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This case has been solved and we will learn the follow up. This discussion is now closed for further comments. Please remember HWC members to post your uncured cases in the CASES FOR DISCUSSION GROUP.


To all my friends and members-

I have been treating a very peculiar case of a 75 year old gentleman, since October last year, living here in UK.


He complained of constant burning heat ,underneath his both feet, which would change sides at any time of the day. This burning was intense at night, so much that even in a severe winter of London( -7degrees) he was putting on a table fan underneath his feet while sleeping and cover the skin with a cooling gel. All night he has the fan on, while the burning subsided at day time. He would move about all day doing various work, with lesser burning, but come evening the problem would start. This has been going on from last two years.


In summer here he would collapse under the heat of sun and could not keep his shirt on.


Had no diabetes that time but now he has mild sugar.


Low blood count, suspected vit B deficiency

Burning acidity and constipation.

Extreme body heat with hot flushes a warm person.

Aversion to wheat, worse after eating fried onions and spinach.

Had diverticular surgery in past.

Suspected mild Thallesaemia

Parkinson suspected but not confirmed as he walked with a stick, difficulty getting up while seated.

Back problem, arthritis, where all his discs were prolapsed and doctors here say, they cannot be cured.

Sleeps with a hot water bottle because of his bone pains, but stooped now after I told him to discontinue because of heat.

Ankles swollen, wers special socks.




Not very happy person

Was cheated in his job by juniors and mocked at, which made him feel low and suffer from acute depression, was treated in past, now much better.

Anxiety over present health and speculating and anticipating his problem as night falls.

Memory loss marginally

Anger suppresed, though appears very polite.

Extremely emotional and stressed.

Loss of confidence.

High expections and dissatisfied.


Peculiar- Cold applications even in coldest weather.


Diagnosis- I think he could have developed peripheral neuropathy, with a h/o compressed nerves, in the back bone.


Also his obssession to think negative about his health could be an obstacle to cure.


I have successfully treated him with Sulphur, Pulsatilla, Cal Flour, Natrum Sulph and carbo veg.


After a short while he has returned with the burning feet and diabetes last month.


Any suggestions about what his happening to this case, what needs to be done.



Medication given by neurologist- Noretrytiline hydrochloride for depression at night.





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He is still having the problem of burning, does not seem to be resolving, though the symtoms seem to have taken a strange turn. He get these sensations sometimes at day, sometimes at night, sometimes not there for one day.

I am wondering what is going on with his vital force.
I have tried from low to higher potencies, but the burning does not seem to go. His other symptoms have gone away and has not returned .
Please also look for these;

Thanks, that was extremely helpful, it was.
A case;
JS: The diabetes itself is not so difficult to control, although you see that he has quite extensive mood-swings and temper, rage. Very depressed three years ago; he was not accomplishing anything. Doesn't like to be boxed in; he has his way of doing things, he feels he knows exactly how things need to be done. He keeps pushing himself; no-one acknowledges him. He feels that he doesn't get the correct respect. His house is spotless; he is fastidious. He has some neuralgic symptoms from his diabetes, of course. He wakes in the middle of the night with intestinal spasms. He consumes a fair amount of coffee. He has sweats for no reason. He has peripheral neuropathy. He has impotency, also of course from the diabetes. He has rectal spasms. So he is a fairly young man, but he is not doing that well. And the remedy is?
JS: It is a good response. Also what else has happened? No gas, no bloating, and so his peripheral neuropathy is improved.
JS: What happens is that between December of 1983 and January of 1984, I repeat Sulphur C 30 about four times. Now why I do this I don't know, and I can't imagine that I would do it today, but I suppose that I was working on the idea that if you have that pathology and he is taking insulin, I need to give the remedy more often. I believe it was unnecessary, actually, but he is feeling really good; the diabetic control has been excellent, the neuropathy is fine, he has gained seven pounds, the right eye is beginning to heal and the ophthalmologist says fifty / fifty chance of saving his vision. So what did I do? Did I give him more Sulphur? Higher potency? Change the remedy? No of course not, leave it alone.
JS: Yes, I gave him the same remedy. He is still improving; do you understand the principle here. There is no reason to change the remedy. There is not a new case; there is no case for another remedy, he is still improving. So we stay with the remedy, and we see that February to March his eye is still not great, but he has not been bleeding so much and the ophthalmologist says it is stabilised. I don't have the full extent of the follow-up for you, but it took a while, I would say another couple of years, the way through a time where he got a guide dog. And now he walks without a guide dog; he gets around, he can read and write and his eye is quite good. Of course it is not perfect; I don't know the exact measurements, but his diabetes is under very good control, his renal function is improved, he has no peripheral neuropathy.
Encyclopaedia Homeopathica.
Very nice treatment. Only a TRUE Homoeopath can do this.
I was looking for some suggestions and a discussion as to what was the surface miasm that was more dominant in the case.
try arsenicum album in higher potency..
hypochondriasy, fastediousness, burning sensations, midnight aggravation, dissatisfaction, depression, ego hurt....these all suggests more towards the arsenic alb.
Thanks for the advice, I did try Ars. for few weeks but it aggravated his burning and I had to stop it.
He looks very stubborn with his symptoms plus his negative attitude as the medicines not doing its work comes in the way of cure. He expects a great result in a week, if not then he sulks.
Thanks for your good suggestions. I once tried Nat Sulph and Phos, which did well and his other symptoms dissapeared.


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