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I am looking for some information about Pras-sil remedy?
I will be very happy, if somebody has a short description about Pras-sil or knows about a proving or has a case etc.
Thank you any help!

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Hi Nora,
Not much is given specifically for Praseodymium Silicicum But considering Praseodymium in general:

Praseodymium is the last remedy in the primordial part of the lanthanides. It is in stage 5, the same stage as Vanadium (ironseries) and Niobium (silver series). They try to find out how they can give their autonomy form in their life. They still see it as an enormous task. Sometimes they go for it and at other times they will see it as something impossible and give up.

Nurturing, support, emotional bonding, belonging, roots, source. Ground of your being. The unconscious, feelings, emotion, first emotional attachments to the world. Mothering, emotional and physical nurturing. Experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood. Family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past. Belonging, feeling at home, caring. Feeling supported, that needs are provided for. Insecurities and fears if your needs haven’t been fulfilled.

Stage 5 has the polarity between claiming and abandon with the purpose of stable emotions.
So Praseodymium in stage 5 is the phase of achieving stable emotions in the process of interactive integration which is the goal of the lanthanides as a whole.

In Secret Lanthanides it is about a cautious quality.

Hesitant, not daring to do what they feel their own plan, keep looking from which side problems can arise.
Praseodymium is careful. The shadow can pop up anywhere and anytime and you won't know when and where. It is like the hydra with the 100 heads and more heads are coming all the time.
Praseodymium is very cautious with his power. He fears he will be depleted easily by exerting his power over things that are of no use. He wants to find out how he can use his power, before he has squandered it in vain.

Hope this might help you somewhere....

Dr. Navneet Bidani
Hi Dr. Navneet Bidani,

Thank you your answer! Your description about Pr. helped me a lot, its gave me more details about Pr. I have the book Secret Lanthanides, but unfortunately no information about Pr-silicicum.
I think I will try to put together what I know about Silicea and Pr, so I can decide, is it good or not for my patient. The other remedy from which I try to dissociate Pr-Sil, is Pr-Cl(muriaticum).

Dr.Nora Bérczi
The Element Praseodymium





Atomic Number: 59

Atomic Weight: 140.90765

Melting Point: 1204 K (931°C or 1708°F)

Boiling Point: 3793 K (3520°C or 6368°F)

Density: 6.77 grams per cubic centimeter

Phase at Room Temperature: Solid

Element Classification: Metal

Period Number: 6 Group Number: none Group Name: Lanthanide

What's in a name? From the Greek words prasios and didymos, which together mean "green twin."

Say what? Praseodymium is pronounced as pra-si-eh-DIM-i-em.

History and Uses:

Praseodymium was discovered by Carl F. Auer von Welsbach, a German chemist, in 1885. He separated praseodymium, as well as the element neodymium, from a material known as didymium. Today, praseodymium is primarily obtained through an ion exchange process from monazite sand ((Ce, La, Th, Nd, Y)PO4), a material rich in rare earth elements.

Praseodymium's primary use is as an alloying agent with magnesium to create high-strength metals that are used in aircraft engines. Praseodymium also makes up about 5% of Misch metal, a material that is used to make flints for lighters. Praseodymium forms the core of carbon arc lights which are used in the motion picture industry for studio lighting and projector lights. Praseodymium is added to fiber optic cables as a doping agent where it is used as a signal amplifier. Praseodymium salts are used to give glasses and enamels a yellow color. Praseodymium is also a component of didymium glass, which is used to make certain types of welder's and glass blower's goggles.

Estimated Crustal Abundance: 9.2 milligrams per kilogram

Estimated Oceanic Abundance: 6.4×10-7 milligrams per liter

Number of Stable Isotopes: 1 (View all isotope data)

Ionization Energy: 5.464 eV

Oxidation State: +3

Electron Shell Configuration:

2s2 2p6
3s2 3p6 3d10
4s2 4p6 4d10 4f3
5s2 5p6
Hi Doctor,

Thank you your aswer!



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