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This the time to understand Masters from their own perspective. This will give us a clear idea about direction of contemporary homoeopathy. This discussion has been started with attempt to Perceive Boenninghausen unplugged. Please share your views freely.

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Dr. Boenninghausen’s Repertory is not a Repertory but it is a magic book, its power is its doctrine of analogy, we can synthesis of symptoms through this book while dr. kent’s repertory is the only collection of fact. There is no different in the result of kent’s and boenninghausen’s repertory but if any so this is only due to the difference of the number of remedy in both repertory.

For example – we considered a symptoms solved by both repertory.

Symptoms – There is severe burning pain in stomach < ameliorated by drinking Icy cold water

Rubric and medicine for kent’s repertory –
- Stomach, pain, burning, cold, drinks, amel.
Result - Apis,

But when this symptoms solved by Dr. Boenninghausen technique like

1. Location – Stomach
2. Sensation – Burning pain
3. Modality – Amelioration by drinking cold water
4. concomitant – not present

Result – Bry, puls, Caus, Phos, Sep, Ars, , etc

Here except Bry, and Ars, all result are correct, these both medicine get amelioration in its stomach symptoms by drinking warm water but this is a particular symptoms applied only for stomach, while dr. boenninghausen’ Repertory considered only general condition so dr. kent’s called it grand generalization.

Dr. Boenninghausen repertory become fail when different organ show different modality
Like – headache – relieved by cold application, but stomach pain relieved by warm water.

Please note that Dr Boenninghausen, if is following fundamentals of Homoeopathy, will not suggest to sacrifice specificity.

I have always had difficulty while using Boenninghausen,when suppose i had a case of Diabetes, or high blood pressure.or say sciatica. How do one interpret these and many other like these in the absence of these rubrics directly being there.

If one interprets them taking other rubrics how far can one reach the nearest similar remedy?

I would request HWC members who are using TPB,to shed light on this aspect.

After all Boenninghausen must have faced such problems during his time also.

Every system prescribes on abnormalities.Allopathy gives diagnostic names to the sum of signs and symptoms while homeopathy gives importance to all the abnormalities in term of signs and symptoms only and the prescription is based on individualizations of every case.

Below are the common symptoms of a hypertensive patient and the possible rubrics in Boenninghausen Therapeutic book. You can add some more found in your patient.

You can ask questions about his sleep, diet, appetite, thist,Desires and aversions, bowel movement and all other changes that may be found during this ailment.



Boenninghausen was a genius person. I do not think he faced difficulties. Our case taking is imperfect and defective.

I agree with Dr. sajjadakram

Before we percieve Boenninghausen's repertory, reading this introductory book clears every doubt.

How to Find Simillimum with Boger-Boenninghausen's Repertory. Front Cover. C. M. Boger, B. Desai.

This book is in Radar and Hompath.

Before reading anybody's views on his thinking, it is better to understand him from his own write ups - begin with preface of Rep on Antipsoric and then Original Preface of Therapeutic Pocket Book. Then his Lesser Writing and his articles from Homoeopathic Recorder.

Third party opinion should be for secondary reference. That is how our understanding has deviated from its purity.

Dear Contributors

To get an idea, tell us which reprtories of Boenninghausen you have and which you are using.

I make a start:

1) Boenninghausen: Therapeutisches Taschenbuch 1846 (in daily use)

2) Boenninghausen: Systematisches Repertorium der Homeoapthischen Arzneiittel 1835 (frequent use)

3) Boenninghausen: therapie der Wechselfieber repertorium (occasional use)

4) Boenninghausen: Therapie des Keuchhustens repertorium (occasional use)

Once we know what everyone uses,  we then can discuss.

I use Boenninghausen therapeutic pocket book, (B.T.P.B.)


can you just confirm translation

1. therapeutic pocket book

2.systemic repertory

3.intermittent fever

4.whooping cough


Only have them in the original prints in german.

(who would want to rely on a german version when using Kent?)


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