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I would like to introduce some poems for the community of mixed contents for therapeutic, reflective, and heart warming values. I am in gratitude for this community being here making this possible because I have sought to writing again however I do not feel face book is ready for me yet. It will be one day, inevitably so. Until then I shall begin by creating the waves and ripples here.

The first is one which was created intentionally for one special person because of extraordinary circumstances I felt were adequate to warrant a particularly exceptional poem. Whilst this is still true through a realisation and change of mind however I have decided that I also owe this poem to the community, for a whole is greater than its sum of parts, and our space is about a collective identity.

Language of God.
With coincidences in mind I felt this would form the crux of the poem and serve as its starting point. I move onto four aspects of the human being and into universal polarities and higher feminine and masculine principals. I go higher into the elemental planes, the four elements and the cardinal directions, the gaze of the Arch angels all the way to the sun and back to Maya. Structurally entwined and embroiled in the poem I imagine the symbolism of a spiral with a fine white light in centre which maintains balance between principals as written per prose. Last of all I find passion in writing for beauty and whilst inspired in part by human feminism which is a face the real passion is with mother earth, characteristic of the greatest beauty and abundance.

With coincidental circumstances I came across your name,
At the same time I happened to be looking at a post that you had framed,
I wish you gratitude and thanks for adding me on this great community,
It is so special, we are so lucky for we are blessed with such fortuity,

Its like the stars but only astral whereby nebula gaze and flush,
Its like the lights so burning bright that make my spirit tingle and blush,
Its like the moon in her elune as she sings silver across the clouds,
Its like the sun in his warm shimmer as he brightens up the crowds,

Like this heartbeat ever pounding, vital rhythms echo sounding,
Like this breath so ever eager inhaling god force like a deva,
Like this minds conceptual wonders bringing energy as Zeus's thunder,
Like these emotions ever sinking, waxing, waning, in the oceans

From the East with Uriel may tender whispers air this place,
From the South with Raphael may warmth with fire be embraced
From the West with Gabriel may gentle waters fill ones soul
From the North with Michael may humble earth redeem the fall

Heaven’s Touch, never clutches, calling winged Pariahs home,
Heaven’s Torch, never burns, singing Arius’s tomes,
Heaven’s Chalice, never gushing, bringing Aquarius’s waves
Heaven’s Club, never thrashing, taking the underworld to hades

I see the Sun light with glory, I feel compassion in intent
I see the brightness in this energy, sense the radiance condensed
I see the fruits of wisdom, taste the labours of their works
I see the flowers growing, send kiss to petals, to the stalks

Love without ending, never pretending that this heart needs mending,
Love without fashion, never wanton, only passion with compassion
Love in Choice, never chains, only voice, never game
Love in light, dare the shadows, make it bright, in the meadows

Your like the Moon in every phase I see your beauty touch my face,
Your like Suns angel in the sky I want to feel this warm embrace,
Your like the stars above my fingers, I touch, going to trace,
Your like the light of golden white ascending pure in your demure.

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Alex, How did I miss this until now? Quite beautiful are the galaxies above; that we are so small and yet so powerful from our tiny world on Earth. Love, Debby
You didnt miss it you did read the poem a while ago. Thankyou for the comment :)

Theres a way of breathing. Thats a shame and suffocation, And theres another way of expiring, A love breath, That lets you open infinitely.

Such breathing:
is key to the grounding cube of inner peace,
it opens the doorway to the sphere of rhythms
whose ebb and flow are without cease,
To the archway of the spiral stairways where all agitation is warmed to wilt,
where the gravity of the half moon smoothes ocean waters to silk.

In that space each wave transforms to a ripple becoming ever so stiller,
untill only the tender pulse of the current is in rhythm with the smaller sphere of ether *
Dear Alex ~ Thank you for adding your poetry to our space. All your words turn into poems. hugs, Debby
That last one is about Tibetan Cosmology, the four elements, meditation and breathing ether.
In day light hours you sleep softly I see your dreams behind the sky,
In night's embrace you come, without haste and the sun kisses you good bye,
Whilst all form becomes shaded shimmering light ever smooth,
Every object sinks into oneness, each water reflection is of you
Colours vanish, Sounds resounding silence echoing deeper in the crescent as you fly,
Differences are no more, life seems so peaceful in the presence of your eyes.

I like the slumber part. Where are these pieces of artwork from? Are they your originals?
No I didnt make the art work, although come to think of it that kind of stuff wouldnt be too hard to make with acrylics.


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