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Polio Vaccinations In Pakistan | Separating Truth From Fiction

Polio Workers Murdered While Delivering Polio Vaccines

The Taliban believes this program is part of a plot to sterilize Muslims. 

As a result, the polio vaccinations have been banned. 

We have at odds the belief that polio vaccines will annihilate a deadly disease from the country against the belief that vaccines contain components that will cause another type of harm for the future of the people. 


  • Is this a religious war?  
  • Is this a political war?
  • Is this a covert propaganda campaign from either or both parties?
  • Can we separate the factual truths from the delusions, illusions, misconceptions, myths and fictions?
  • Do we have historical precedents to support either or both sides of this issue?
  • What are the best courses of action to take and who can sit down to put all the facts on the table? 
  • Where should we put our energy in terms of helping the spread of disease?
  • Where should we put our volunteer and financial resources to heal?
  • Where should we put our fence mending energy when we turn to cultural rifts and differences of opinion and beliefs?
  • Where should we put our support when we want to help communities become self sufficient and able to provide basic fundamental needs in terms of sanitation, nutrition, shelter and finding the joy in life?
  • Where is the research to prove vaccinations are safe and that the polio vaccine causes sterility?

    • Do we begin with a vaccination program?
    • Do we begin with clean water?
    • Do we begin with becoming friends and welcoming greetings?
    • Do we begin with building safe homes?
    • Do we begin by cleaning up the environment?
    • Do we begin with helping demolish weapons?
    • Do we begin with acknowledging the rights and freedoms of others?
    • Do we begin by educating others concerning the benefits of empowering women?
    • Do we begin by teaching that every life has a value and important part in creating a peaceful world? 

Comments to all of the questions welcome.


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Via: WorldnewsNBC

47,500 Cases of Paralytic Polio Caused by the OPV

Dr. Neetu Vashisht and Dr. Jacob Puliyel of St. Stephens Hospital analysed data from India’s 10-year-old National Polio Surveillance Project. Their findings, which were published in the Indian Journal of medical Ethics, revealed that rates of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) have increased 1200% since the oral polio vaccine was introduced to India a decade ago.

  • “In 2011, there were an extra 47500 new cases of NPAFP [in India]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received.”

Are the fears expressed regarding a vaccination program sound? Sartaj Khan, Peshwar lawyer says, "These vaccines are meant to destroy our nation . . .The [polio] drops make men less manly, and make women more excited and less bashful. Our enemies want to wipe us out."

Past history | Pakistani physician, Dr. Shakeel Afridi, who helped the CIA run a fake vaccination program to establish the presence of Osama bin Laden, the army of health workers employed to vaccinate the country’s children are also on the United States’ payroll. 

As a result of killing attack on female health service providers, the United Nations pulled back all staff involved in the vaccination campaign and officials suspended it in some parts of the country.

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Poll Results | A November World Health Organization study found that 41 percent of those polled had never heard of polio — and 11 percent refused to vaccinate their children.

The highest rate of infection for polio occurs in Pakistan, Afganistan, and Nigeria.

CDC Recommends change in Polio Vaccine | Poliomyelitis Prevention in the United States: Introduction of A Sequential Vaccination Schedule of Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine Followed by Oral Poliovirus Vaccine; Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

If problems with corruption, such as the use of outdated vaccines, unsanitary multi-use injections, vaccinating immune compromised or sick children continue, more adverse events and deaths may occur. 

Since writing this article a new item has been published at the New York Times

  • "Resistance to polio vaccine springs from a combination of fear, often in marginalized ethnic groups, and brutal historical facts that make that fear seem justified. Unless it is countered, and quickly, the backlash threatens the effort to eradicate polio in the three countries where it remains endemic: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria." 

  • This example provides the rational: "So, when the Central Intelligence Agency admitted sponsoring a hepatitis vaccination campaign as a ruse to get into a compound in Pakistan to confirm that Osama bin Laden was there, and the White House said it had contemplated wiping out the residence with a drone missile, it was not far-fetched for Taliban leaders to assume that other vaccinators worked for the drone pilots."

Strangely, the author of the article compares polio campaigns to fluoride in American drinking water. Perhaps he has not read all the documentation that shows fluoride harms people. The entire article attempts to connect the concept of harm from vaccines as a "Rumor," a word used 7 times, based upon perfectly legitimate historical plots to vaccinate populations. Depending upon who reads the article and their own personal bias will determine whether they feel positively or negatively about continued polio campaigns. 

GARDASIL | On another note: How do we explain the sudden rise in cervical cancer in Pakistan? What are the causes and what signals can we find homeopathically?

