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Pregnancy in terms of Homoeopathy

Article Outline

Introduction> Gametogenesis >Fertilization > Stages of development after fertilization> First trimester >Second trimester >Third trimester >Labor and delivery> Clinical correlations> Bibliography


This article covers the complete physiology and pathology of fertilization up to the delivery with role of miasms intermingled. It explains how the miasms tend to become inert or active during whole process and vital force carries on keeping them in balance.


For the length of the article, it is impossible to give here full detail. Kindly see the attached file for complete article.


Dr. Rajneesh

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Sir, I found in your article, you mentioned miasms in different stages. Are the Miasms present in different stages or they are present in each individual cases?
Dear Dr. Basu, Miasms are always present in every living structure. At times, they become active either alone or in different combinations to perform various activities. Whenever they work as per instructions laid down in our genes in the form of genetic configuration, they cause normal developmental changes. Whenever they are out of control, they become morbid. Thus, miasms are the fundamental cause for any type of normal or abnormal change in a living organism.
Pregnancy interms of Homoeopathy
Aversion friends during Pregnancy – Con
Confusion during Pregnancy – Nux-m
Escape attempts from family, children- Lyc
Estranged, flies from her own children-Lyc
Fear of death during Pregnancy- Aco
Fear during Pregnancy-Cimi, Lys, Stan
Feigning pregnancy – Vert a
Forsaken her own children- Lyc
Impatient playing of children – Anac
Indifference apathy to her children – Lyc, Phos, Sepia
Nymphomania during Pregnancy – Zinc met
Restlessness during Pregnancy- Aco, Vert a
Sadness, depression during Pregnancy – Cimi, Lach, Nat m,
Sleepiness during Pregnancy – Gels, Helon, Nux m
Unconsciousness during Pregnancy – Nux v, Nux m, sec c
Weeping, tearful, mood during Pregnancy- Apis, Ign, Mag c,Nat m,Puls, Stan

Vertigo during Pregnancy – Ars alb, Gels, Nat m, Phos

Hair falling during Pregnancy – Lach
Headache during Pregnancy – Bell, Cham, Puls, Sep

Diplopia – Bell, Cicu, Gels

Impaired hearing during Pregnancy- Caps

Smell acute during Pregnancy – Stan

Discoloration Bluish during Pregnancy – Phos
Erysipelas during Pregnancy – Borax
Pain during Pregnancy – Ign, Sep, Stan
Swelling during Pregnancy – Merc C, Phos
Twitching during Pregnancy – Hyos

Food taste sour during Pregnancy –, Mag c, Lactic acid
Salivation during Pregnancy – Acetic ac, coff, Granat, Helon, Iod, Jab, Kali I, Kreo, Merc s, Sep, Nit ac
Taste bloody during Pregnancy – Zinc m
Metallic during Pregnancy – Zinc m

Toothache during Pregnancy – Aco,Alum,Bell,Calc c,Cham,Hyos,Lysi,Mag c , Merc ,Nux m,Puls ,Sep, Ratan,Staph,Tab

Desire strange things during Pregnancy – Chel, Lyssin, Mag c
Eructation like spoiled egg during Pregnancy- Mag c
Eructation sours during Pregnancy- Nux v
Eructation sweet during Pregnancy- Nat m, Zinc m
Eructation water brash during Pregnancy- Lact ac, Nat m, Nux m, Tab
Fullness sensation during Pregnancy- Nux m
Heart burn during Pregnancy- Merc, Caps
Hiccough during Pregnancy- Cycl, Opium
Indigestion, dyspepsia during Pregnancy – Sab, Sin .a, Thea
Loathing of food during Pregnancy – Lauro
Nausea during Pregnancy- Asar, Cocc, Jab, Kreo, Lac ac, Ipec, Mag m, Nux v, Staph ,Sep, Sulph, Symph.carp, Tab
Pain during Pregnancy- Con, Dios, Petr
Vomiting during Pregnancy- Alet, Amyg.p, Apoc, Asar , Cocc, Cocaine, Cod, Chel, Cup Ac, Ipec, Kreo, Jatro, lact. ac, Mag c, Nat S, Nux M, Nux v, Sep, stornt.c, Symph.carp, Tab
Vomiting Bloody during Pregnancy- Sep
Vomiting milk during Pregnancy – Sep
Vomiting Mucous during Pregnancy- Sulph ac
Vomiting Watery during Pregnancy – Sep
Pain Burning, motion of child in uterine – Ars alb

