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Dear colleagues!
I'm in the world community of homeopaths not so long ago. I thank you for such warm welcome. Also, I want to thank for this amazing opportunity to communicate with a lot of professionals in homeopathy.

I apologise for so many questions that I ask. But knowing how many professionals there are on this forum, I would like to ask you to help me in clarifying some points.

Studying homeopathy, I visited many different seminars and courses. I think you will agree with me that theoretical knowledge is one thing, but their practical application is another.

So, Dear colleagues, I'm looking for answers to my questions based on your practice.

(: I hope I do not make too many mistakes in my English :)

1. In Russia there are many homeopaths who claim that there is no difference in treating patients with chronic disease: either by prescribing homeopathic remedy in dry dose or liquid form. Some homeopaths easier prescribes 30C pellets for the patient’s daily dose. Considering your experience do you think this approach is justified or not?

2. In practice, do you think if a homeopathic preparation in liquid form is stronger or weaker than the dry pellets?

3. When you use dry dose, how many pellets do you use for one dose: 1, 2 or 3? Is there any difference how many pellets to use in one dose?

4. What percentage of alcohol in the liquid is the best (most appropriate) for preservation?

For example: 2 tablespoons of alcohol (brandy or cognac) add to 100ml of water. Is this solution’s alcohol content sufficient for its conservation?

Some homeopaths prepare liquid as follows: 2 tablespoons of alcohol (brandy or cognac) add to 120ml of water.

I wonder how much water and how much alcohol do you use to prepare the liquid in your common practice?

What type of alcohol? What kind of water (boiled water or water from a plastic bottle from the shop)? How do you prepare the remedy bottle generally?
What volume of the solution do you give at one time?

5. In Russia, there are some parents who refuse to give their children the solution, which contain 20% of alcohol. But, Solution, which contain 10-15% of alcohol, will not be stored for long time.

Do you have such difficulties and how do you solve them?

6. Do you give a homeopathic preparation C-potency with some frequency until symptoms begin to worsen? Whether is it necessary to continue taking homeopathic medicine after improvement until healing crisis starts?

7. When you treat chronic diseases, with what frequency  do you give the remedy (different potencies: 3C, 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, 100M) in liquid form? 

Are there any rules that you use for the potency selection?

What criteria or what books do you use to select dilutions of remedy?

8. The last, and the most interesting and difficult question.

When we taking homeopathic medication in liquid form, we must succusse it every time before use (for example 7 times). In order we do it to ensure that every next dose has a higher potency.

In my case solution in first bottle has succussed 140 times and it ended. Now, as I need to continue the treatment, my question is how can I prepare and take the second bottle?

Is it necessary to succusse the second bottle 140 times before starting using it or not?

P.s. perhaps I still poorly have read materials of other discussions, so please, in addition to your response, indicate where a similar question has been already discussed here.

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Dear Baty Adzhiev - Thank you for presenting all good questions. Maybe someone can answer each one directly. In the meantime, here are some references on the network.


Why Is The Homeopathic Medicine Prepared In A Solvent Like Alcohol?

A Case of Extreme Isolation where homeopath David Kempson used liquid dose

Water Doses Vs Dry Doses? In the present day Homoeopathic World, Every Homoeopath or Most of the Homoepaths use DRY DOSES to administer their medicine. But, Dr. Hahnemann has advised us to use the WATER DOSE method in 5th and 6th edition of Organon. He says no words without a logical reasoning confirmed by a great experience. Why do we still not following his last sayings? Quote your opinion on this discussion.

Details on Dosing

Using the Plussing method or other water dosage enables the patient to make slight adjustments to the number of drops, amount of dilution, frequency of dosing, number of succussions, etc. With this method, many homeopaths will even take the dilution glass and make a second dilution glass for very sensitive individuals.

It is safe to repeat the dose when shaking/succussing the bottle, stirring the glass to re-energize, because this raises the energy level, which the body recognizes as slightly different than the previous dose.

Many people find healing more rapid; and more sustained because the patient does not wait for weeks or months for the next dose. 

With this method, we provide more energy over the course of years as disease prevention.

In addition, we can put the patient into the driver's seat and self empower them to be observant, write in a journal and note progress. They begin to recognize when they need another dose or when they need to taper back. 


How Homeopathy Differs from Using Crude Herbal Doses

Actually, if the 'similimum' is the chosen food, plant, herb, mineral, etc and this substance is taken in whatever form or comes in contact with the mucus membranes, then the healing process begins. This explains why mother tintcures, cell salts and all forms of remedies will work. However, typically, the crude herbal medicine will act only on the material level and not reach deeply the vital force healing potential.  Homeopathic remedies are diluted and succussed to bring out the resonant energy within. Today, we are learning new techniques to measure minute changes in the water molecules that tell us a energetic remedy potential resides within the dilution. Traditionally, we could not see a difference or measure the differences between the liquid or dry remedies when not looking at the quantum level. We can detect changes in the electronic level. 

Thank you, Debby!  I also hope that other homeopaths will take part in my discussions.

While I will read the information you gave me.


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