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after female,53, had an accident in 2005 she began to hear voices. "they use info against you to hurt you" in fact during interview she refrained from info because they were listening. she does not want any spiritual or psychological guidance, very cautious in telling me history cause they were listening. vision weak, memory poor allergic to everything. very scheduled, has many rules and parameters needs plans and routines. i had to outline everything i suggested to her, dates time etc. carbohydrates give her mucous, salt inflams her tissues causing stiffness in hands. history of molestation and abusive relationships. fibroids, hair loss and warts and insomnia, she says her blood burns. she has had to live with secrecy and guilt all her life. she has all sorts of talisman and charms for protection. her father came out and would bring his lover over, she loved dad but was sickened by the knowledge. judgemental.
gave her stramonium 200c, no reaction, i will give in 1M potency. any suggestions?

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thank you for input. i had been considering Lachesis because of the control issues, but i will look at belladonna
fibroids,warts,insomnia,hair loss indicating sycotic background and she has had to live with secrecy and guilt all her life indicating typical sycotic constitution and in sycotic personality pt continuously feel that some one is present behind him,some one calling him,he hear voices imaginary.this indicating suppression of sycosis in its more towards the "MEDORRHINUM " personality.

Maulik Mahendrabhai joshi
i agree there is an underlying sycotic miams, however the extent of the delusion of voices and presence of malefic energies plus the blood burning i am going to start with Belladonna. as Dr. Neil suggested, and watch and wait.
these patients that come with a myriad of symptoms, candida acid reflux etc. are so intent on telling me the physical it is hard to elicit the mentals from them as they are so intent on curing the other. it takes time to explain about the mind body link and to actually have them talk about them, this women especially did not want to discuss any psychologically or emotional she came for the physical ailments. thanks for your input
it sound more like hyos to me ,peace wasalaman
Dear Dr.Michelle,
I had a similar case of 67/f
But she was sure its only God who is guiding her
So i decided with Platina
But she said God has told her not to take
Despite many attempts from her son she refused

I decided of Platina coz she thinks God has chosen her coz she is the best soul in the world

I would like to know about your patient whether the spirits she talks about are Angelic or Devilish or both & why? or it alternates?
says they are evil, does not talk about god. what stands out the most is the unwillingness to relate any history or present problems because"they are listening and can use info for evil, turn it against us all". also talks about the spirit who are yet to come. very argumentive.her spirits did tell her not to take stramonium. her other inteeresting rubric is she feels like her blood is boiling(belladonna). a lot of problems after accident, where whe claimed they came to her, disoriented, memory vision problems. she is very strong and adamant in her delivery of what info she gives. she is not hyocyamus, too controlled
thanks for interest.
mistake i think, still finding my way around these discussions
why not arnica or acon ,all this start aft an accident in 2005.
did that
well i was a bit premature, it took stramonium 1M a week to work,but it did. she told me she could get done what she was supposed because of remedy, she meant the entities that she was able to by pass. we will wait and see
Dear Michelle,

DId you think about Ars?

Ars has a delusion of being watched - listened
also here is a quote from Robert's repertory of sensations whil you can find at
"Blood, were boiling in body :- Aur., Chim-mac., Kali-c.
Blood, boiling hot in arteries :- Ars.
Blood, were boiling hot in veins :- Med."

Med likes to plan everything ahead because they have anticipation anxiety of a sort, but I'd suggest Ars first because it also has anxiety of conscience expressed strongly
Is she better for heat? Does she impress you as being restless? Somehow it seemed to me that she is... Although it's rather Medorrhinum who hears voices... I think one has to diffirenciate between the two.
Please consider etiology very say she is hearing voices after an accident!
What was the nature of accident? What was her reaction during the and after the accident? Any head or spinal injury?
Probably you will find the answer.
All the best.


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