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Swine Flu is a major news topic. Homeopathy has so many solutions to offer to world community. This survey designed April 2009 may lead us to appropriate selections. Take a second look at these remedies. See what others have used successfully.

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I have some excellent results for influenza with homeopathy. As applicable to all epidemics a near specifics can be sought for such contagious diseases.
My alternation is very effective.

Pyrogenium-30 Alternate with Argentum Nitiricum-30 every hour till the fever is below 100F. Then increase the period to 2 hourly till the fever is below 99F.

After this Only Argentum Nitricum-30 every 3 hours for 2 to 3 days.

Try me of Fry me :-)

Wow - this is not your typical flu.
what is the cure rate of this protocol.
I am used medicine for influenza remedy for gelsemium ,influencenam ,eupatoriumperf,ars alb
For flu the best medicine is which macthes the present symptoms.

Are we discussing preventive or curative solutions here.

Dr. Jagat
Low potency Influenzinum C9 is very successful in the early or just beginning stage of influenza (2 or 3x 3 globules on the 1st day; the next day 2x 3, = in most cases the in-taker will not swallow the 2nd 3 globules because it's enough to cure the sick one). When influenza evolved, we followed this: 1st day - 5 globules - after an hour another 3 globules - then the sick must watch if their state improved and they have better mood, they can breathe on their nose i.e. they feel better by 50% and if yes, - wait 2 hours and take-in 2 and go to sleep if you can or stay in warm room. The next day 2x 2 globules and in most cases they will not need 2nd 2 globules, maybe only 1.

I use this remedy almost for decade in my family and friends and it's always worked. I also have to mention that smoking, alcohol and heavy meat consumption may prolong the healing period.

Thank you for the list Debby.
Thank you Viktor. I've heard many people say they have success with Influenzinum
Dear Sajjad, Excellent answer! Always thinking of the similimum. Dear Jagat ~ This article pertained to the SwineFlu Pandemic scare of 2009, but can last for every season. Instead of wearing masks, feeling anxious and fearful, people wanted to know how they could protect themselves from the spread of this disease. Therefore, prophylaxis was under discussion.

In addition, many were coming down with seasonal flu and everyone was searching for the genus epidemicus for the year. People were posting the symptoms and remedies being used.

Check out the VACCINATIONS GROUP for more information
Look at the adaptation to take influenza may be inherited with tubercular tendency. And what I feel bacillinum will meet the cause as a preventive as well as a curative.
For further detailed study you may refer the BEST OF BURRNET.

 I have used this medicine very often with excellent results.

Ocimum Sanctum Is a wonderful medicine for URTI and hay fever. It is a very fast acting medicine, it shows excellent results in hay fever . Few note worthy symptoms of ocimum sanctum in hay fever and URTI
Headache heavy, throbbing pain, as if nails were driven into it, relived
by pressure; giddiness worse while walking, better by wrapping up the
head; heat on vertex better by pouring cold water over there and
 Eyes  :Pain, redness; lachrymation of eyes due to nasal catarrh; ophthalmia, mist before the eyes when fixing them on something.

 Ears : Noise in the ears; loud sound appears to be very painful. Watery discharge from the ear; offensive pus from the ear; shortness of
hearing; hot flushes in the ear.
 Nose : Nasal catarrh associated with sneezing; white or yellow discharge from the nose; nostrils ulcerated; epistaxis. 
 Throat  : Pain in the throat with difficulty in deglutition. Pain while coughing, hoarseness. 
 Fever : Excellent remedy in influenza and fevers associated with cough; acute pains in the body; bone-pains; soreness of the muscles and terrible headache; typhoid
fever with chilliness; burning sensation all over the body; delirium;
drowsiness and comatose condition


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