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Can homeopathy do something about the placement of the placenta in this case? If it is possible to put the child into the right position before the labour with pulsatilla for example, are there any possibilities to do it with the placenta?



1. Placenta Previa (Implanted in Lower Third of Uterus)
2. Baby
3. Uterine Wall

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Thanks Claudia, my answer would be the same.

Hi Claudia, thx for the answer. I know it is almost unbelievable but I´ve heard for some cases where with the growth of the uterus the placenta moved from itself? Is it possible? And in some cases with the opening during the labour the baby moved the placenta with the head without the end is all the matter of luck i think..

Can all the mentioned remedies be also prophylactic - to prevent bleeding, or better give if the bleeding happens?

I´ve heard also about Cinamomum preventing/stopping bleeding..

I´ve found one article in german that it is a sycotic miasm, from dr. Joachim Grätz (unfortunately can´t find it in english)


Much will depend on the extent of the placenta praevia - ie how much of the cervix is covered and also the stage of pregnancy at which this is disagnosed, is it a true placenta praevia or a low lying placenta noted earler in pregnancy that may well not affect the labour and birth as the lower segment of the uterus grows and the placenta can appear to move up the uterine wall

I'd definitely think about Erigeron ,but most importantly research the Placenta Proving by Linda Gwillim of the Welsh School of Homoeopathy - inspiring reading and well worth considering for any placental problems


Warm regards


Thx Lyssa, very interesting about placenta proving.

Dear thihana, dear members

Much depends on the stage of pregnancy and the position of the placenta.

there is a good chance, that a placenta previa can move to the side and not pose any problem.

There are no specific remedies for  this condition, but normal homeopathic treatment based on the totality of symptoms will do what can be done.

I have seen more cases come around than not over the years with homoeopathic treatment.

A final decission should be taken only at the very end of pregnancy. In some cases a caesarian is desirable.

The choice of remedy after such an operation depends on the signs and symptoms emerging.

Strong bleeding would suggest:

ARN, CARB-V, LACH, PHOS, SULPH, but also: creos, croc, hep-s, mgs, nat-m ph-ac, puls, rhus, sul-ac, zinc

depending on the rest of the symptoms

Likewise calcium IV., and factor 11 +12 should be on stand-by.


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