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Dear HWC Members,

We are so grateful for everyone's participation and that we are able to share our thoughts together. We are thankful that we have so many very ACTIVE members, and would like to motivate others to visit and participate more often.

We are upgrading our website and blogs are now monitored.

Please note new guidelines as we refine the website. 

1. One sentence blogs are not considered sufficient. This is the place for one sentence questions to be entered into the suggestion box for monthly themes to be sent to members for them to write "IN-DEPTH" articles with research, background material, cases, opinion pieces, etc to really boost the level of activity and professionalism of this site.

2. We request also that members to use proper spelling, grammar, thought into their articles.

3. No plagarism, use of credits to all pertinent postings.

4. When posting video, use the GEAR Button to select a single video and Not All Related videos

5. Writing with respect to all members.

Please note the tutorial section to learn more about navigating this site.

Watch the intro video and let your invited friends know they must fulfill all questions fully and completely with square formatted personal photograph.

What Are Blogs?

We feel that blogs should be a personal journal article or diary with substantial information and like an editorial piece. Originally 'blogs' came from the concept of the captain of a ship and his daily 'log' to record the journey. The message is something you would like to share about your thoughts.

What Are Forum Discussions?

The forum will be more of a DISCUSSION area where members contribute added information to expound on a subject, post their educational information, experiences, points of view, etc. Click the drop-down menu to select a CATEGORY under which we can group similar ideas. We love having an organized forum to more easily locate past articles. If you have a theme, question or topic to suggestion for forum discussion please contact administration through suggestion box.  

Any posting with elements of marketing whether under "Discussion" or
"Blog" will be screened. Please note that the advertisements support this website. 

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Click start a discussion in the forum and use the drop down CATEGORY to select SUGGESTION BOX or
Hover over the Forum Discussion Tab and Click CATEGORIES and then select SUGGESTION BOX.


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