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This is an interesting topic that Dr Hahnemann covered in his life and letters. What do we charge the patient, if needed, as even we face lot of hard work.

Today we do find many people who say, "Your fees are to high." The other option a person may take is to be treated for a chronic condition and suffering for many years. It's up to the patient to whom to go for treatment.  Some may want to go to an advocate or an accountant to check the prices.  We can find some who charge a little and some who charge a lot.  It's up to us to decide who to go to with our problems.

The patient decides to go to a homeopath who treats for free or to someone who charges 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, or 10000 and more a month.

As homeopaths, we take a long time to study the case and want to successfully treat the case. It's a lot of hardwork initially,  we have to go through many books.  When we fail, we keep reading repertories, more books, repertorize again and again and then come to a near solution.

Many patients have already been treated by different medical schools and even different homeopaths. Then, it becomes our turn to show the results.

One person says, "I give up!"  The other person says, "Wow, what an opportunity."

It's all about the result, how fast you can give alleviation of problems, and for how long a period of time the results last.

It's all about the knowledge of where to hit the hammer.

The story goes like this. A  manufacturing plant about 100 feet long was completely shut down because of an equipment malfunction. The plant was losing money every minute that passed by. The plant manager called many local experts to fix the problem to save money. He did not call the expert from the company.

Many local people came and tried for many days and weeks but all failed. In the 100 feet plant there were many sections. Some people had knowledge about a few of the sections, but in other sections of the plant they had no knowledge.

The owner finally gave up and had to call an expert to come all the way from Germany. He paid the air tickets and the expert arrived.

The expert said, “I’m here to fix your problem.” The plant manager quickly rushed the expert over to the 100 feet long plant which was a broken piece of equipment.

The expert looked at the broken machine (visual symptoms in homeopathy), observed the noise (presenting definite symptoms in homeopathy), reached into his tool box (many homeopathic remedies) to pull out a hammer, and then he hit the machine with his hammer in just one particular location (the exact remedy that covered the presenting symptom). The machine immediately started working and the plant was back in operation making plenty of money once again.

The plant manager asked, “How much will that be?”
The expert replied, "$1,000 "
The plant manager could not believe what he was hearing. “Come on,” said the plant manager, “all you did was hit it with a hammer once.”
The expert replied, “Yes, but the key is that I knew where to hit it with the hammer.”

Its like that in homeopathy. It takes lot of reading, experimenting, pain and hard work, reading books magazines and attending seminars to learn and gather knowledge. All the experience builds up and then only we know where to hit the hammer to get a cure.

So it is the knowledge in homeopathy to know where exactly to hit the hammer to get the body working back to normal.


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Hard work is Homeopath's duty. If He/She works hard with whole heart, it's the sign that the Homeopath feels responsibility and compassion towards the sick living being and takes every case seriously. The fee for the work and the remedy for a poor should not be as the normal fee that the other more wealthy patient pay. Changing the fees frequently isn't good. I would not suggest doing that. Every homeopath has reputation, experiences with positive cases, have skills. What other Homeopaths charge, for what? Just because somebody is Homeopath/MD shall not charge more than a certified Homeopath. The fees must be friendly and yes, Homeopaths can/shall ask less from a poor person.

Don't forget that we must become the Instruments in God's hands and that isn't in connection with money.

Yes true when people cant afford many times i give it free. Dr Hahnemann in his paris casebooks the evening 5-6 1 hour he would see lots of patients free.

Recently, I have compared the feedback from the free patients with the paid group. Most of the free patients discontinued the treatment since they are free to go for more more free offers :)

Some of them even become the victim of illegal clinical trials, because clinical trials are often reported in the newspapers as free treatments.

When a person thinks he can get something for nothing, he is incorrect. The clinical trials he pays in many other ways of his life.


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