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Its very short case


I use to visit a charitable clinic few years back

The timing was 7 to 8:30am

Since it is run by a religious trust, so the clinic Is cleaned early morning


Once i reached clinc, it wAs cleaned

and patients' chair was kept behind my chair in a corner

As soon i sat, this patient came inside and sat on the patients' chair in that very corner


The case ends here

Thermals:- Hot

Chief complaint:- Gall Stone Colic


I expect same respose as earlier

Thank you :)





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Sadhana, my funny one, are you trying to throw people off track when you talk about the clinic getting cleaned or the TIME OF DAY? What about this position of the chair being in the corner behind your chair. Is the chair then, normally, taken out from the corner and placed opposite you?
normally the patients' chair is placed opposite to dr..
*u have got the clue :)
u r very near to the remedy..
:) good luck
Congratulations Gary!!

The remedy is indeed Baryta
Not BarytaCarb


I know not all cases can be solved by thermals
But indeed its a good filter
We must look up Rubric dealing with afraid of something behind, like will be attacked from behind. Here are some approaches.

Crotalus horridus: ~ not exactly right
mind; delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions; hears sounds; footsteps; behind him; crot-c. Indicated for those who are intense, animated, hurried, restless, and talkative. They have many fears, especially that someone might be following them or that they hear footsteps behind them. They fear being alone, spirits, ghosts, snakes; and can strike out in fits of rage. They resent and blame other children for getting them into trouble, report dreams of hairy spiders, and tend to have hives and epistaxis.

Jan Scholten writes, “The guilty feeling is also very strongly present in Bromium. In the repertory we find the symptoms ‘Delusion people behind her’ and ‘Delusion people looking over her shoulder’ (Homeopathy and Minerals’), and in Prisma ‘…At other times he has intense remorse and guilt feelings about having wounded the feelings of others…’ (Jansen).

There is a strong feeling of being pursued or followed, with a feeling of being threatened or persecuted:
DELUSIONS - pursued; he was - enemies, by
DELUSIONS - pursued; he was - horrid thing, by some
DELUSIONS - enemy - surrounded by enemies
DELUSIONS - walking - behind him; someone walks
DELUSIONS - people - behind him; someone is
FEAR - enemies, of
FEAR - behind him; someone is
DELUSIONS - bed - someone - in the bed; as if someone is - with him
DELUSIONS - persecuted - he is persecuted

I don't have my repertory with me. oh my! I did not see you already posted the answer of Baryta Mur based upon thermals of a HOT baryta.

GARY found Gallstone colic lists Baryta Carb and Am brom. Just read that you say Calc carb is near to it.
no, zincum val is not the remedy

kindly give me few more details of zincum val
Thank u everyone for your wonderful participation!!
Congratulations to Gary..

Now let me reason out my selection for BARYTA-MUR

If u see the adjoining file,
u can see the patient dosnt have common sense to take the chair where normally the patients sit

When he entered he just saw a empty chair...without thinking where he has to sit
As Kent says remedy walks in n walks see when it walks in

I was sure about Baryta, so i asked him his thermals

Chilly- B.Carb
Hot- B.Mur

I confirmed few things lik how long does it takes him to understand
he n his friend confimed that he doesn't understand quickly

His gall-stone colic was not at all voilent, but it was painful for him

Within 3days the patients came with a smile and told me that after a long time he slept better and pain is almost nil

I would love furthr comments from all of you my friends...
hmmmmm....times for next quiz...
after a break!!!! [its not commercial;)]


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