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Take Part In Wildlife | A Deadly Paradox: Scientists Discover the Agent Used in Gulf Spill Cleanup Is Destroying Marine Life

Three years ago, when BP’s Deepwater Horizon began leaking some 210 million gallons of Louisiana Crude into the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. government allowed the company to apply chemical “dispersants” to the blossoming oil slick to prevent toxic gunk from reaching the fragile bays, beaches, and mangroves of the coast, where so much marine life originates. But a number of recent studies show that BP and the feds may have made a huge mistake, for which everything from microscopic organisms to bottlenose dolphins are now paying the highest price.

After the spill, BP secured about a third of the world’s supply of dispersants, namely Corexit 9500 and 9527, according to The New York Times. Of the two, 9527 is more toxic. Corexit dispersants emulsify oil into tiny beads, causing them to sink toward the bottom. Wave action and wind turbulence degrade the oil further, and evaporation concentrates the toxins in the oil-Corexit mixture, including dangerous compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), known to cause cancer and developmental disorders.

Much more information can be found in the Take Part In Wildlife article about the Corexit and how it acts in the ocean and with ocean life. In just one example from April 2012, Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences was finding lesions and grotesque deformities in sea life—including millions of shrimp with no eyes and crabs without eyes or claws—possibly linked to oil and dispersants.


Original Opinion Piece by Dr Wequar | With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which now seems to be spreading to other areas of the region including the east coast of Florida will likely to be followed by various health problems.

It is going to effect the lives of humans, animals, birds and sea creatures, from fish to turtles, from dolphins to sharks. The flora and fauna will also be victims.

We, as homeopaths, should ponder as to how we as health providers we can be of help to those who may become a victim of this manmade disaster.

What are the health issues that can surface? Presently it can be debated and theorized only. Having said this, I think the few problems that could emanate from this disaster are skin and respiratory problems. Do we have any help for these? Yes we have, as Homeopathy treats the person and not the disease.

One of the medicine that may surface, is Petroleum, beside many others, depending upon the symptoms of every suffering person.

I will request the members of HWC to shed light on this subject and share their thoughts. These are the times when Homeopathy can show its pretty face shining and bright.

More information about Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill


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