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Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy - Practical book for expectant mothers.

I´ld like to tell you about my recently published book "Pregnancy & Childbirth with Homeopathy" Now available on 'Amazon'.

Beautiful foreword written by Miranda Castro :)

The book is written for all expectant mothers and with lay people in mind and aimed at all of those interested in using homeopathy to better their health in a self-sufficient way, especially during this important time that pregnancy is.

This is what others say about the book:

"Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy"

How to use homeopathic remedies during pregnancy, the birthing process and the first few days of breastfeeding.

This is a practical, accessible and easy to use book for anyone who wants to find natural and safe solutions to the minor ailments of pregnancy. From constipation to varicose veins, and from restless legs to heartburn, you will find all sorts of advice to benefit you. The homeopathic content is clear and simple, with plenty of guidance so that you can choose the right remedy, and learn how and when to take it. There is also a wealth of common sense suggestions and tips that will help you to enjoy your pregnancy with the minimum of discomfort, and remedies and pointers for labour and breastfeeding to provide you with support for those early steps with your new baby.
If you want to make independent healthcare choices for you and your baby, this book is for you!

Elaine F.H.Walker, homeopath M.Sc., P.C.H., R.S.Hom.

"Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy"

This is an invaluable book for any expectant mother and her family. It is beautifully presented in an easily understandable format, starting with an outline of what homeopathy is and how it works.

Common ailments during pregnancy, childbirth and the post partum period are discussed, listing the remedies which are indicated, in some depth, including differentiation for each condition. Adjunctive advice is given about every aspect of wellbeing, from diet through to posture and exercise; tips to help with emotional balance at this time of potential hormonal chaos are  sensitively given. The book is informative, complete and flows effortlessly, its very essence is one
of knowledge, reassurance and comfort.

Gill Graham, B.Sc(Hons), B.A(Hons), RSHom, DHMHS

"Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy"

It is a beautifully presented book with information being well laid out and easy to access, whether that be from the excellent index, the contents section, the individual pages or from the tables at the back of the book, which are there to help with remedy differentiation. I wish I'd had this book whilst I was pregnant as it reads so well, and as well as some general advice tips, the information about taking homeopathic remedies is clear and easy to follow.

I intend to buy a copy now for my practice having read the ebook and will find it so helpful having it there for pregnant clients - if you use homeopathy, would like to, or plan to parent in a natural way this book is an absolute gift and should be helpful for many generations to come.

Em Coley

I´ld be forever thankful for all support and reviews on Amazon or elsewhere.

Thank you and keep up the great work of sharing the love of the Wonderful healing art; Homeopathy rocks.

Love from Iceland

Gudny Osk Didriksdottir

Homeopath LCPH MARH

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Thank you so much.. I am sorry, I was not here for so many years.. So replied so late.. This is wonderful article.. Thank you again


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