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This case is during my internship

I was posted in Ortho dept


A lady came with knee joint pain

Age 50+

Thin stature, can say almost skinny

Skin-Dry, Lusterless, thin


She told me both her knee pains

I asked her which side

She told she doesnt remember


I said try to remember it was right or left (i know this was my imature approach)

She became very serious, she said she is much tensed mentally than these pains


I asked her what..

She told she was healthy prior to 10months

Her only son got seperated after marriage (In India all wants joint family, though now a days more n more people are opting for nuclear family )


The next day itself, she experienced pain in knees while getting up after bath

With tears in her eyes she said, "i dont mind he staying seperate but if i get physically unfit how can i take care of my husband.

I dont care about my mself"


I asked her, then why she came here?

She told me its her husband who forced her to come for treatment

She is not much interested in treatment, but will do it for husband


Thermal: Chilly3

Thirst: Thirstless

Observation:- Dressed in a very simple cotton saree, not drapped properly


Follow up:-

One dose reduced pain in a weeks'time

She was very happy that now she can take care of her husband

I was tranferred to other dept, met her aft 2months, she told me she is doing well and very happy

its was her last visit to hospital



So now get ready for new ideas..

Let me get some mind blowing ideas which i didnt thought of




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I apologies for the difference of opinion. Her entrance complaint is knee pain and after treatment pain disappeared.
According to vijayakar the sepia patient is indifferent to complaints and pains. The patient is cured with sepia I appreciate.
On the other hand if you think that she has no concern with anything and came to see the physician only on the request of her husband then yes she is sepia.
I would like to add or forced to see you.
Best wishes.
Thank u mam...
but for we students I think the most contradicting point for us was that she was not Indifferent to her own husband...

Anywaz a new outlook and thought process for us....

lokoking forward to the next quiz...
Hello everyone,
Thank you very much for your diffrent suggestions
I read Pyrus as per Dr.Aamir suggested
So i am learning a lot here

I was expecting such reactions, that how a lady who cares so much for her husband can be Sepia

Every remedy has diffrent picture in different maism

Sepia in Psoric maism is very lively lady
Dancing , rhythm, with strong sense of Carc, Sep (Complete repertory)

In Sycotic, she is very duty conscious
Want her family, children to progress

Syphilitic: If any family member esp her husband is not interested in her or is not paying proper attention she will slip in to Indifference
Here we get Indifference to her family, husband

*This lady is in Tubercular miasm
So you can see she is much worried about her husband rather herself
There is glimpse of Indifference towards herself, her complaints which Sepia helped

Further suggestions are always welcome :)
But Dr how u decide she is in which miasm ,her strature?I f u hadnt mentioned about her husband everybody could have guessed Sepia right in the beg. because of indifference towards her physical appearence Pls explain
I mentioned abt her husband coz he forced her for the treatment
U can see her indiffernce abt herself

I already have explained abt her stature
Her skinny stature indicates Tubercular miasm

And above all this quiz is not for right answer but to start a conversation n keep our grey cells functioning

I expect I have answer ur queries
Further comments r always welcome :)
Thank you, Keep Posting
I disagree with this whole idea of tubercular miasm. Hahnemann gives us 3 miasms. It only confuses the issues. Whoever came up with a 4th? It is a bit like modern ideas that there are many more miasms. As if Hahnemann was lacking in observational powers!

Everybody nowadays think they know better than Hahnemann, who took 50 (yes fifty!) years to perfect this art for us. Unbelievable!

So I have refrained from saying much, but now I feel the need to speak up and call out the speculative nature of these new-fangled ideas. That is not classical homoeopathy. That is speculative to the extreme. But go ahead and dilute it as much as you all can, so it can be easier destroyed by the opponents.
Hi Kaviraj,
I have no intention to discourage anybody here but dare to say that Hahnemann was founder, researcher.He gave us a perfect medical system, complete in every respect but we—we are business man—we are presenting illusionary homeopathy far away from what Hahnemann taught us.You know that.
I am no business man. I am a follower of Hahnemann and a homoeopath. I have no desire to make it a business. "The physician's high and only mission is to cure the sick." And in the footnote he tells us what he thinks of all the system builders.
Hi Kaviraj,
Thanks.I know you are not a business man and never can be.You are true follower of Hahnemann and real homeopath.I am talking about others.
Dear Dr. sajjadakram,
you are right , today homeopathy is commercialising by different labels vs. predictive homoeopathy, sensational homoeopathy, rediscovered homoeopathy, dialectical homoeopathy, perfect homoeopathy, uniqueness homoeopathy, constitutional homoeopathy etc. changing some colour and flavour by presenting fabricated cases in seminars and writing books. This is pure business.


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