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This discussion is for people to post their thoughts, questions and typical procedures for traveling to areas where malaria, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases are commonplace.

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Prophylaxis and Homeopathic Contacts for Travel To Asia

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Yes i have. Shall post them later. Been busy and still am.

Hi Debby
Ah what a great question. I don't prescribe prophylaxis remedies. Only give remedies when you have a symptom. Since I get asked this often with all my travels to remote places and my homeopathic volunteer work has taken me to many places most really would not go, this is my experience.

I travel most often the backwoods/jungles/off beaten track poor clinics and yes, its my choice, its what I enjoy most In my life. Once you do this type of adventure you don't stop.

Let me start by saying:
I do not get travel vaccines, NEVER EVER HAVE!
No vaccine for yellow fever
no vaccine for malaria
no vaccine for dengue fever
no vaccine for typhus
no vaccine for the flu

I do have a very strong immune system because I NEVER take allopathic medicines. YES that IS THE SECRET!
I don't get sick even with the yearly flu season. I don't get sick.I wrote an article about travel homeopathic remedies at Shirley's Wellness Cafe.

"The Travelers Homeopathic Emergency Kit" by Gina Tyler article was written on homeopathy

"The Travelers Homeopathic Emergency Kit" (writen almost 10yrs ago) By Gina Tyler DHOM.
This article was written in Bali, Indonesia while I was on a long extended visit with my family. The kit is very useful for anyone going abroad. My suggestion is to read this article, buy the needed homeopathic remedies, and then photocopy this article to take with you. Once you have the kit of remedies, there's no need to buy another for the rest of your lifetime (there is no expiration on homeopathic remedies) and the x-ray airport scanners do no harm to the remedies.

As a homeopath myself, I find it comforting to travel with my knowledge of homeopathy. I have no need to pump myself with chemicals (allopathic drugs a.k.a. vaccinations and antibiotics). These are taken (vaccines) prior to a trip preventing things like malaria and diarrhea. But what most people don't know is that the vaccines themselves will get you extremely ill; the side-effects are sometimes life threatening. (click here for more information about vaccines further down this page, or go to the following websites: 909 Shot, Think Twice.)

Many countries have no clean medical facilities, and if they do, they are quite expensive. Traveling is bound to bring imbalances to your delicate system. To go on lengthy trips (month or longer), or go for a short hike in the mountains (or go camping), it is helpful to be prepared. What can you do, when you become ill, to help yourself and your family?

I recommend a really small homeopathic kit for these reasons:

1. For acute illnesses that come on suddenly, homeopathy works fairly easily when it comes to looking up symptoms and matching the correct remedy.
2. No need for a water supply, the small homeopathic pellets (globules) are usually small poppy-seed sized pills and are placed under the tongue. They dissolve quickly with no taste (great for babies, toddlers, and for situations where no clean water can be found).
3. Instant relief within 5 to 15 minutes with only one dose. Normally only one pellet is needed, if the symptoms return, then only, is another pellet taken.
4. No side effects- the remedies are all low potencies.
5. No synthetic chemicals that cause allergies.
6. Revitalized energy force, returns the body to its "balanced" state.

The problems I find the most to happen while traveling are generally the same. From my experiences I have compiled this list:

1. Animal bites- ledum, lachesis, hyper. (in 30c potencies)
2. Bruising - Arnica, and topical arnica gel.
3. Bug bites- ledum, urtica, apis, staph., rhus. tox., bell., and a topical gel called "sssting".
4. Car sickness- (motion sickness) petrol, tab.
5. Colds- kali. bich.,cal. carb., aconite.
6. Coughing- puls., cal. carb., spongia, bry., phos., sulph..
7. Cramping- mag. phos.
8. Cuts and scrapes- calendula, arnica, phos., and topical calendula gel.
9. Diarrhea- arsenicum, china, merc..
10. Flue/fever- gels., aconite, ars., ferr. phos..
11. Headaches- glon., bell., nux. vom., gels..
12. Heat stroke/sun stroke- glon., bell., gels..
13. Infections- arnica and topical calendula.
14. Jet lag- Arnica, cocc., gels..
15. Sleeplessness- coff., cham..
16. Sunburn/blistering- cantharis, bell., rhus. tox., and topical calendula gel.
17. Water and food poisoning- ars., carbo. veg., china, nux. vom., puls..
18. Vomiting- ipec., nux. vom..

If you have no Materia Medica and Repertory, this list will be of some help. The remedies can be bought singular or in a complete kit. My personal kit comes from Washington Homeopathic Products Inc., USA. 50 remedies, all 30c, come in a compact little box convenient for traveling.

I have had mine for years and have not had a need to replace the vials. I also listed a few topical gels that come in tubes about the size of a tube of toothpaste. These must be included in your kit.

A word of caution: I noticed in many countries like India, Mexico, and Indonesia, where a lot of camphor is used to keep away the moths in closets. Keep the remedies away from camphor at all costs!

