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There are certain conditions of oral cavity which can easily be seen, diagnosed and cause headache to a physician treating it due to their complicated nature or under running a serious disease. It becomes a matter of great deal to the physician to understand these lesions and their nature especially while treating them homoeopathically. This paper presents common oral lesions with graphic photographs, related diseases and select homeopathic rubrics.


Acute Tonsillitis 

This is a common condition which is usually caused by gram positive bacteria. If the organism is Streptococcal pyrogenesis, there is a risk of developing Rheumatic Fever (Psora/ Sycosis/ Syphilis). Often multiple different bacteria exist in the tonsillar crypts, which can be difficult to culture. 

Images in the complete PDF file show the appearance of acute tonsillitis due to Infectious Mononucleosis (Psora/ Syphilis). The rubrics related to this condition in various repertories and the result of repertorization with these rubrics reveals the similimum and similar remedies in decreasing order of resemblance with the condition.


A complete pdf file is available to help support the HWC network.

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Quite an elaborated research on oral lesions.Thanks Dr. Rajneesh.
You are welcome Dr. Bahl.
Dr Sharma,
This type of presentation make a Homoeopath confident about his pathy. Sir, I want to learn so many things from you.

Thanks Sir, we need to share our knowledge which would cherish all of us.



Please reveal, how to gain access to the pdf file, which you said, will show photographs of related diseases.



Thanks for showing your interest. Any thisng you will pay for this book, shall be donated to HWC. This sale is to support HWC. Thanks for support in advance.

Thanks with regards.

Link is

Thanks Dr.Rajneesh for good informative & working medical book .

Thanks Dr. Farid...



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