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I wish to know your about any positive or negative experiences during treatment of patients suffering from Schizophrenia, Parkinson's, Alzeihmer, Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder..wish to know in detail about schizophrenia. Please share your experiences if you treated any case related with these disorders. Are these disorders curable in homeopathic treatment?

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HOMEOPATHY and MENTAL HEALTH CARE by author Harry Van Der Zee
This book just came out Dec 2009 Great book on this subject ,many cases listed
Homeopathy is the best answer for all mental/emotional imbalances
Also you can look into my post CURED CASE DATABASE,some mental cases listed
Allopathic medicine only causes more harm when used on mental/emotional issues,Not only does it cause more harm but allopathic drugs cause secondary symptoms greatly aggravating these patients.
Dear Sarika Lets address
chronic Mental illnesses-
People desire natural medicines which do not have serious side effects. There is a desire for holistic medicines which treat the whole body/mind/spirit of the patient. Homeopathy fits these conditions perfectly.

HOW DOES HOMEOPATHY WORK? Many people confuse homeopathy with naturopathy, acupuncture, herbology, nutritional supplements or oriental medicine. Homeopathy is a separate, unique and complete system of alternative medicine. Homeopathy is based on the principle of "like cures like" or the "law of similars". This principle states that a substance that makes you ill can also cure you:

Classical homeopaths work with only one remedy at a time so that the effect of the remedy can be gauged effectively. The greatest challenge of homeopathy is to find the single remedy out of thousands that matches all the patient's mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Literally, classical homeopaths treat the "whole person".

Homeopathic remedies can be made from any substance. Remedies are prepared through a lengthy process of dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking). The more the remedies are diluted the stronger they become. Many remedies are diluted far beyond the point where modern chemistry says that there can be any of the original substance left. This issue is the great stumbling block that modern science can't get beyond. Though faced with the anecdotal evidence of thousands of cured homeopathic cases by thousands of homeopaths for over 200 years, scientists continue to say homeopathic remedies can't possible work because they don't contain any of the original substance. It may just be that science is not mature enough, yet, to explain homeopathy.

So, since remedies are diluted so much and there is little or no chemical substance remaining in them, how can they work? There may not be a chemically identifiable residue remaining in a remedy, but there is an energetic essence of the original substance. It is this essence that effects a cure. The remedies act as catalysts, stimulating the body's "vital force" to heal itself. Once the action is taken on the vital force, the physiological processes that need to change begin to change, also. Degenerated organs regenerate and blood tests normalize. However, the initial action of the remedy is on the vital force. Other words for the "vital force" are: immune system, chi or prana.

The vital force is that mechanism that energizes us and keeps us in health. The vital force produces symptoms to counteract stress as it makes adjustments moment by moment to keep us healthy and in balance. So, disease symptoms are just the body's way of telling us how it is coping with stress in our lives. Disease attacks only when this vital force is weakened. Health, then, is more than the absence of disease. It is harmony and balance and freedom and a sense of well-being that is resilient in the face of stress. This is our natural state and the state that homeopathy strives to make available to everyone.

The pattern of improvement in symptoms that is seen when someone is on a good homeopathic remedy follows Hering's Law of Cure. Hering's Law states that as someone recovers from chronic illness his or her symptoms will improve from the inside out, the top down, and in reverse order from their original sequence of occurance. Cure proceedes from the most important organs to the least important ( the brain being most important, internal organs next in importance and skin least important). If a patient suffers from both liver disease and eczema, the liver may begin to heal before the skin does.

Homeopathy has long been used with great success to treat physical and mental illness.

It takes little imagination to see how this natural, holistic and alternative form of medicine could be very useful in the treatment of: 1. Addiction: drug and alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, gambling addiction, eating disorders. 2. Mental Health: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, mental illness, homelessness. 3. Criminal Behavior: first offense, probation, hardened criminals, sex offenders. 4. Juvenile Crime: learning and behavior disorders, foster care issues, gang behavior.

Many of the mental health issues mentioned above result from a deep imbalance within the individual's body/mind. Current medical therapies are not able to correct this imbalance.

After years in 12 step and counseling programs, recovering alcoholics and substance abusers still suffer the life limiting effects of the imbalance that drove them into addiction. The mentally ill are given drugs that suppress their symptoms but don't cure their illness. If they stop their meds their illness quickly returns. The criminal justice system doesn't really rehabilitate anyone. Rates of recidivism are high. The chronically homeless often suffer from mental illness as well as addictions. They are "sheltered" but seldom cured. Learning and behavior problems in children are treated with suppressive drugs that don't cure the children. Their illnesses can worsen as they mature into adults and can result in violent criminal behavior. Foster children are often scarred for life from the "foster" experience. At 18, when they are released from the program, they are unprepared or incapable of becomming truely successful individuals. It is said that as many as 80% of prison inmates were foster children.

