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Patient Struggling For Life


Vital forces nearly exhausted cold surface, especially from knees down to feet; lies motionless, as if dead; breath cold; pulse intermittent, thready; cold sweats on limbs. This is truly a desperate condition ----- Carbo veg. has saved such cases


~ Dr. E. B. Nash


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I can not understand what You want to show here, Every Homoeopath Know When & Where we apply Carbo. veg? If YOU want to share, please give your cases with explanation why you have applied this remedy.
Dear Dr Ravindra, This is the space for "Tips of the Day" 
Request members to post their cases for Carbo veg to confirm this tip!

Debby ~ You have not given any categories in forum, If anybody want to sent this type of Tip, Where he post?

I have seen 20 % of near death cases to survive with Carbo veg. In 80% remaining, the similimums were required. There were only 60% cures to that condition. We can not be prejudiced. Often, veratrums, camphor, arsenic, Laurocerosus, adrenaline etc. are needed.

Dear Dr Sharma,

Near death case is an emergency matter and needs prompt attention and any delay can be dangerous. In these conditions how do you manage to select the correct similimum, promptly? Can you please post an example.

Sir, I am running a full fledged critical care unit in my hospital. I have ECG, Echocardiography, Xray, Ultrasound and Pathology units. In acute illness, we ascertain patient's general condition, his vitals and general picture. Attendents tell about history of present sickness. This takes a few seconds to a minute to observe the current picture by simple observations and hearings and the so called acute totality is formed. The selection of acute remedy on this basis becomes very easy and almost always supportive.

i appreciate.Exactly in the same manner we can select curative remedy for every acute case within minutes, without mistake,and we should.



Dear Dr sharma,

I wish i could work in your hospital.


Sir, my salutes to you. I am a learner and learn much from your experiences. Your blessings always boost up me. Regards.

Dear Dr. Sharma,

Thanks for quoting Dr. Nash. But your heading of the post :

Patient Struggling For Life Due To Exhaustion As If Dead.

conveys altogether different meaning.

 The cause here is not exhaustion, it is the end result, due to various other reasons, where vital force is nearly exhausted, along with the other symptoms mentioned by Dr. Nash.

Thanks Dr. Bahl.  Regards.

Interesting perspective Dr Sushil. It could be viewed, perhaps, both ways. 1) The person appears 'as if dead' and struggling for life, due to exhaustion. Or 2) The person is exhausted through his struggle to stay alive, due to other causes not mentioned here. 

I think what Nash tells us in this tip, that the person Does appear struggling for life, gasping for breath, near death, and exhausted when the physician observe that patient. In such cases, with cold surface from knees to feet, lying motionless, breath cold, pulse intermittent and cold sweat on limbs, take a close look at Carbo veg as a possible saving remedy in that moment. Nash did not discount any other remedy, he just provided keynotes for Carbo veg. 


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