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Asiatic Cholera

Cuprum 3 is considered a prophylactic; no case having been occured in the Wicklow mines during the epidemic of 1832 or since.
A copper disc is now worn as a prophylactic in India by timid. The following on this remedy, from the Calcutta Journal, Nov, 1869, is worthy of consideration: " The practice of wearing the ghunsi, or a bundle of silk or cotton thread, round the waist, being general in this country, each person got a piece of thin copper duly bored and applied to his body by passing the ghunsi through it; and the success of the experiment has been tested by five years` experience, during which two epidemics of cholera ravaged the place without affecting a single individual who had invested a pice judiciously as described above. As far as i can ascertain, there has not been a single case of cholera among persons protected by the copper piece, and i have found the precaution useful in our own family. Children under twelve years largely availed themselves of the amulet with satisfactory results, and i know also some grown up people who equally benefited by it."

Reference - Practical notes on the New American and other remedies 
 by R. Tuthill Massy M.D. page - 66. 

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How do you explain the use of this 'Amulet' and it's ability to ward off cholera? There are also many people wearing copper bracelets. The ability for copper to carry and electronic current is strong. We know silver has antibacterial properties. What is written in the organon and in the repertory/materia medica about the use of copper (cuprum)? We know it is excellent for cramps.

Protection from Cholera by Homœopathy.

RECENT observations by Professor Charcot, of Paris, and earlier ones by Dr Burq, have proved the correctness of Hahnemann's observations with respect to the medicinal powers of metallic substances in their insoluble, uncombined state. The mere application of gold, silver, copper, and other metals to the skin in sensitive subjects will produce powerful and characteristic effects ; and all persons, whether sensitive or not, who wear these metals next the skin will be brought more or less under the influence of them, although no symptoms may be produced.

In the last volume of the Homœopathic World [Homœopathic World, December 1892, p. 526.] I published an extract from one of the medical journals in which a practitioner related a case of copper poisoning which was almost indistinguishable from a case of Asiatic cholera. This property of copper to produce symptoms exceedingly like those of cholera renders it one of the most valuable medicines in the treatment of the disease. But, more than that, it has also proved the very best preventive.

In some of the epidemics it had been noticed, and especially by Burq ["At the Paris International Congress of Hygiene in 1878, Dr Burq referred to his researches, twenty-five years previously, which proved to him the immunity from cholera possessed by workers in copper, and said that where the question had been investigated by other observers, the same result had been arrived at. He also traced the preservation of Aubagne, between Toulon and Marseille, through every epidemic of cholera, to the fact that the large quantity of copper employed in the potteries surrounding the city produced, as it were, a rampart of copper-laden dust."- Homœopathic League Tract, 42.], that workers in copper foundries were exempt from the disease, whilst all around them were being attacked.

It was this circumstance which led to the practice of wearing copper plates next the skin, a practice first adopted in Hungary, according to Hahnemann. The custom of wearing rings of copper on the toes followed by some of the natives of India may have some (conscious or unconscious) connection with its power of affording protection against this disease.

Europeans in India wear round the waist a double band of flannel, which they call a cholera belt ; and doubtless the magnetic properties of flannel may increase the bodily resisting power. But these belts have been improved upon, and the protection rendered much more certain by the addition to the flannel of a plate copper, two to four inches in diameter. Such belts are to be procured of all homœopathic chemists ; or they may be improvised by procuring pieces of thin copper plate, cutting in them slits at opposite borders, to which straps or tapes may be attached, which may be passed and fastened round the body. The cholera belt should be worn night and day. It may be cleansed from time to time by rubbing with a little vinegar. If copper in this form is objected to, the homœopathic preparation of Cuprum aceticum 3 may be taken internally, one drop or two pilules three times a day.

As matters of general precaution it will be well to have drinking-water cisterns and filters cleansed periodically. Saluteris water and other table-waters of repute, natural and manufactured, should be used when there is any doubt about the ordinary service water. Care must be taken to avoid all excesses in eating and drinking, and especially eating fruit that is not perfectly sound and good. Clothing should be sufficient and warm. Especial caution should be observed in leaving off garments in warm weather, and in avoiding getting the feet wet. Those who take these precautions and provide themselves with the protection of copper need have no fear of cholera, however badly it may be about.

During the epidemic at Hamburg, Dr Hesse advised the use of Sulphur as a prophylactic. He recommended his patients to dust sulphur inside their stockings every morning when they put them on. In that particular epidemic sulphur corresponded to the symptoms of many of the cases, and would thus be specially appropriate ; but in a general way copper is much to be preferred to all other prophylactics.



Another reference for this. will have to search out how it works.



The patient is to get one or two globules of the finest preparation of copper ( If the dear and scarce (frequently falsified) cajeput oil be actually so serviceable in the Asiatic cholera that out of ten scarcely one died, it must owe this quality to its camphor-like property (it may almost be regarded as a fluid camphor) and to the circumstance, that from the copper vessels in which it is imported from the East Indies, it takes up some portion of copper, and hence, in its unpurified state, it is of a blue-greenish colour. It has, moreover been found in Hungary, that those who wore next the skin of their body a plate of copper, were exempt from infection as trustworthy intelligence from that country informs me.)(prepared from metallic copper in the mode described in the second part of my work on Chronic Diseases), thus cuprum 0,00 X, moistened with water, and introduced into his mouth every hour or every half-hour, until the vomiting and purging diminish, and warmth and rest are restored. But nothing else at all must be given beside, no other medicine, no herb tea, no baths, no blisters, no fumigation, no venesection, &c., otherwise the remedy will be of no avail. Similar good effects result from the administration of a small a portion of white hellebore (veratrum album 0,00 X) but the preparation of copper is much to be preferred, and is more serviceable, and sometimes a single dose given, as long as the patient`s state goes on improving. (Similar affections resulting from immoderate repletions of the stomach, with indigestible nutriment, are best removed by a few cups of strong coffee.)
Dr Hahnemann in Lesser Writings
Copper-bottomed guarantee for safe shellfish in restaurants
The Asian diet traditionally includes lots of raw fish and shellfish, and diners and restaurateurs are aware of the risks of food poisoning posed by contaminating bacteria.
In Korea between 2003 and 2006 around 12% of food poisoning cases were due to a type of bacteria called Vibrio, whose family includes the microbe that causes cholera. Now Korean scientists have come up with a simple and effective way of making sure that shellfish is safe - put a brass plate at the bottom of the fish tank.

"We showed that copper ions diffuse out from a brass plate into a fish tank filled with seawater, and within 40 hours the copper killed 99.99% of the Vibrio food poisoning bacteria contaminating the living fish and shellfish," says Dr Jeong-Weon Huh from the Department of Health Research, at Gyeonggi-do Institute of Health and Environment, Republic of Korea.

The copper is absorbed by the bacteria, causing them to die and fall off the gills and skin of the fish. Vibrio are even flushed from the internal organs of the fresh fish, sinking to the bottom of the tank. The remaining copper ions are absorbed from the seawater in the tank by sand and polyester filters, leaving safe, clean fish ready to be eaten by restaurant diners.
Reference -

Post Script - In Ayurvedic medicine, drinking of water left overnight in a copper vessel is recommended for vitilgo with the same logic that the copper ions in water stimulate melanin production.

World Health Organization Report | July 22, 2011

Cholera outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo

In response to the increased outbreaks, the governments of DRC and the Republic of Congo, international organizations and non-government organizations have intensified surveillance, case management and health promotion activities in the affected areas, in addition to setting up cholera treatment centres at selected sites.

Video from 2009

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