion, Motion sickness etc ( ie, almost all the symptoms of the case ) can be considered as clinical symptoms of Asafoetida.

Still waiting for your reply regarding the selection of ASA-FOETIDA...
Dear Dr.Saji
Thank you for your comments abt the case

I do agree that the prescription is off beat
You too must have seen cases where the rubric selection doesn't help, but an unusual observation helps
I really appreciate the way u solve cases
Here i am putting up cases which might help all of us for new dimension of the same drug or case
Awaiting your reply


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