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Organopathy unlike in classical homeopathic case-taking places emphasis on the locality of symptoms expressed by a patient, and seeks to treat a disease in relation to a specific organ or organ system. It makes use of a clinical diagnosis,  opposing the dictum of holistic individualized case-taking fundamental to Hahnemanian classical prescribing.

Particularly Burnett made use of this treatment approach using the lower homeopathic potencies, mother tinctures, and nosodes to treat patients.

Little information on this approach is found in our current literature, perhaps we discuss and exchange on experiences and knowledge on this methodology.

Do you use organopathy? What ailments do you treat, and how pleased are you with organopathy in practice?

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Dear Uta - I found two articles written by Dr Usmani all about Burnett's methods of treatment. Perhaps they will be informative? 

Thank you. These are wonderful. Organopathy fascinates me and I find with individuals skeptical of the case-taking of homeopathy, organopathy may provide a bridge... 

Dr P. Bannerji (the father of the two current doctors famous for their controversial treatment strategies for serious conditions like cancer) developed a system that focused on organ systems. While I personally prefer a more holistic approach, his method did not directly contravene the principles of homoeopathy. He would establish a kind of 'organ totality' paying attention to local peculiars and restricting his search to remedies that were known to have an affinity for that organ. The method was actually somewhat complex, and I found it very interesting. You might want to research more on his method, it could suit you.

Thank you! I will look further into this!

Thank you for contributing to this thread, as it may stimulate some interest to learn something new. 


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