Campaign to vaccinate young girls to prevent cervical cancer

Telling a single personal story of a well known celebrity illustrates the problem. However, does this tell the whole story? What has changed for Pakistani women over the past decade? Is there more freedom in general, sexual freedom, abuse, rape, or other factors that would trigger cancer onset?  

Visit HomeopathyWorldCommunity BlogTalkRadio with Alan Phillips when we discussed this issue.

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Talibans are not responsible for this. It is a political party which is involved in killing. Those are enemies of the Pakistan. Most probably it is MQM backed by world powers to disintegrate this country but they will never succeed.I am sure about it.

Dear Sajjad - Thank you for reading and commenting. The focus I'm presenting falls on 'vaccinations' around the world, why we have huge campaigns for 'good-will' that will prevent the spread of disease when we don't have all the facts about the short and long-term outcome of protection and adverse reactions. 

The second aspect of this scenario in Pakistan concerns actions of violence as a means to repress the people, instill fear, and initiate the withdrawal of the polio vaccine campaign.

Respected Debby,

Due to fear of more killing the programme has been discontinued. I am sorry for that.


Dear Sajjad - Do you think the polio vaccination program was effective in reducing the spread of this disease?


yes, I believe in it and I favour this program. It is effective and is must.


Debby, a great post and timely. What is going on in Pakistan is unfathomable. Though Homeopathic world does not toe the line of "Vaccinations", yet the way things are in Pakistan is definitely deplorable.

May the new year augur well for the world including Pakistan.

Happy new year to all.

Thank you Dr Wequar and Dr Sajjad

Stanford University Experts Search For AnswersNews February 2014 Mysterious Polio Like Disease In America

Doctors are gathering research on an unknown illness that caused severe weakness and paralysis among a handful of California children.

A mysterious, polio-like illness has left about 20 children paralyzed since 2012 in California, baffling doctors and the state’s Department of Public Health, which is investigating the cases.

Kids experience weakness, fever and respiratory symptoms before sudden paralysis in at least one limb, said Dr. Keith Van Haren, who handled several of the cases and is working on the research with public health officials.

“It happens very fast,” he told the Daily News. “The worrisome thing is that all of the children we’ve seen so far have shown minimal recovery.”


Connect the Dots . . . 

Van Haren, a pediatric neurologist at Stanford University’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, suspects the cause is enterovirus 68—a virus that’s part of the same family as the poliovirus, which has been eradicated in the U.S. for decades.

Two of the young patients tested positive for enterovirus 68.

All of the children had been vaccinated for polio.

Stanford University


Rare Polio Disease BBC



*** Legislative Attempts To Limit Citizen Health Freedom Options
DENVER (CBS4)- A controversial bill over children and vaccines is moving forward at the state Capitol. Colorado always ranks near the bottom when it comes to children receiving the recommended vaccines. This bill aims to change that.
About 20 percent of children living in Colorado are not vaccinated. Colorado is one of 18 states that allows parents to opt out merely because they have objections to vaccines.
It’s easier to get an exemption than to get your childvaccinated.
Sundari Kraft is a self-described organic gardening, healthy-living mom. She’s also a big advocate for vaccines.
“Ultimately measles and pertussis don’t care about organic food. The vaccines are the best way to protect my child,” said Kraft.
Kraft is the founder of “Vaccines for Healthy Schools” and is taking her message to the state Capitol. That’s where Rep. Dan Pabon has introduced legislation designed to improve Colorado’s vaccine rate.
“The idea behind this bill is to close what we call the convenience loophole,” said Pabone, a Democrat representing Denver.
The bill would require parents who choose not to vaccinate to receive information by a doctor or state website about the risks and benefits and to review and resign the waiver at least yearly.
Theresa Wrangham with the National Vaccine Information Center calls the bill discriminatory.
“Our country was founded on the ability to have a personal belief and now we’re going to put something in place where the government gets to be the gatekeeper on how we’re educated,” said Wrangham.
Another controversial provision of the bill requires all licensed schools and day cares to inform parents what percentage of the student body is not vaccinated.
“We’re not taking away anyone’s rights to exercise this option, we’re just saying if you do, we want you to have the necessary information so that you’re making a fully informed decision,” said Pabon.
Kraft said that decision affects every child including those who are vaccinated but are still at risk in an outbreak.
“Getting vaccinated is not like standing behind bullet proof glass, it’s like wearing a bullet proof vest, it protects you but you would rather not be shot at in the first place,” said Kraft.
Colorado’s recent Whooping Cough outbreak prompted this legislation.


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