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I have been thinking lately that often our patient give symptoms which can not be totally under the PQRS,ie "peculiar, queer, rare symptoms" category and yet they have a character of their own.

I would like to share one of my patients symptoms:

"My urge to urinate is at its maximum when I am getting up from lying down position, so much so, that it ends up in voiding the urine even before I can make it to the toilet."

These rubrics may not be available in repertories as it is. The question is how do we use them? Can we interpret them in some other way?

I am hoping to raise this as a subject for discussion and desire that our HWC members share their experiences with such symptoms, rubrics and how they tackled it and what repertory was found useful?

By doing this we can develop a database say under discussion category "PQRS symptoms" under different heading, e.g, Stomach, extremities, and so on which I am sure will be useful for all.

Your comments shall be most welcome.

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Dr Niklhil had in his comments said that one could find such symptoms if one looked into "generals" under change of position, and under "Urination". Yes, I understand his approach and would ask him to add some of his own experiences in such type of situation. It will help us all.

This approach has been utilized only when the symptom is characteristic and repertory yields to no rubrics or rubrics with only few remedies.

[Kent ] [Generalities]Change of:Position :Agg:
[Complete ] [Generalities]Urination:Agg.:Before:

software used hompath tempraz

remedies coming are puls, lyco bryonia con acon caust phos-ac plb rhustox  rhod sabad thuja

this is given under puls in clarkes dictionary of materia medica

complaints before making water and during, when going to urinate there is a sensation as if it would gush away, and patients can scarcely wait

Thank you. I had repertorized and gave the patient PULS; Though his frequency has reduced, but this particular symptom still needs attention. He will contact me in two weeks time.

Dear Dr. Wequar

An interesting topic.

Is there a possibility that this may not be a PQRS but a result of a condition when  bladder is full and as patient gets up the force of gravity overcomes the (weak?) sphinctre ?

The post void residual amount of urine should also be examined to see if the bladder is not adequately voided.

I agree that in case when pqrs is not found, different headings in repertory may be tried.

Thank you for comment. Here is another symptom from an old lady of Miami.

" I get headache when ever south wind blows";

Now how does one interpret this? Is the term "south wind"  to be treated as a general term, or we should inquire into the characteristic of south wind blowing in Miami or south Florida area.

I have repertorized her case and will talk to her further,to come to a decision.

usually south winds are the winds moving up from high pressure to low pressure.

they are supposed to be very strong.

1. there are 2 things in which season do the south winds blow?

2. are they hot damp cold damp hot dry cold dry etc

3. are they strong or mild

you will just get a rubric < draft of air under generalities  and then by the characteristics of the wind we can explore further

factors to consider

age , gender of the patient various things play a role... the symptom was given ..... even the diagnosis pathology may help us in guiding to the remedy if condition is far advanced and no characterstics present.:


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