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Respected sir,

What's a smallness of dose? quantity or quality (potency)?

if homeopathic remedies are dynamised then why quantity-wise smallness of dose?

Please enlighten.

...Vishnu Gadekar...


Dr Prasad Rasal:

Dear Dr Vishnu,

I will try to my level best to answer your question.

Whenever in the Organon, the words 'Smallness of Dose' appears, it is related to both the things according to Dr Samuel Hahnemann i.e. quality as well as quantity.

At first, it is applicable as a quality means the dynamisation method i.e. reduction of the medicinal substance & at the same time increasing the quality of the medicine by this method. So, whenever we potentise the Homoeopathic Medicines, the inherent qualities of the medicinal substance are brought in to activity due to reduction of the medicinal substance & by energizing the medicines by the process of either succussion or trituration. So, as the potency increases, the quantity of the medicine in the actual medicine decreases.

Even though the homoeopathic medicines are dynamised, Dr Hahnemann still suggests to use smallness of the dose in a quantity wise because Homoeopathic Medicine acts as a STIMULANT for the deranged Vital Force for bringing it into harmony. If, we give more quantity, after getting sufficient stimulation, the rest of the medicine can show the Homoeopathic Proving & you can be misguided because of the disturbance caused by it.

That's why, at is applicable in both ways.

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In my practice 5 pills or 5 mg. of pills for one dose gives the  same result.

I think smallness means content (dilutions - Eg. 30c is smaller then 12c) not the quantity.

smallest means the quantity.Excess is waste.when one drop of 6c is sufficient then 10,20,30 drops are waste.


with One drop of 6c  we can medicate more than 100 globules and one globule of that is still active and sufficient to relieve.


Yes sir, One drop of 6c we can medicate more than 100 globules, and in same time some physicians give their doses in dilutions.(ie. they put one drop of desired medicine into patient's mouth).
So smallness does not mean quantity.
Hahnemann used to give a jug of water with one globule dissolved in it and the dose was just a sip or less than that.Anyway, you are right.

You can intensify the power of the homeopathic medicine by going higher and higher in potency and it has nothing to do with the quantity.


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