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This case is during my internship

I was posted in Ortho dept


A lady came with knee joint pain

Age 50+

Thin stature, can say almost skinny

Skin-Dry, Lusterless, thin


She told me both her knee pains

I asked her which side

She told she doesnt remember


I said try to remember it was right or left (i know this was my imature approach)

She became very serious, she said she is much tensed mentally than these pains


I asked her what..

She told she was healthy prior to 10months

Her only son got seperated after marriage (In India all wants joint family, though now a days more n more people are opting for nuclear family )


The next day itself, she experienced pain in knees while getting up after bath

With tears in her eyes she said, "i dont mind he staying seperate but if i get physically unfit how can i take care of my husband.

I dont care about my mself"


I asked her, then why she came here?

She told me its her husband who forced her to come for treatment

She is not much interested in treatment, but will do it for husband


Thermal: Chilly3

Thirst: Thirstless

Observation:- Dressed in a very simple cotton saree, not drapped properly


Follow up:-

One dose reduced pain in a weeks'time

She was very happy that now she can take care of her husband

I was tranferred to other dept, met her aft 2months, she told me she is doing well and very happy

its was her last visit to hospital



So now get ready for new ideas..

Let me get some mind blowing ideas which i didnt thought of




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I see. Or rather i see not, LOL. No problem.
Dear Sadhana,
I really appreciate your intentions and grateful for the same.
It is always good to make discussions and different reflections of a case .But the case should have minimum base to discuss and reflect, it should not be like a Raffle.

The duration of the anamnesis – it takes from 1 second to 3 or more hours, but important is to understand the patient completely, not partially by our interpretations of one or two mental symptoms.
Usually it takes 2 -3 hours for complete anamnesis of a chronic case.
Dear Dr. Gary,
i will write to you .. in detail.
my another consideration is GELSEMIUM and CARCINOSIN.
but more towards GELSEMIUM because-
GELSEMIUM - indifference regarding her illness.,ailment from grief,thirstless,chilly.
CARCINOSIN- anxiety about family and indifference about her illness.
Gels has more of Muscular complaints
Here its Joint pain
Arthritis with muscular complaints inidcates Gels

Carci is more artistic
She will be nicely dressed

Both remedies ruled out
Is it Apis Mellifica?
If we consider the jealousy of the mother for the daughter in law taking away her son from her....

Understand the person
She is a mild lady
Apis is very angry remedy

She has infact agreed the situation that her son wont come back
hello mam, i think it's NAT.MUR.
Dear Arti,
Welcome to the discussion board

Its not NAt mur...
Natrum Mur was one of choice but i ruled out with thermals
Also she is comfortable in sun
Congrats Ajay & Gary

Indeed Sepia is the remedy
Sepia has no interest in family members. Homeopathy is flexible. Either this or either that.
but mam, sepia in indifferent to her family members & closed ones so how?????


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