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I would really appreciate some feedback from those who have worked with individuals who are terminally ill or dying, I would like to do some work with such individuals and would appreciate hearing from those whom have some experience in this area.

Love and Light



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Hi Kay,
I have always planned to do some volunteer work in a hospice nearby, or I do better call it a "clinical internship" as I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot. But I feel one of my problems (besides being too soft-hearted ..) is that I would want to start saving them all...
I've always considered to do a course on death and dying before to be able to cope with this challenge. Do you know about distance courses on this subject (not regarding homeopathic treatment but more the psychological aspect etc.) ?

Thanks and best regards,
Hi Katja
My initial thoughts were that I would need to do some study around palliative care. As I explore this area I will be sure to get back to you with my findings.

All the Best
Hi this is Dr Sanjiv from Patna, India.
We as a team working here and mostly treating chronic cases as well as terminally ill or dying patient. We are doing homoeopathy but not giving the medicine oraly, we are doing transmission of homoeo drug energy through hair of the patient.
good wishes
Dr sanjiv
Hi Dr
That's very interesting I would be interested to find out more about your transmission of the Homoeo drug. Please could you advise me of particular expertise, personal skills that would be useful for me to develop my Homoeopathic Practise in the direction of palliative care?
Kind regards
Dear Kay,
The best way to practice homoeopathy on the basis of totality of the symptoms.Whether it is acute or chronic case.
To know more about drug transmission u can go through a book written by author Dr B Sahni "THE TRANSMISSION OF HOMOEO DRUG ENERGY FROM A DISTANCE" published by B Jain Publishers,India.
Dr Sanjiv
Thank you for your assistance Dr Sanjiv.
Warm regards

Hi all, I understand that the totality of characteristic Sx is what has to be followed in every case but there are a list of remedies that are classified by the first organ (s) affected which have been proved to help if the particulars agree.

Happy new year to all!     

Dr Harrison said: "The secret of patient care is takingcare of the patient". This is most important in the management of terminally ill patient. The patient’s primary needs should be provided and hygiene should be maintained. If he has any food craving, it should be given in moderate quantity. Bedsore should be prevented by the use of water bed or airbed. Active or passive movements of the body should be done. And the most important thing is the love and care from the family members and caregivers.

Once these basic things are supplied, then ONLY the role of treatment comes. Compared to other systems, homeopathy is safe, effective, and above all - economical. During treatment, the vital functions and medical parameters should be regularly monitored. The nosological diagnosis should be done with necessary investigations. The prognosis and details regarding diet and restrictions should be well informed to the bystanders.

In bedridden patients, lower potencies are more useful. If we are very sure about the remedy, we can safely give the medicine in LM potencies. It is good to give the medicine in divided doses in water.

Thank you Kuram, particularly for your warning. Can I ask you to please share your experiences working with such patients, in terms of how you maintain your own personal strength and how you prepared yourself before working with such patients? 

Showing compassion is important but preparing yourself metally when you are dealing with them and remembering that if you can't cure them, you are there to witness, to help them feel better about dying through your compassion and with your homeopathic remedies.

Preparing yourself mentally is about accepting that dying is just another stage of life.  If you find that you have difficulties accepting the possibility of death and death, perhaps it's time you find the reasons why you do.  If we can find acceptance of this fact, just like we accept the birth of a child, a marriage and how someone can become ill, we could help them at the possible end of their journey.  It also helps to think that is an honour to be there trying to make them comfortable if cure is not an option.

Most dying persons are accepting of their situation but some are not.  Homeopathy can help in some cases with the easing of the fear of death (it can be repertorized like we all know).  Helping someone this way can also be rewarding.  I know it's not a cure but it will make their last days better and they will be able to concentrate on what's important, which is those around them, making peace with them (if necessary) etc.  They will pass to a better life hopefully with acceptance and even looking forward to it.

Thank you for sharing this experience Dr Kuram. Warm wishes and love for your continued successes with this patient and his wife, and may you support many more!


Thank you Vivian, you have confirmed a lot for me.

Warm wishes



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