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Preventive medications for epidemics are quite frequently making news especially in epidemic areas and particular seasons, be it Chikungunya, Dengue or Swine flu, a lot of Homeopaths have claimed efficacy. Numerous camps are also being conducted. Although this serves as a great awareness and positive publicity for Homeopathy, there should be answers based on the working principles of such methods for reason gifted minds and evidence based Homeopathy. 

  • How does preventive homeopathic medications work since they are not same as Genus Epidemicus?
  • How to ascertain which medication to be given as a preventive? Trends?
  • How do i know whether the preventive is working or not?
  • After treating a positive case by symptom similarity, is it advisable to give his family members a preventive medicine? How to select that preventive medicine?

Kindly put forth your valuable views regarding this. Thank you for your contribution.

Dr. Jagat Manik, MD(Hom)

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Dear Dr Jagat. Excellent questions for everyone to think about and wondering if Hahnemann wrote on this subject. Did he have an explanation somewhere illustrating the use of prophylaxis?

To set up 'observational' situations that are documented would be the only way of proving effectiveness, since to show 'prevention' is near impossible. How amazing that allopathic medicine gets away with this type of thinking and action for vaccinations! They do not connect the dots to the long term effects, use the theory of herd immunity [to save the masses, the few are sacrificed], yet do acknowledge short term immediate reactions through their literature and legal funds to pay those injured.

To prove something works when there are no outward signs of change [theory of relativity] is difficult. To show TRENDS over the course of decades could be possible proof, but then again, people could attribute decline of disease to the natural course and cycle of morbific agent (virus).

In other words there is no solid base, as there is for poisonings and provings, when one observes an illness and then recovery.

Anecdotal evidence can be strong. The only problem is that not many families would be willing to give the prophylaxis to only one member of a family. For instance, if each family in a community gave the prophylaxis to one person. Then the contagious disease swept through effecting only those who DID NOT take the prophylaxis [or majority], while those who took prophylaxis were untouched, this would be evidence.

Another way is to document those whole families who took prophylaxis against whole families or communities who did not take it. Thus, examine the demographics, the dynamic change and how the morbific agent effects societal groups.
In other words there is urgent need for research based trials with proper documentation and publishing on prophylactic and preventive Homeopathic medication, their modus operandi and their usefulness.

I think graphic models are more easier and feasible. Clinical know how if documented properly would also be of help. I think research works like these should be taken up by post graduate centers and institutions instead of doing individual research over and over again.

Thank you very much Debby for your useful input.

Proposed prophylaxis as pilot study over a decade where certain illnesses are prevalent would take collaboration and funding between government, medical institutions, and communities. Who will take on such a task? Who will write the proposal, have it heard by decision makers, and then implement it?

I seem to always go back to my Little Red Hen Story.
I get your point but i dont fully agree. Solution for that is, according to statistics and research methodology, a sample of just thirty or more would give a minimal statistical error (0.05%) which may be calculated by Chi square test or Z test. Thats how we did it in PG research dissertation. Many practising doctors here in Chikungunya epidemic have done it and published it then (searching)

(Red Hen story is great. We have a different version here will tell you)
You mean a meta-analysis?
Looking forward to your story version.
I also like the story of Henny Penny - The Sky is Falling


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