Jaundice, Anaemia, Brain diseases during Pregnancy – Phos
Pain aching during Pregnancy- Nux v, Ars alb , Bell, Bry, Cham, Coloc, Con, Ipecac, Vert alb, Kali c
Pain Aching dull pain around umbilicus during Pregnancy – Plb met
Pain dragging bearing down during Pregnancy – Kali c
Pain sore bruised tenderness during Pregnancy – Nux m, Sep

Constipation during Pregnancy – Agar , Alum, Ambra, Ant c, Apis, Bry, Collin, Con, Dol, Hydr, Lyc, Nat s, Nux v, opium , Plat, Plb met, puls , sep , Sulph
Diarrhoea during Pregnancy – Ant Crud, Chel, China, Lyc , Nux m , Phos , Puls, Sep, Sulph
Haemorrides during Pregnancy- Aes hip, Amm mur, caps, Collin, Lach, Lyc, Nat m. Nux v, Sulph
Pain burning rectum during Pregnancy- Caps
Pain stitching during Pregnancy – Kali c

Kidney acute, subacute parenchymatous nephritis – Apis, Apoc, Cup ac, Helon, Cal, Merc c, Sab

Dysuria difficulty in pregnancy and after confinement – Equisetum
Inflammation cystitis from operation or in Pregnancy – pop.c
Urging to urinate during Pregnancy – Aco, Puls, Sulph
Urination frequent at night during Pregnancy – Podo
Urination involuntary during Pregnancy – Ars alb, Nat m, Puls, Sep, Syph

Albuminous during Pregnancy- Apis, Ars a, Aurum met, Canth, Chin, Colch, Gels, Helon, Lach, Lyc, Merc s, Merc c , Nat m, Phos ac, Terebin

Early month – Apis
Excitement due to – Gels
Exertion from- Erig, Rhus tox
Fright from – Aco, Gels, Ign, Op
Injury after – Arn, Rhus tox
2nd month – Apis, Kali c
3rd month – Sab, Cimi, Merc S, Sec cor
5th – 7th month- Sep
Last month- Opium
Recurrent abortion – Apis, Calc carb, Caulo, Cimi, Helon, Kali c, Plb met, Sab, Sep, Sulph
After pains nursing child while – Arn, Cham, Silicea
Desire increased during Pregnancy- Plat, Puls, Vert a
False pregnancy – Caust, croc, Nux v, Thuja
Itching during Pregnancy – Calad, Flour ac, Helon, Merc s, Sep
Itching Vagina during Pregnancy- Borax, Calad
Leucorrhoea during Pregnancy- Kreo, Sep , Puls
Lochia Bloody child nurses when – Sili,
Menses during Pregnancy – Nux m, Phos, Plat
Menses, Lactation nursing the child while – Puls, Sili
Metrorhagia nursing child when – Sili
Pain Uterus, nursing when child – Arn, Cham, Sil, Puls
Pain Ovaries during Pregnancy- Kali Phos, Podo, Xanth
Pain Uterus during Pregnancy – Bry, Kali p, lyss, Plat
Pain during Pregnancy – Kali c
Pain burning vagina during Pregnancy- Borax
Pain sore, tenderness during Pregnancy – Bellis p, Puls , Sil
Prolapsed vagina during Pregnancy – Calc ars, Ferrum
Swelling during Pregnancy – Merc, Podo
Uterine inertia – Alet, Carbo v, Caul

Cough during Pregnancy – Apoc, Bry, Caust, Con, Kali brom, Nux m, Vib .o

Congestion during Pregnancy – Glon, Nat m, Sep
Nodules sensitive mamma during Pregnancy – Flour ac
Pain in Mamma during Pregnancy- Sep
Pain burning Mamma during Pregnancy- Calc ph
Pain sore, bruised mamma, during Pregnancy – Calc ph
Pain mamma in opposite when child nurses – Bor
Pain mamma in lactiferous tubules when child nurses – phel
Pain mamma in left when child nurses right – Bor
Constriction, tension, tightness, sensation in left when child nurses from right – Bor
Emptiness sensation in mamma after child nursing – Bor
Pain mamma nursing child while – Crot tig , Puls Sil
Pain drawing mamma, nipples as with string while nursing child – Crot tig
Lactation; Milk; Bluish, transparent, sour, impoverished, or faulty so child rejects it- Acet ac, Calc c, Calc phos, Merc , Phos ac, Sabal, Sili, Sulph
Palpitation, heart; Motion; from the first movements of the child- Sulph
Palpitation, heart; Pregnancy, during –Arg nit, Con, Lauro, Lil tig, Nat m, Sep

Pain; Burning; Lumbar region; Pregnancy, during – Rhus tox
Pain; Sore, bruised, beaten; Motion; Pregnancy, during – Lys
Pain; Stitching, shooting; Sacral region; Pregnancy – Kali c

