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This case is during my internship

I was posted in Ortho dept


A lady came with knee joint pain

Age 50+

Thin stature, can say almost skinny

Skin-Dry, Lusterless, thin


She told me both her knee pains

I asked her which side

She told she doesnt remember


I said try to remember it was right or left (i know this was my imature approach)

She became very serious, she said she is much tensed mentally than these pains


I asked her what..

She told she was healthy prior to 10months

Her only son got seperated after marriage (In India all wants joint family, though now a days more n more people are opting for nuclear family )


The next day itself, she experienced pain in knees while getting up after bath

With tears in her eyes she said, "i dont mind he staying seperate but if i get physically unfit how can i take care of my husband.

I dont care about my mself"


I asked her, then why she came here?

She told me its her husband who forced her to come for treatment

She is not much interested in treatment, but will do it for husband


Thermal: Chilly3

Thirst: Thirstless

Observation:- Dressed in a very simple cotton saree, not drapped properly


Follow up:-

One dose reduced pain in a weeks'time

She was very happy that now she can take care of her husband

I was tranferred to other dept, met her aft 2months, she told me she is doing well and very happy

its was her last visit to hospital



So now get ready for new ideas..

Let me get some mind blowing ideas which i didnt thought of




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hi gary,
the remedy is not natrum mur, nor sulp, nor calc

Natrum Mur was one of choice but i ruled out with thermals
Also she is comfortable in sun

Sulph, i didnt thought coz though she was in simple saree n improperly drapped
Saree was clean
(Sulph can be very clean but that is in Sycotic Maism)
She is thin, her miasm is tubercular

Calc for thin shrivelled lady...
I cant think of it
Also calc is very careful abt himself
and she is not bothered abt herself
ha ha :)

do u think i will put up easy quiz, that too with repeating the same remedy..

anyways, baryta carb is not the remedy
she has her own ideas
very clear n straight forward
no confusion

This is based on symptoms provided,with that mental symptoms,i also favor Sulph,and as you don't find this correct then because again of her concern for her family Cocc could have been considered.How ever whatever you cured with please discuss your reason so that we all can see your point of view and learn from it.
I see Silicea. Thin, shrivelled and not caring about herself. Fixed ideas about extended family and forced by husband to go see the doctor. Knees pain and dress plain and simple.
Hey Kavi - so happy you popped in here. Missing you on the network
Swamped in work. Have not even been outside to enjoy the glorious weather.
Hello Vaikunthanath,
Silicea is not the remedy
Yes it was one of the choices

Sil if doesnt want to go to the dr no one can take her
Sil is admant about her thoughts
As in Materia Medica Fixed Thoughts

Here I didnt consider about the fixed idea about extended family coz thats normal social idea of Indian society

Thank u :)
Hi Gary,
Ign ruled out coz No Sighing
Phos ruled out coz She is not interactive, her home is her home
whereas for phos the world is their home

Lyc, No coz she is chilly
She is dull.
She is chilly.
She is thirstless.
Sepia, Staphysagria.
Sepia has aversion to husband bet here she consulted you because of her husband. Staph has no aversion to husband..The trouble started after seperation of her son therefore Staphysagria is strongly indicatd.
U r nearby
Basically Puls's Thermal is Hot

Its in Tubercular maism puls is chilly

Puls is not selfless
Keep in Puls wants everything in her own way
Tears are her weapons
She will cry at drop of hat to get the things her way

Puls is not the remedy
Thank u very much
U really make me think
The name of the remedies u tel r far different

We all wud love to know ur pendulum method
Kindly put a blog or discussion so that we all cud learn from u

Pyrus is not the remedy for this case
:) thank u for ur posting
Do post ur valuable thoughts


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