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In the year 2011, 136 children came down with polio in Pakistan, 107 of them had been vaccinated several times against polio. These statistics have been the highest numbers of polio infections since the world-wide campaign against this diesase began in 2006. In the first four months of last year, already ten registered cases of polio occurred in only one province (Sindh) of Pakistan, as reported in the Daily Times Pakistan.

Another disturbing fact is that they still use oral vaccination. This vaccine is forbidden in the western world as it contains alive polio viruses and other people can be infected with this “vaccine-polio”.

  • CDC | In rare instances, administration of OPV has been associated with paralytic poliomyelitis in healthy recipients and their contacts. Very rarely, OPV has caused fatal paralytic poliomyelitis in immunocompromised persons (5). Other than efforts for identifying persons with immune-deficiency conditions, no procedures are currently available to identify persons likely to experience such adverse reactions. Although the risk of vaccine-associated paralysis is extremely small for vaccinees and their susceptible, close, personal contacts, they should be informed of this risk.

  • Available data do not indicate a measurable increased risk for GBS after receipt of OPV. Initial reports (at the time of IOM review) of two studies conducted in Finland suggested that OPV might cause GBS. These studies identified an apparent increased incidence of GBS that was temporally associated with mass OPV vaccination of children and adults who had previously received IPV (15,16). Since the IOM review, a reanalysis of the data derived from the studies conducted in Finland and an analysis of an observational study conducted in the United States have not demonstrated a causal relationship between OPV and GBS in infants (17).

    Because OPV contains trace amounts of streptomycin, bacitracin, and neomycin, its use is contraindicated in persons who have previously had an anaphylactic reaction to OPV or to these antibiotics.

  • Administration in pregnant women | Although no conclusive evidence documents the adverse effects of OPV or inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) in pregnant women and their developing fetuses, vaccination of pregnant women should be avoided. However, if immediate protection against poliomyelitis is necessary, OPV or IPV can be given.

  • Oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) contains live attenuated poliovirus (Sabin strain types 1, 2 and 3) and is intended for polio prophylaxis in infants 6-12 weeks of age, all unimmunized children up to 18 years of age, and high-risk adults. Adults, however, should receive the inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV). The attenuated virus particles in OPV are harvested from monkey kidney cell cultures and undergo an extensive purification process. OPV is administered multiple times to ensure immunity to all three types of poliovirus. Clinical studies reveal that OPV is highly effective in preventing natural poliovirus-induced neurologic sequelae. OPV received FDA approval in1963.

Attached the mentioned article....


Polio virus cripples 10 children in Sindh in four months


AP Photo | KARACHI: Sindh has registered 10 cases of polio mellitus, including three in Karachi, during the first four months of the current year with one of the child confirmed with all his limbs paralyzed and another with an arm and a leg crippled.

The news report from Karachi Pakistan lists the names and adverse effects of children stricken with paralyzed limbs, illness and mortality. The OPV vaccine must be administered a number of times, each time compromising the child's immune system. Some children had the booster ten times or more.

The Expanded National Immunization Program seeks to vaccinate all children to stem the polio disease. Unfortunately, use of the live virus only spreads the disease through contact; and those living in squalor, unsanitary or poverty stricken areas do not have a strong immune system or basic nutritional needs met to strength vitality.

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O.P.V is a source of tubercular miasm it must be prohibited 


Why are they using this oral anti-polio vaccine? What can we do against it? Indeed, it should be prohibited. It would be far better if they used Lathyrus as a homeopathic prophylaxes (see the books of Isaac Golden).


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