Coldness; Foot; Pregnancy, during – Lyc, Vert, Cup
Cramps; Pregnancy – Cup, Vert a, Vib op
Cramps; Calf; Motion; Pregnancy, during - Sep
Cramps; Sole; Pregnancy, during Calc c,
Cramps; Toes; Pregnancy, during – Calc C
Heat; Thigh; Pregnancy, during - Podo
Heaviness, tired limbs; Pregnancy, during - Calc ph
Lameness; Foot; Pregnancy, during - Sil
Pain; Tearing; Leg; Pregnancy, During: Verat alb
Pain; Tearing; Foot; Pregnancy, During: Phos
Pain, shooting finger tips, child in Uterus during - Bell
Pulling; Upper limbs; Pregnancy, during – Plb m ,
Swelling; Foot; Pregnancy – Merc c, zinc m
Varices (see swelling); Lower limbs; Pregnancy, during - Ars alb, Arn, Carb v, Caust , Ferr, Flour , graph, Hamm, Lyc, Milli, Nux V, Puls, Zinc m
Weakness; Pregnancy, During: Calc ph
Weakness; Lower limbs; Pregnancy, during – Plb met
Weakness; Thigh; Pregnancy: Ipecac

Sleepiness; Pregnancy, During: Gels, Helon, Nux m
Dreams, child has been beaten – Kali .n
Dreams, child bathing in boiling water – Mag c
Dreams, water falling on her child - Eupion
Dreams children about –Amm m, Hura, Kali n, Mag c, Merc
Sleeplessness, insomnia, weaning of child due to - Bell)

Acne simplex; Pregnancy, with – Bell, Sab, Sarsa, Sep
Coldness; Pregnancy, during – Nux m
Discoloration; Yellow, jaundice, etc.; Pregnancy, during – Aur m

Anaemia during Pregnancy - Calc p, China, Ferrum m, Kali ph, Nat m, Phos, Plb
Chorea; Pregnancy, during – Bell, Caust, Cup m
Convulsions; Pregnancy, during – Ced, Cham, Cicu, Cupur, Hyos
Epilepsy during Pregnancy – Oenentha-c
Faintness, fainting; Pregnancy – Bell, Nux m, Nux v, Puls
Pulsation; Externally; Pregnancy, during – Kali c
Varicose veins; Pregnancy, During- Ferr, Lyc, Lycpus, Milli, Puls, Zinc m
Wonderful contribution. Thanks ever so much Dr Ravindra
Thanks Dr. Sarswat, wonderful contribution. I am so grateful to you.
Fascinating. How did you determine which miasms were related to the different developmental stages? How would one know that the fetus was being effected either positively or negatively? What would a person do to prevent malformation or difficulty at any stage? How to produce a healthy infant and easy delivery?
The miasms are the fundamental causes to start and maintain each and every reaction inside living organism. These reactions may be wanted or unwanted. Any alteration in normally running reaction is also due to miasms. Thus any alteration in state of dynamis is due to miasms. Fetus is integrated part of the gravida and reflects its sufferings through its gestating mother. By ascertaing the totality of the pregnant, one can decide which miasm is running out of order and treat accordingly to produce a healthy generation.
Does this mean each month of gestation, the mother has a consultation to determine if there are any symptoms which seem unusual and a remedy is given? I believe many are very conservative about giving remedies during pregnancy and just nature take its course.
It is always advisable for a pregnant to remain in touch of a doctor during her full course. She should observe herself closely and never feel shy to consult her doctor for best issue.
@ Debby, I have a Homoeopathic antenatal clinic named MOTHER CARE CLINIC, where constitutional treatment is given all throughout the nine months. Symptoms of pregnancy, i.e. nausea & vomiting, pruritus, insomnia, constipation, hypertension,etc. are treated when they appear in cases. But the healthy mother also receives regular medication which helps to remove the fundamental causes of diseases. It also helps to prepare the mother for an easy labour. I remember one case where there was breech presentation, and to my surprise with constitutional medicine there was cephalic presentation and she had a normal delivery. I say 'to my surprise' because I didn't know homoeopathy can really help this case. But this is true.
And giving homoeopathic medicines during pregnancy is absolutely safe, but it should be the similimum of the mother and judiciuosly applied.
I am agree with you Dr. Basu.
Dear Nilanjana. I am looking forward to learning more about specific methods of treatment for mother care in the Forum Discussions that you will post. The symptoms listed are quite common during pregnancy and knowing how to handle the situation will be helpful. There is a category for pregnancy, labor and delivery; and also a HWC group.


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