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I have removed a great many suspicious lumps or tumors in the breast, some of them of years’ standing, by giving a dose of Phytolacca CM, once in a month, during the wane of moon. What was the moon to do with it? I do not know. I cure goiter the same way (but not with Phytolacca), and was led to that way of administration by a suggestion of Jhar. That some diseases have their aggravations in certain times of the moon I know, and that certain remedies act better then, I know just as well.


~ Dr. E. B. Nash


Three significant phases; the waxing moon, full moon and the waning moon.

waxing moon refers to the phase when the Moon increases in size. The light increases while creating a visual illusion that the light spreads from right to left. This phase lasts until just before the moon becomes completely visible which is the full moon phase. This is the growth phase. The greater the size of the moon (the closer it is to being full), the more powerful its energies are. 

The full moon phase refers to the phase when the entire moon is visible. This phase only last for 24 hours.

waning moon refers to the phase after full moon. The moon decreases as it appears to get smaller from right to left. The moon’s energies start to wane until they disappear completely when the moon is no longer visible.  This phase should be viewed as the period in which you can clear your space while you ready yourself for the moon’s increased potency as the waxing moon comes in a renewed period of energy and positivity.


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I would suggest to read one book 'times of remedies and moon phase' by Boger to know whats the link, thanks to Dr Deepak Sharma for this post
Thanks Dr. Debasish Ji
I did this many times but unfortunately failed in very case. I wish the others should post their experiences.
I got many results with Sulphur, and Antim crudum and now i will try Phytolacca
Nice article although I have never applied this in my practice, But heard from a very senior homoeopath (82 yrs) that it works wonders if given as per the moon phase. Thanks for sharing.
I am not sure about phases of Moon and relation to homeopathic medicines. But in practice, I can claim several successes with time modalities.
Can anyone explain at what time we prefer to give the doses on Full Moon in early morning, noon or late night I had tried Antim crud in morning and evening both but i observe it acts best in night

Share your experiences
When symptoms are relating to waxing moon related medicine dose give in evening about an hour after sunset, If symptoms are related to waning moon phase patient give a medicine early morning before sunrise. I observe these moon phase related medicines act very fast when use as above mentioned method. Thanks.
Calcarea is also a part of Full Moon Phase. I found one Homoeopath in Nagpur giving medicines in this way..

Very interesting article.  Thank you Dr. Sharma. I am taking iodum cm on the full moon according to a posting in Homeopathy and Thyroid.  I would never have thought to try iodum for hypothyroid, nor that potency.  Since I've been with this condition for 20 years I have tried a number of things.  After taking my first dose about a week later I developed a very strong itch all over my throat and face.  The itch came with what seemed to be like boils, but also like eczema.  It lasted for about 3-4 months.  I was treating it with tissue salts and prayers.  The worst aggravation that I could believe.  The ache in my throat is gone.  The drawing emptiness in my thighs are gone.  So, something is working.  I have to retest at some point, to see what the results are.  One never knows what gems that we can pick from each other.


I just looked at my book, Times of Remedies and Moon phase, by Boger.  Iodum indeed is on the full moon.  Thank you Debasish for reminding me about this book.  


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