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In the year 2008, my younger brother (58 years) was suffering from pain in coccyx region.  He consulted the family physician, an x-ray,which revealed nothing, was taken. He was advised some pain killers.  The pain did not go away.

He was not able to sit properly since it was painful.

I devised a coir pad with a hole and he was able to sit on it without pain. (the coccyx region was matching with the hole in the pad.  He used to carry that when he drove his car.  But not able to use it when he drove his two wheeler scooter.  He tried many remedies, Ayurvadic, homeopathy, alopathy and was distressed at the failure. 

I was studying Dr. Sehgal method of homeopathy, so I started analyzing his mental indications.

I asked him what does he think of his ailment. 

He said "I do not understand, what is this problem? I think nobody ever suffered with this unspecific problem.  I am trying every type of method available to cure it but it is not going away. I have problem in movement also since I am not able to drive also."

I asked "what about homeopathy? "

He said "I tried Arnica, hypericum, ruta and other pain killers I studied in some booklets on homeopathy.  My homeo doctor is also trying but she is not successful since six months. Why don't you try since you are also studying Homeopathy?"

I started thinking about this and started jotting some rubrics of his mental state.

I used Mind section of Synthetic repertory.

MIND - Perseverance    acon, bry,, caps dig, dros, guare, lyc, nat-c, nit-ac, nux-v, phos, sulph.

MIND - Light,   desire for -- acon, am-m, asar, bell, calc, cann-s, caarb-an, gels,  grin,  lac-c,                 nat-m, phos, plb, ruta, sanic, stram, valer. 

MIND - Desusion, seized as if  --  canth, hyos, phos.

My brother is very dynamic in family gatherings and steals the lime light with his unusual antics and talks with unknown guests as if they are his old friends.

MIND - Magnetized desire to be  calc, lach, nat-c, phos, sil.

I could not think of any thing at that time and decided to try phos.

gave him phos 30, phos 200, phos 1m and phos 10m single dose each at 2 weeks interwal.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the result.  Nothing changed in those two months.  One night, I was thinking about his problem and what went wrong with my case taking. Then I started thinking about what was bugging him at present apart from the pain.  He is fond of meeting friends and chatting etc.  But at that time he had duty of taking care of his grand child, dropping him to school and bringing him back from school etc.  This was done earlier by a servant maid but for some reasons the maid left the job and the onus fell on my brother. Because of this his movements were restricted.  Also he was complaining of the food prepared by the cook his son employed. 

Suddenly I remembered a rubric I read. I opened the synthetic reportory and searched for the rubric.

MIND - Undertakes, things opposed to his intentions.   Phos, Sep.

I pondered over this and thought this was his present problem, so I gave him two doses of sep 30, since, I had already tried phos, and asked him to take one dose per day for two days.

PRESTO-- THE PAIN VANISHED WITH IN  A COUPLE OF DAYS AND NOT RETURNED SO FAR( AS ON TODAY)   Even to this day I wonder how it happened.  In various rubrics about Coccyx, (about 28 and not counting the subrubrics) Sepia does not appear any where ( Phatak Repertory).  Somewhere I read Dr. Kent saying " a strong mental  often cures even if the remedy is not indicated by particulars.  Late Dr. Sehgal also said the same thing.  HAIL HOMEOPATHY.




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Very nice story and resolution. We keep learning from you.

Coccyx pain (tailbone pain) can frustrate patients and significantly impair quality of life, but relief is possible.

Coccyx pain was first documented in 1588, and the term coccygodynia was coined by Simpson in 1859. Currently, the term coccydynia is used somewhat more commonly than coccygodynia. The two terms are interchangeable and indicate pain localized to the coccyx. Neither term specifies the underlying etiology. Coccyx pain can occur from local trauma or a tumor, but most cases are idiopathic and have no identifiable cause.

Patients with coccyx pain often report that their physicians minimize, dismiss, or belittle their symptoms.Tailbone pain is often relatively severe and persistent, causing significant compromise of the patient's ability to perform or endure various activities. Physicians who understand coccydynia and the available treatment options can provide a great service to this otherwise neglected patient population.


  • Some causes of coccyx pain include trauma, fractures, dislocations, and malignancies (either primary or metastatic).
  • Sources of trauma include childbirth, falls, and prolonged sitting.
  • Tailbone pain may begin after certain medical procedures, such as colonoscopy.
  • Some cases of coccydynia are idiopathic, without any identified etiology.

SOURCE: EMedicine Medscape

Thanks for sharing your case Dr.Anand.

Just wanted to share a keynote which came to my mind after reading the case.

Sacrum: extreme sensitiveness; cannot bear the slightest touch, even of a soft pillow; sits leaning forward to avoid contact with clothes.  ---- Lobelia inflata

Of course if that condition of mind wouldn't be there then this might have helped. Your way of thinking about the mental condition was marvellous, and that cured the case.

The symptom is equally important.It is not necessary that we should include mental symptom in every case otherwise we shall face failure. This conception is absolutely wrong.


My simple approach,

Back, pain ,coccyx --- Kent repertory

Kent and Complete repertory is used.


I think your method is right
Thank You very much my elder brother. I always like this type of boldness-----
Nice case!
I have used Mez in case of patient who was suffering with coccyx pain. It has very good curative effect.
Very nice and astonishing


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