Homeopathy is able to correct the deep imbalance that lies at the bottom of many of the above mental health issues. The homeopathic remedy stimulates the individual's body and mind to bring themselves into balance while permanently eliminating symptoms of illness. Once freed from the imbalance, people can achieve the successful lives they were born to live.
Thank you very very much for all your efforts..i have seen the substential improvement in the mental symptoms of patients but didn't see the cure. Medicines are partially helping..basic principle of homeopathy is remarkable, everytime question comes in my mind that where is the lack? All these disorders are related with multi-gene defects and hence making a overall physiological system very complex. Sometimes, improvement reverted also even on small cause. I really wish to dedicate my life in understanding the illness and the cure. From the scientific point of view what i have to do i know but many answers i have to find out from hidden mysteries of homeopathy..please keep on forwarding me any informatin related with Psychiatry in future too. Thanks a lot..
With best regards
Dear Sarika
The only means to a full cure is to use the principles of classical homeopathic prescribing,there are NO shortcuts,no quicky solutions,not ONE PILL fits ALL method. Homeopaths have a possible 3,000 different remedies at their disposal,if you add to that the varied different potencies there are a staggering 50,000 options to treat mental/emotional imbalances-not an easy journey for a beginner. Mental and emotional trauma can be suppressed by toxic dangerous allopathic drugs,yes these show some palliation but this is NOT A CURE but a dangerous suppression that leads to ongoing chronic mental illness.Patients suffering from iatrogenic adverse effects may also show mental illness this is caused by external/internal toxins(aspartame,vaccines,lead,aluminum,mercury...etc)The subject is massive cannot easily be discussed via long distance discussions/email posts.
you might want to start by ordering books from Hundreds of homeopathic books on mental illness.
my two favorite books on this subject are by author Edward Whitmont (search
Dear Gina Tyler,
Thank you very much again from your view point. I'll start collecting and reading the books. There is one more basic you said that 'Homeopaths have a possible 3,000 different remedies at their disposal,if you add to that the varied different potencies there are a staggering 50,000 options to treat mental/emotional imbalances-not an easy journey for a beginner'. Very basic i know like Sulphur for miasm psora, Thuza for Psycosis and Symphilinum for syphilis considered as the master medicines over the other medicines that covers these miasms. If these overproven medicine partially improve a person but didn't recover completely so will it be possible that other homeopathic medicines out of this 3,000 collection can work on the same person and help in regaining the healthy state.
With regards
Hello again Sarika,Yes Of course.In fact EACH PATIENT needs their own casetaking analysis for mental/emotional imbalance (its not 3 remedies fits all).
If you study the documentation of clinical cases posted by classical homeopaths you will find a surprizing varied mix of remedies that have been used,many NOT the typical (3)that you might think.The best way to see the individual mental essences is to study the Homeopathic Materia Medica from remedy A-Z.
On the subject of Miasms; you might want to read; Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea book on Miasmatic clinical prescribing.There are many remedies that fit in each Miasm not just the 3 you have listed.
Classical Homeopathic Management of Schizophrenia - Alternative ... His book on Psychiatric Patients is a testament of work, experience, and successful application of classical homeopathy with mental illness (Saine, 1997). ... - Cached -
OK that link does NOT work Sorry here is the article;
Classical Homeopathic Management
of Schizophrenia





Alternative Mental Health

Homeopathic medicine is sometimes employed and cited in literature as an important part of therapy for severe mental illness including schizophrenia. Anecdotal evidence over the past two centuries leaves us supportive evidence in favor of using classical homeopathic therapy for people with schizophrenia (Frei & Thurneysen, 2001; Chapman et al, 1999; Davidson et al, 1997; Cook, 1992(~); Saine, 1997; Perez & Tomsko, 1994; Bohn, 1970; S., 1968; McDonough, 1965; Smith, 1956; Rueckert, 1949; Givens, 1905; Thacher, 1910(~); Cooley, 1898; Talcott, 1890; Worcester, 1881; Jahr, 1855; Hahnemann, 1842).

Controlled clinical trials are lacking in homeopathic literature. However, some research is available for evidence-based appraisal. One study from India reported successful efforts of managing schizophrenia in a 1 to 8 week trial with 70 people with schizophrenia on one of two well-known remedies with psycho-tropic action in high dose. Medicines were chosen ‘classically’ by the principle of ‘totality of symptoms’ and administered in low dose (200 to 1000) homeopathic potency (Balachandran, 1976). These cases were treated in a clinical hospital setting at the Regional Research Institute between 1972 and 1974 in Kottayam, India.

Other supportive evidence comes forth through records of Homeopathic Insane Asylums (The Homeopathic World- editor, 1925). Good examples of asylums in the United States date back to the 1870’s and include the New York Homeopathic Asylum in Middletown, NY, which came under direction of a noted homeopath, Dr. S. H. Talcott, M.D.; and another asylum in Stamford, CT, which came under direction of Dr. Amos J Givens, M.D.; and a sanitarium in Cincinnati, Ohio (Grimmer, 1940; MED INV- editor, 1874).

A review of the 1901 book by Talcott “Mental diseases and their modern treatment” gives a plethora of information on homeopathic usage in mental illnesses (Talcott, 1901). Some presenting symptoms of patient cases described suggest that several people in this account have thought disorder and perceptual changes suggestive of schizophrenia.

