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The homepathic community all around the world are condemning the acts of Voice Of Young Scientist and the letter published and distributed by WHO to media around the world.This letter from Dr Ghaffari to WHO representative in ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN shows that as a homeopathic community Pakistan is also doing its bit,and in right direction.The question raised in the letter are very pertinent.WHO has moral duty to respond not only to this letter but to the homeopathic community as a whole.

Ref. GRT/A/03
Date: 5 September 2009

WHO Building, Park Road,
N.I.H Premises,
Chak Shahzad,
Tel: +92 51 9255184-5, 9255077
Fax: +92 51 9255083

Dear WHO Consultant!

With due respect it is stated that recently a statement with reference to World Health Organization (WHO) is published in various newspapers and also been released at T.V media that “Homeopathic Medicines have no scientific validity in curing Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza, T.B and AIDS.” In this regard kindly furnish the following info for our record and info.

a. Please verify that the statement is officially issued by WHO.
b. If yes, then why it is not been cited at WHO official web site?
c. On which scientific basis the statement is issued?
d. Where the scientific trials/studies were carried out?
e. Who carried out the scientific trial on Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza, T.B and AIDS diseases?
f. Who were the members or part of the trial group?
g. Who have conducted the trials?
h. The person who conducted the trial, his/her qualification and homeopathic experience and background?
j. Where I could find and read the findings of that research study in detail?

On homeopathic medicines, three M.Sc (Hons), One M.Phil and One Ph.D have been completed under the supervision of United Kingdom (UK) qualified Ph.D Supervisors in world recognized Universities of Pakistan. It has been verified that homeopathic medicines do have results against many diseases under controlled studies as well.

It is for your kind info that Homeopathic treatment is very very effective against Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza and T.B. But as for as AIDS is concerned, only mild results are obtained. World Health Organization is an impartial and neutral party. The organization should not be biased in its findings and statements. Before issuing controversial statements the organization should consult some research scholars of the same subject rather to base on anti homeopathic organization like “VOICE OF YOUNG SCIENCE NETWORK” which is paid organization by the allopathic pharmacies and sponsored by allopathic doctors.

I hope, you will issue necessary clarification statement and your organization will not place hurdles in its HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS just because of false statements received by your department from allopathic group of doctors attached with your organization. Thanking you!

Yours truly,

Dr. Ghaffari
Chief Orgainzer
Homeopathic Pharmaecutical and Chemist Association
GPO Post Box 10,
GRT - Pakistan

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Fantastic. We need every country, every organization to write in to WHO and request apology and media statements of retraction with positive approval of homeopathic use for particular illnesses. We must ask for formal apology and retraction in printed and written statements.


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