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I often wonder why surgeons resort to surgery in such cases where the complaint recur even after repeated surgery – such as Haemorrhoids, Fistula in ano, Fissures, Various cancerous growths, Nasal polyps, etc. why they do not think over deeply why the disease recurs. If the surgery had been the proper solution then after surgery why the disease again recurred? Does such diseases take place by physical means or circumstances? Like mechanical injuries. Why a certain person get affects by a certain such disease, whereas all his family members remain free and healthy; though whole family were living in same environment, eating the same food? Is surgery capable to remove the inherent cause of the disease? In the beginning of 19th century Dr. C. S. F. Hanemann, who invented Homoeopathy, after deep thought concluded that there lies some morbid dyscrasia behind the occurrence of such diseases and it must be removed by prior homoeopathic medicine before resorting to surgery then the disease will not recur, though surgery was in its premitive stage at his time.

After fifty years of study and practice of homoeopathy I understood that some energy keeps the Organism alive, so long, this energy remains in its natural state the Organism remains perfectly healthy. When this life energy is affected by some morbid energy the process of life becomes deviated and the affected person starts feeling untoward symptoms and feelings, the affected person start feeling sick. The life energy can get affected by some morbid energy present in the nature – in such a case the affected person feels sick; on the other hand the life energy can also be affected by the inherent energy of any of the drug substance and the affected healthy person starts feeling sick with specific feelings and sensations. On the basis of law of similars (Similia Similibus Curantur) the later fact is used to cure a sick in homoeopathy.

Hereunder I am giving a case report of a case of Anal prolapsus which recurred even after third surgery. The condition of the patient after third surgery was miserable.

Patient: Mrs. P. K. aged 56 years.

First visit: 2nd July, 2016.

History of the case:

  • Suffering from anal prolapsus for the past 6 years.
  • Surgery has been done thrice so far. The latest surgery was done two years ago.
  • The problem remained the same, rather became worse. Prolapsus still persisting and occurs at the time of passing of stool with a haemorrhoid protruding out of anus.
  • Extremely bad smelling moisture oozes from anus persistently.
  • Bleeding also takes place from anus.
  • A wound has also formed at coccyx.
  • Pain and burning at anus agg. especially at the time of passing stool.

Sometimes the condition of the patient is so complicated and need for help so urgent that we want to help the patient immediately, in such circumstances often it becomes difficult to diagnose the single appropriate medicine for the case. So to help the patient we may resort to a group of medicines. In this case I gave her :

Pyrogenium 1 M one dose.

Silicea 200 three doses. And

Paeonia 30, twenty-six doses

Marked serially as follows:

Pyrogenium No. 1; Silicea No. 8, 15 and 22. And Paeonia marked as rest of the serial numbers. Advised her to take the potions serially morning and night.

On 16th July, 2016 she reported that she felt some amelioration in prolapsus and pain. Felt some amelioration in the wound also.

Bleeding persisting.

Now Silicea 200 five doses and twenty-five doses of Paeonia 30 were given to be takes as usual.

On 30th July, 2016, she reported that prolapsus is further better, bleeding persisting. Some also oozing from the wound.

Odor now quite less. Feeling pain in calves and lower back.

Photo of the wound was taken on 30th July, 2016 is given below:

The medicine continued and the improvement in her condition went on smoothly.

On 10th September, 2016 she reported that the discharge has stopped. The odor had already gone. Her general health much improved. Due to the horrible odor of the discharge her little lovely granddaughter used to avoid her company. Now she plays in her lap. She is almost normal now.

On one hand the recurring surgery put the patient into a miserable condition of health; the patient was almost in Hell. And on the other hand minute doses of homoeopathic medicines not only brought back from Hell, she got her blooming life with cheerfulness and happiness in the shortest time and at a nominal cost. Those who label homoeopathy as only a placebo effect such cases are eye opener to them.

Please watch the documentary of this case at:

For Concordance Repertory visit here.

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