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2 1/2 yr old girl, brought in for skin eruptions

Case as first taken:
Huge welts coming up on skin at the slightest touch, often after she scratches. It resembles an insect bite
Very active child (first thing I observe, restless, running and jumping around)
Repeated vaginal thrush, very red and inflamed > bathing the part
Repeated ear infections, again very inflamed, pulls at them alot
Frequent watery discharge from the nose
Disturbed sleep, wakes several times at night, wakes from dreams or nightmares
Sleeps on 4 pillows with her head up high
Eats almost any food, but craves apples and especially tea +++
Will refuse food on her own plate but eat off her parents plates
Thirsty child, and enjoys drinking coffee
Describe the child's nature:
She talks all the time
Very active
Loves helping, loves doing housework
Demands cuddles, very demanding
Does a lot of things herself
Takes her own plate to the sink
Won't stay long at any one activity
Very restless+++, loses interest in things easily
Not good at completing things
Bored easily
Impatient, wants things straight away
Terrible temper - very aggressive, screams, bossy
Destructive, breaks things
Throws things away and doesn't seem sorry
Continually eating, always hungry
Runs everywhere won't walk
Any other symptoms?
Her head perspires alot
She must have the fan on at night time to make her go to sleep
She wants the fan on even during winter
She kicks the covers off even when it is cold
She fears mosquitoes, dead beetles, her parents arguing
Runs everywhere
Bored easily
Desires wind
Constantly hungry (but thin)
Throws things
Prescription = Tub 0/9, once a day for up to 7 days.
Parents report improvement in her temper and restlessness, the skin symptoms do not reoccur. Investigation through other family members however reveals that the child is not completely healed (still loquacious, still restless although better, still unable to sit long at one thing)
Second follow-up, almost 2 years later
Case as taken:
Patient recently had an accident on a trampoline. It jarred her even though there was no obvious injury.
She went limp, didn't respond, stopped breathing, lost all colour, her lips went blue and she went very cool. Her parents became frantic, but suddenly she started breathing and immediately began talking. First thing she said was 'My back hurts'
Ever since that accident, she has been having panic attacks.
She will run when the dog barks, she will hyperventilate while riding in the car and plead with her parents to turn the car around and go home
If she gets a fright, she will panic, jumps as if startled, she will go white as a ghost, trembles and cannot breathe properly
She had another accident recently, a dog knocked her over. She has a small lump on her head. She went very pale afterwards and trembled violently.
(Interesting parallel in the case - the mother who is also a patient, wakes at night as if she cannot breathe, panics as if she is suffocating)
Describe exactly what she was like after this recent accident
She went quiet, eyes became glassy, she seemed spaced out, as if she was sleepwalking
Then she got into this very odd position, she went to her bed, put her face in the pillow, got up on her knees with her bottom in the air
A few minutes later she started vomiting
She has had a lot of accidents - she is injuring her head and face alot
She has had 4 accidents this week
She doesnt panic each time though, she might have a whole week where she doesnt panic
In fact, it seems that when there is actual damage you can see, she doesn't panic
She will panic when there is no real damage, when she is not actually hurt
She panics when falling down
But she loves fast rides, lives swings, loves going up and down
(mother considers for a moment) "It might be unexpected surprise that triggers it"
Tell me how she is in herself
She is aggressive, gets really angry
Happens when she doesn't get what she wants, or when you argue with her, or when you interfere in anything she is doing
She is very bossy
She runs everywhere, runs into things, falls over
She must be the leader
Dominating, but also motherly
Protective of her own
She loves animals, she could kill them with kindness
What does it mean - kill them with kindness?
She is good even with animals that don't normally like children
She took a fish out of the fish tank, for instance, to cuddle it but she killed it
She will love looking at the fish, but then she will kick the cupboard where the tank is
She loves animals but then she will hurt them
She is destructive, breaks things, kicks things
She moves from activity to activity
She has too much energy
This case hasn't really changed from when I first saw it. The Tub-bov may have been palliative, or the parents may have just been terrible at reporting the changes. This can happen when people do not come back for their follow-ups in person (something I never allow now unless it cannot be helped).
There is a clear causation from injury here, and an apparent new sets of symptoms arising from it. The patient is creating falls, blows and knocks everywhere in her life!
However, the basic state of the child has not changed. Therefore I am not happy to treat it as an 'acute', as an 'ailments from' case. Injury is not the important theme here
Even in some of the panic presentations, the chronic remedy can still be seen. What I found particularly peculiar was the behaviour after being knocked down, the desire to get into the odd position - up on the knees, head in the pillow. This is extraordinarily peculiar, and without a doubt is pointing directly to the remedy.
I sat back for a moment and considered, what is going on here? What is the state of this child, what is the big picture?
It occured to me, that this case, is full of EXCESS. Everything is over the top. The skin becames very inflamed, the nose produces excessive mucous, the temper is over the top, the restlessness is constant, she must run not walk, she wants to eat constantly, wants everything fast and high, too much energy. This is the Sycotic miasm. And it appears everywhere in her life, not just in one area. This suggest that she needs the Nosode rather than just a sycotic remedy (refer the Drs. Joshi and their work on Nosodes and Imponderables).
Rubrics/Symptoms to help justify the prescription:
Vaginal infections in little girls
Kicks off covers
Love of animals alternating with Cruelty to animals
Extremes of behavior, alternates from one pole to the other
Prescription = Medhorrinum 200, 10 drops given once only, under the tongue
Patient got a cold, lots of mucous, lots of phlegm coughed up from the lungs. She got an ear infection, a vaginal infection, and was quite unwell for a few days. All of the symptoms were short lived however.
After that she was quite well, no more panics, her behaviour calmed right down, she rarely lost her temper. She became much more moderate in all things. When I saw her next she looked quite different, quieter, smiled more, spoke  ALOT less. I kept in contact with the family for many years and she never relapsed at all, and never required another remedy.
I ran into this girl again recently. She is going on 14 years of age. She is a delightful young woman, polite, funny, creative, curious. Her grandmother tells me that she has rarely been sick in her life. She has at this stage no chronic disease of any sort. She does well at school, socializes well, is adaptable and no-one in the family has much problem with her. She is quite talkative, with bright eyes and quite unafraid of talking to strangers. Her grandmother was comparing her to her cousins (none of whom have been to homoeopathy). All of them have asthma, allergies, skin conditions and a variety of emotional issues (there is an odd tendency towards antisocial, even criminal behaviour amongst her cousins). It is easy to see a strong miasmatic taint in the family which appears to have released its hold on her.

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