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This case is during my internship

I was posted in Ortho dept


A lady came with knee joint pain

Age 50+

Thin stature, can say almost skinny

Skin-Dry, Lusterless, thin


She told me both her knee pains

I asked her which side

She told she doesnt remember


I said try to remember it was right or left (i know this was my imature approach)

She became very serious, she said she is much tensed mentally than these pains


I asked her what..

She told she was healthy prior to 10months

Her only son got seperated after marriage (In India all wants joint family, though now a days more n more people are opting for nuclear family )


The next day itself, she experienced pain in knees while getting up after bath

With tears in her eyes she said, "i dont mind he staying seperate but if i get physically unfit how can i take care of my husband.

I dont care about my mself"


I asked her, then why she came here?

She told me its her husband who forced her to come for treatment

She is not much interested in treatment, but will do it for husband


Thermal: Chilly3

Thirst: Thirstless

Observation:- Dressed in a very simple cotton saree, not drapped properly


Follow up:-

One dose reduced pain in a weeks'time

She was very happy that now she can take care of her husband

I was tranferred to other dept, met her aft 2months, she told me she is doing well and very happy

its was her last visit to hospital



So now get ready for new ideas..

Let me get some mind blowing ideas which i didnt thought of




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:) Hello Dr.Vikas
Good explanation
to be honest, as a intern i was not much aware about Mag mur :)
So i had not thought abt it

I agree the prescription could have been Mag mur
Ur friendly association is always welcome
Dear Dr. Sadhana,
Once again a nice case indeed. In such a case my prescription would have been 'Causticum', the reason why I considered Causticum are:

- Anxiety about others.
- Sympathetic
- Dwells on past disagreable occurences
- History of many shocks, griefs, disappointments. They suffer a lot.

Causticum belongs to Kali family. The main feeling in Causticum is that the person is the one who has to take care of the family. She is very much concerned when there is any problem with any member of the family.The two most important feelings of Causticum are: "Anxious for others" and "Fear that something will happen".
Dear all,
this is the biggest handicap of homoeopathy. Same case, 30 doctors and 30 different prescriptions.
Why ?
my personal openion - the case was not taken completely.At least 2 -3 hours is necessary for taking a chronic case. We should know the interrogation of Kent , at least 50 -60 questions in order to understand the patient completly.
Today many doctors prescribe only on mental symptoms and some one include also chilly/ hot , thirst etc.
Most often doctors interprete the mental symptoms according to his/ her personal experience , or from some case presentations in Seminars. If we take the case in it's full extent with all symptoms, physical generals,mental generals, all particularities , with all modalities then the prescription will be the same.
we should improve our skills of taking the case like old masters..
this type of quiz is not good. prescription of the correct remedy is not a fortune like a lottary.
I don't know who is Bidwells, but a small well taken case.
GENERALITIES; CONVULSIONS; running; circle in, before (1)
this symptom is a 1° grade symptom according to § 153.
all us should be able to take every case like this. YES WE CAN!
Hi Paul,

I was little intrigued at your response at the quiz that Sadhana puts up on this forum. You out rightly say that such quiz's are not good and fortune and lotto etc, but at the same time toss a remedy "Nat.mur" for Moshe Daniels MG case. Why?

It is easy to demoralize anyone, that does not take much efforts, but to encourage someone for something good needs open heart.

Were you trying to treat Daniels patient (then it is not good in your own terms) or just taking part in academic discussion (as we were doing for Sadhana's case) .

This is just to point out that it is easy to denounce other's effort.

With due respect, but now a days it is becoming a fashion of preaching only what you know and then not accepting others view point.

Homeopaths are becoming more and more "religious bigotry"

Keep a open heart and accept with open arms.

Dear Suhas,
It is not my intentions to criticize or offend someone personally. My observations are not personal attacks to Sadhana. My observations are against the modern trends of homeopathy, against the fantasy and the theorizing of certain (so called) homoeopathic teachers, against the deterioration of the quality of homoeopathy.

First of all we should learn how to take a case in the homoeopathic way without theorizing. Less than 20 % of the homoeopaths of the whole world know how to take a case in the proper way and how to prescribe the correct potency.
I know homoeopaths even after their MD in homoeopathy do not know how to take a case and give a correct prescription.

The case of Daniel: He gave us a number of good symptoms. I have
“ tossed” Nat.Mur after a repertorisation. It is true that I didn’t post the repertorisation just because I didn’t want to influence the thoughts of others on the net with my repertorisation. Then, Nat.mur was only an idea and not an affirmation.
Dear Lars,
Kindly put the case of this eleptic boy in ur discussion
This very discussion is going off beat
Dear Paul,
Thank you for your informative comment

I too agree that all Homoeopaths r giving different comments/prescription
But this discussion is not for prescription but to discuss different possibilities
Thought provoking!!

I too believe that well taken case is the base of correct prescription
I took this case for around 1 hr 30 mins
I have given only the required details of the concern case

But i also believe that if the case is taken for 2 hrs and more is not always taken well

I always take phys, mentals, thermals, thirst and above all my observations to finalise remedy

I am greatful to all my teachers who taught me Homoeopathy
I learned to take cases in less than 10 minutes. I go for the likes and dislikes, thirst, concomitants and modalities, where you find all the keynotes. PQRS, as per Organon. Hahnemann says that these are the salient points. In this case I see nothing of that, so it is a raffle indeed.
Dear Sir,
I go for the likes and dislikes, thirst, concomitants and modalities, to reach the keynotes
I too had taken cases sometimes in 10mins or less

Eg. quiz 2 Case taking took hardly for 5-7mins

But its only when i get sure about remedy

Here quiz 3: I have given the points which i considered for the prescription

Thank you
So where are the likes and dislikes?
There are not specific, so i have not added


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