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Matt quit his job to dance around the world. Hundreds of thousands have viewed the videos [click a window] of him dancing while bringing and spreading joy to cultures near and far. 

We can do the same thing. We can use our vitality, passion, inspiration to spread healing, a better way of life, confidence and empowerment as people take better care of themselves and their families.

Imagine what just what person can do. He's moving, traveling, dancing and he gets everyone else to smile.

Go to the video tab to see what a group did with this idea to enliven their employees and spread good cheer.

Please comment and give your ideas for how we can bring good will, cheer and healing to people around the world.

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Hi Debby,

I'm not replying to this specifically but wish to upload some articles I've had published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that people on this site in general might find interesting and informative. Whether I end up changing the world or not....well, not for me to say really: 20:20 hindsight before its happened ain't a particularly human gift.....

All the best

Wonderful articles by our very own Lionel ! Must reads for us here.
Debby, that person in the Homeopathic arena looks like it is you.
Trevor ~ I've had this idea for some time..... I want every homeopathic group around the world to do the DANCE.... we'll put it together with the music and Voila! Wouldn't it be grande?
Lets speak of Homeopathy and spreading the word:
Practicioners of Homeopathy can apply this into their daily thinking.
There are not many homeopaths on this planet compared to the army of allopaths hiding in every corner of the planet.
We as individuals can still make a difference against the propaganda marketing of allopathy Big pharma meds.
I try and set an example of this by doing Homeopathic volunteer work in a country that has "no" Homeopathy (17,000 islands of Indonesia).
If there is a will there is a way. You cant rely on others for help (i have found this out the hard way) We are born alone,we die alone,we spread homeopathy to remote area's alone-
Eventually others will join and notice,look at "Ghandi" and what he has done by himself,look at the Dhali Lama and his example of endurance,Martin Luther King ,Mother Theresa in Calcutta...........These are NOT followers,these are individuals taking the lead in making changes on this planet.

So what have you done as an individual to change the world?..............
Debby posted:"your ideas for how we can bring good will, cheer and healing to people around the world. .........................................."

My reply;
Dear Debby
Sorry that dance bit is just not my cup of tea,not everyone wants to dance(sepia const),but we can bring cheer to people by making them well,relief of their ailing symptoms causing grief,causing pain,causing chronic diseases by using homeopathy on them.
Each to their own. That is why I believe everyone much find their niche - what they do best. Others may 'do the dance' while you do the field work, others may write or sing, publish or produce film. Whatever it is, "just do it!"


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