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Anyone has any idea what remedy would be best for Hahnemann? I happen to know it.
Brilliant student.
Angry when contradicted. 
Critical of blind acceptance. 
Philosophically inclided.
Flawed theorist, but brilliant experimenter.
Repetitive editions of Organon and CD.
Smoker and drank wine in the evening.
Fighting spirit.

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To my understanding, Hahnemann had a great love for the man kind and was very sympathetic to the sufferings of humanity, that is the reason why he left his practice and discovered the science of Homeopathy. Therefore he could be Pulsatilla, Phosphorus or Causticum. His habit of drinking in the evening,getting angry when contradicted and methodical nature go in favour of Puls. His fighting spirit in favour of Causticum,intelligence in favour of Phosphorus. I think to arrive at proper remedy we need to know some physical generals also.
HAHNEMANN'S physical generals consist mainly of weak lungs. Whenever he would be sick, it would be his lungs.

Have to study lycopodium in detail.


And you won't find it there. It comes closer, but not exactly.

partial similimum are also acceptable in homeopathy lol.



Problem is that exact repertory rubrics are not used in this case.That is why it is complicated.


Yes, Sajjad, you have to both understand the man and his mission. He was driven, fastidious like anything and never satisfied with results as being final - hence 6 editions of the Organon.

He lived homoeopathy and discovered more than anyone before or after him. Now, some are filling in more details - that's all, really. So all this must be considered and you have to know how the remedies behave.

yes,i know.i will try to find out.Inshallah.



It is Lachesis for Hahnemann, as it covers the rubrics- philospher, intellectual, ambitious, theorizing.

i think that lachesis was proved after the death of Hahnemann.


Not Lachesis, and Sajjad is right.


Can you give reasons?


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