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I would like to send you a case. I'm asking myself between two remedies. I would like to have your advice.

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No problem. Send me in details. I will try my label best to give good advice. Thanks. Dr. B.B. Dhar.
20-year-old young man, comes with his mother. Very muscular and very tense, the red eyes, distrustful and suspicious, shifty look.
> His psychiatrist wants to prescribe him antidepressants, his mother gets worried because he feels at all times attacked, since he began the school and now wants to defend himself by killing somebody.
> During her pregnancy, his mother lived in anxiety to insert the social world. It made a comeback to studies. The child worked well until he begins the school where he always felt rejetté, apart, different.
> Difficulty in falling asleep always. Cannot sleep on the back. Dream that he fights, that he knocks but that he attains nobody.
> No appetite when worried. Dislike tomatoes, cheese and mushroom
> Gnaw at nails +++, at fatty skin. Verruca big right toe, greasy hair
> Zero libido since always
> Afraid of people
> Indifferent, feel like been attack, anxious, problems of integration, unable to translate facial interpretation, consists of only logic, difficulty with regulations. Does not have social skills but thinks that people do not accept him. Paranoia, anxiety, mistrust. Aggravated by the foreigners and the persons in authority. Lazy. No interest to control itself. Authorized to listen and to recommend, to see even manipulating. Feels miscomprehensible. Cannot affirm himself
> Has no energy in the day but at the end of the day full energy and cannot sleep
> got all vaccines. Separation with his father at one year old. Got headaches when he was about 10 with disconnectedness of word.

Thank you
Please look at this also;
thank you, which one would you recommanded
Please read the details of Phosphorus in Hahnemann's Chronic Disease.


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