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I love homeopathy for its wonderful curing power, no doubt. But i enjoy it when i faced with the situation like selection of potency and repetition of dose. What a magical affects this potency selection and repetition has?

See what happen with silica 6x, silca 200, silica 1m
Same Rhustox in 30 and 1m ...have different actions.
one dose of puls cm ... will reverse the body 90 degree..

Do you enjoy it ... ?

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No specific Rules are available for Potency section and repetition of the dose. It is the real test of the doctor to decide the correct potency.

A carefully selected remedy may failed due to improper potency. I believe that potency selection is the Art. One should keenly obverse not only the totality of symptoms but the totality of feelings, the age, the surrounding atmosphere of the patient, eating habits, the level of immune system, duration/severity of the complaint(s) and many more.

A routine poetry with good composition and voice attracts the listener.But a very good song/poetry with bad composition makes the the listener disturbed.

I explain the relation of remedy selection with potency selection/repetition of dose, as remedy selection is the creation of good poetry, and selection of potency /its repetition is the composition of remedy song.

What's your opinion and experience? Would you like to share?
Dear M.N.Asi

The principles of potency selection are well outlined in the Organon and other authors have further added details regarding the selection of the potency.

I have not found how the totality of feelings, atmosphere of the patient , eating habits effect the selection of potency. And what are you going to consider and how are you going to arrive at the assesment of the level of immune system ?


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