Once again, take only one pellet under the tongue and let it dissolve. That is it. If the symptoms return take another pellet. (Most of the time you only need one pellet (dose)). For chronic illnesses (meaning it lasts for a month or longer) one must see an experienced classical homeopath locally.
Regards this dry dose method;
Why i posted this is because most places i travel to its difficult to find clean water to dispense a wet dose.Normally I only prescribe WET DOSING

Hi Gina
A very useful and handy kit. I would like to add Colocynthis to the list for the tenesemus in diarhhea and dysentry.
VERATRUM ALBUM 30C - Gastroenteritis with diarrhoea, vomiting, cramping pains. Don't leave without it! It never leaves my handbag, and extra vials have been given away ;) Maybe we have a different "strain" in Australia, but this is THE major remedy.
Hey Debbie,
What are you trying to do? Start WWIII? ;-)
Okay, let's do it.
First of all, the one thing I know for sure is I don't know anything for sure. Consult an attorney, your parole officer, or a licensed physician for a second opinion.
Isodes, nosodes, seem to be the trend for homeotoxicology.
Perko suggests Influenzinium, one dose before or during flu season. The French recently did a study and found it 95% effective. I've also read the usual suspects (Gelsemium, Aconite) are effective as well. Indians are mobbing homeopathic pharmacies fro it. The Indian gov't however, is handing out Arsenicum. Whether this is for prophylxis or treatment, I don't know. Arsenicum has been a popular routine for the flu. Perhaps ourt Indian correspondents can enlighten us.
For malaria, my source, who deals with a lot of it, is using a mix of three different strains from Ainsworth's. Prophylaxis is presumed by me. How it works is only speculation, but I got some ideas.
For tuberculosis, I'd say Tuberculinum.
Wayne Jonas found prophylaxis for tularemia in mice using idem.
The Cubans issued of 2.5 million doses of the leptosirosis nosode and stopped Yellow Fever dead in its tracks. Their infection rate went from pandemic under the usual vaccines to almost zip, proving homeopathy to be superior to the usual crap.
From what I am able to determine, homeoprophylaxis is short term, about 90 days.
See Handbook of Homoeopathic Alternatives to immunisation by Curtis and Perko's Homeoapthic Treatment ofthe Flu by Sandra Perko.
Hahnemann used Belladonna to combat Scarlet Fever.
SOme classical homeopaths reportedly assert that an incorrectly prescribed homeopathic medicine can interfere with the action of other correct prescriptions or disturb the energetic balance of the organism. They generally do not condone the administration of many different nosodes in a single person, as some cases have been rendered apparently incurable by such practices.
However, damage caused by the administration of the homeopathic nosode is less than the damage caused by conventional vaccines. But we must assume this is still theory that may or may not be true, although homeopathy has never caused adverse effects like paralysis, epilepsy or death, often attributed to conventional vaccines.
If homeopathic prophylaxis is effective, then it may need repetition during throughout life because immunity has not been acquired by contracting disease during childhood.
Check out "herd immunity." For the current flu I think I've read its consdiered to be 90%.
Please suggest further reading.
love to all,
Dear Gina, John and Niel ~ It is wonderful for you to visit and contribute your thoughts on the subject. There are many who will require some guidance on this topic. Maybe we can come to some consensus and not start "WWIII'
Prophylaxis in the conditions mentioned by you has to be treated on individualistic basis. What I mean is that you cannot have a prophylaxis for an infection in all the seasons, or in all the countries. Everything would depend on the initial presentation at that particular season/place, depending upon the local prevalent condition. Malaria, or Tuberculosis are the conditions where you cannot have a General Prophylaxis, in view of their nature and occurence. Yes, their severity can certainly be modified when the treatment is initiated with the indicated homoeopathic remedies. I do not share the use of Tuberculinum, for Tuberculosis, or Malaria Off for Malaria as prophylaxis. The Swine Flu pendemic now prevalent, let me tell you that in India, it has not been in a very severe form, and wherever we have suspected cases, they have responded nicely to Gelsemium, or Arsenic Alb, depending upon the clinical presentation. Earlier in cases of Influenza epidemics, I have got excellent results with Mucobacter (This has got reference in H.F.Woods). Unfortunately, this medicine is not available in India at present.

I use for Malaria the Protocol of Tinus Smits.

Malaria Protocol

Update: After 20 years of good experience with this method it seams that the past year people that use the method are being infected with malaria nonetheless. As of yet we don't know the exact cause of this. Until we find a solution we advise you to use the regular prevention methods.

Take for departure to a malaria area the nosode Malaria in 4 different possibilities: (nosode Malaria granule 30K, 200K, MK and XMK of the Dolisos brand)
first day: 30K
second day: 200K
third day: MK
fourth day: XMK
Every time 2 large grains (granular) to melt under the tongue; do not eat, drink or brush teeth half hour before and after administration.

From the day before arrival in the malaria area take Chininum arsenicosum D6 tablets; 1 tablet daily, up to 3 weeks after leaving the malaria area.
This method can be used by everyone, young and old, in the same doses and for every country. Follow the method exactly. These medicines have virtually no side effects. Even if you are pregnant you can safely use prevention. In case you stay longer than 3 months it is wise to repeat the Malaria nosode every 3 months.

I utilize this method successfully for 20 years. So far 4 people got infected: a lady who used the homeopathic as well as the allopathic prevention (Lariam) during a canoe trip on Lake Victoria in Africa and a man in Afracan Ivory Coast who developed a very mild form of Malaria but healed without problems. In addition, 2 women who visited Gambia and got a Malaria Tropica infection. Since 5 years, more than 300 people registered who successfully followed this method in all parts of the world. Some even during years of residence. For the statistics, it is important to me that after you return (after 3 weeks) you leave a message that states if everything went ok, how long you were in a malaria area and how many people used this homeopathic prevention.

Tinus Smits, homeopathic doctor

I have used Malaria off. 30C, 3 doses in as many days - once in my lifetime, about 25 years ago - and have traveled and still travel all over the world and never had a bout of malaria. I have since been to India, Africa, South America. At present i am in Nicaragua, where both malaria and yellow fever are endemic - none of these diseases has ever hit me.

I have used the same for many other people and none has ever complained to have gotten malaria. I think that in some people it can confer lifelong immunity. It certainly seems to have done so in me.
For swine flu I prefer CEPA
Do you mean Allium cepa?


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