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As we know Sepia men are very rare, but they are there.

I have never come across one, but I am sure many of you might have.

I want to know the personality profile on Sepia Men.



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i once a case of a sepia male while i was training with K.O. George, a master. the man was shut off emotionally from his wife, did not engage in sex, had trauma from a mother, who was a prostitute, and had burned him severly. he had started taking cocaine, that made him more gregarious and brought out his personality. when you met him he seemed very social but his wife was not happy with the distance. he improved, despite the cocaine use.
Don't try to search personality types, just try to match the symptom totality, disposition, pathogenisis and miasm. You will have come across sepia males

I had a patient of chronic gastritis, with fatty changes in liver, nausea and greenish yellowish color vomiting every morning. Chilly, sensitive to cold ,irritable, with unfortunate feeling and indifferent outlook towards starting new business.

After many prescriptions I landed up giving him sepia in single doses when needed which has helped him in most of his complaints.

Since you asked personality profile :

there is a book called sepia and lachesis : a dialouge with a difference which gives a profile of sepia male Sepia & Lachesis: A Dialogue with a Differentials it is written by late Dr. Sonawala one of more prominent figures in homeopathy in 60-70s in India

this is an extract from the book
"Men who need sepia feel dry, rigid and hardened . A growing problem amongst healthy married males is the loss of interest in sex. Struggling in a fiercely competitive world, the modern man returns home, has his dinner watches television, feels sleepy and turns his back on his grumbling wife. It appears that mans is beginning to reject his image as ever-intent sexual performer.

A man of rectitude and and integrity, he rarely gets excited. He loves his children alot, but doesn't cling. Serene and steadfast, he hardly argues with his nagging wife. Hence you will find less divorce with sepia than lachesis. Indifferent to treatment, he is not lucrative to his physician. If your patient doesn't turn up to thank you, send him some sepia . Helpful, but now recommending, never flattering, no rancour, no succor, his over-all outlook on life is of pessimism."
In my opinion, since majority of the symptoms of Sepia relates to the diseases of women, so we start searching for Sepia women, who portrait the symptoms of sepia, during our busy practice.
As all of us are aware that choice of selection of a remedy depends upon the symptoms similarity of drug and patient, therefore personality types take only back seat.If we study the Sepia thoroughly, it can be of some use in men also, depending upon certain peculiar symptoms of Sepia, e.g. coldness of the vertex with headache, Indifferent to one's occupation, even to Family etc.( Key note prescribing)
But when it comes to personality types, there can't be Sepia man as such, because totality of sepia relates to women, only.
Personality typecasting is the most dangerous and misleading element of homoeopathic diagnosis techniques ever invented. Medicinal provings show symptoms caused by substances. They do not cause disease, Only symptoms.

I use Sepia on men all the time. For symptoms. Try and cure a circinatious eruption (ringworm) aggravated by having moisture on it (sweat) and relieved by washing it off without Sepia. Try and cure a state of overwork and worn out feeling with particular head pains and loss of interest in the occupation, loss of sex drive, etc without Sepia. It has proves of intense value in cases of C.F.S.

Forget personalities. either the personality is their own, or is induced by morbid symptoms and therefore is a disease product.
I agree with this assessment, Gary. Any remedy can be appropriate to any person depending upon similimum.


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