André Saine, N.D., D.H.A.N.P., is a renowned master of classical homeopathy (Saine, 1997b). He practices in Montreal, Canada, and has noted success in managing severe cases of schizophrenia (Saine, 1997). His book on Psychiatric Patients is a testament of work, experience, and successful application of classical homeopathy with mental illness (Saine, 1997).

Therapy is not always a smooth process as patients may relapse and remise over the course of a treatment witch may last 2 or more years.

The more aware the homeopath is of the nature of the disease symptoms of schizophrenia (i.e. the natural presenting psychosis) and the actions of conventional medicines (i.e. neuroleptic psychosis) and the influence of the disease on human nature the more likely he or she will be able to determine an effective homeopathic medicine/remedy (Hahnemann, 1842).

The chosen medicine has the potential in high doses to create similar behavior patterns as the determined key elements of the case but in low homeopathic prescription doses has the potential to balance the human vital energy that has somehow become mis-tuned. Low dose medicines are made by careful dilutions and succussions and attempt to ‘capture’ the energy of the substance being diluted. Some scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of low dosage conventional medicine versus high dose (Davenas et al, 1988; Nature, 1988). In classical homeopathy, “the similar remedy, the single remedy, and the minimum dose- is the basis for every homeopathic prescription” (Stearns, 1926; Hahnemann, 1842).
Healing Through Homeopathy: Schizophrenia

A Case of Schizophrenia

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D., M.S.W.

Schizophrenia is considered by most physicians to be very difficult to treat. Psychotropic medications may suppress the frank psychotic symptoms, however they create additional problems due to their many side effects and most patients need to remain on these major tranquilizers indefinitely. Both of us worked extensively on psychiatric wards prior to becoming naturopathic physicians and wanted very much to find a more natural effective form of treatment for schizophrenia. We have found homeopathy, at least in some cases, to be the answer we were seeking. Many homeopathic physicians, however, discourage the use of homeopathy to treat psychosis. Although we agree that such cases can be very difficult to manage outside of an inpatient psychiatric setting, we have had some real successes, of which this case is one. We have found , as is true in orthodox medicine and other areas of holistic medicine, that patients in their first or second psychotic break, especially those who have not been hospitalized for their schizophrenia, are those who respond best to our treatment.
We also want to emphasize that, although the remedies mentioned in this case were of considerable benefit to this patient, homeopathic treatment is highly individualized. Another patient, experiencing his or her own form of psychotic symptoms, would need entirely different remedies. We presented this case recently at the annual case conference of the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians in Seattle and hope that you will find it as fascinating as we do.

K.S. was a 35 year-old woman of Japanese, French, and German descent whose stated chief complaint was difficulty losing weight. However, as soon as the interview began, she reported being in the middle of a "nervous breakdown", diagnosed by her psychiatrist as "brief, reactionary psychosis" for which he had given her Navane l0 mg h.s. When she began to develop torticollis, he added Benadryl and Cogentin. She had been on the medications for less than a month when she came to see us. She felt "like a zombie" with the drugs and complained that the Navane had also made her jittery, anxious, and fearful at night. She had decided on her own to discontinue them them the day before she came to see us (which made us somewhat nervous but made it easier to treat her homeopathically). The psychiatrist had offered her a psychiatric hospitalization, but did agree to try to treat her as an outpatient.

She had begun hearing voices two months prior. The voices invited her to join the man she'd had a crush on in the past and his girlfriend in sexual intercourse. As an aside, she mentioned having been sexually abused for a number of years as a child. One week prior to her breakdown she had visited a clairvoyant who told her he opened her psychic abilities. The voices increased after that. She tried to ignore them, but they continued to test her and she felt the devil was trying to "take her". She was tormented by a constant stream of obscenities and the voices instructed her to masturbate frequently. She feared her soul would be lost. She also experienced burning of both inner canthi which the voices told her was a "devil's stye". She had experienced depression since age l9, during which she lost track of time, and was prescribed antidepressants. She always had problems with low self-esteem, described herself as oversensitive to criticism, and had difficulty with being too empathetic to others' problems. She also complained of being impulsively generous, easily influenced and manipulated by others, and socially awkward.

More- CONTINUED pages 1 2 3 Next (find this article to read the rest)
Dear Ms Gina Tyler

Thank you so much for your extensive contribution to this fruitful community which Ms Debby Bruck is managing.
May God keep you from all bad intentions.

Good Luck and Warmest Regards, Noori
Hi there I have many months experience working in an allopathic hospital with psychiatric medicine and I can say that allopathic medicine is an ineffective tool. All of those disorders cannot be cured with allopathic medicine.

I am unsure of how much work has been done for people with mental disorders and homeopathic medicine but considering there is so much work it is early to say.
Given that homeopathy can work on the mental and emotional level I think this area - mental health - is an excellent field for homeopaths and I suspect there would be great discoveries and break throughs here with homeopathy.


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